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Friday, 05/11/2012, 07:09 am

POLL RESULTS | Who is more deserving of a title shot, Diaz or Edgar?

In our latest BJPENN.COM polling we wanted to figure out who you thought deserved to fight newly crowned UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson.

The UFC is going with a rematch against former champion Frankie Edgar, but the talk of the MMA world is Nate Diaz.

After completely dismantling Jim Miller on Fox, Nate Diaz became the only man in history to finish the New Jersey contender and as such many believe he is due his title shot.

UFC president Dana White came out and said that Nate will wait for the winner of the Edgar vs. Henderson II fight, but should Nate have to wait? That’s the big question!

In our poll the fans conclude that it should be Nate Diaz and not Frankie Edgar that faces off with the champ in the next UFC lightweight title bout.

It wasn’t even close.

65.9% of voters thought Nate Diaz should get the next title shot and 34.1% voted that Frankie Edgar is owed a chance to regain his title.


68 Responses to “POLL RESULTS | Who is more deserving of a title shot, Diaz or Edgar?”

  1. pat says:

    Diaz. How does fuckboy frankie get a title shot coming off a loss where bendo was on a completey different level. He just got dominated. Back of the line .

    • Numba1Ghani says:

      im sick of watching frankie get KO’d by everyone only to come back to life and come back in points with powerless point strikes and useless takedowns. And to all you fanboys who are gona bring up the last maynard fight that was the luckiest fluke of a KO I’ve ever witnessed next to Kongo vs Barry or Sapp vs Hoost(K-1). Its obviously not just me who is sick of watching frankie less than 35% of ppl on the poll thought he deserved a rematch. Put this fuckboy wanabe guido in the back of the line and let him fight some of the new contenders and let’s see if his squirtass can really still hang or if he should drop weight and get retired by Aldo

      • Bob says:

        Damn man I forgot when you became a professional mixed martial artist and could do better than Frankie! Can’t wait to see you on the big show

        • charles says:

          he doesn’t have to be a “professional” to kick frankie’s ass. he just needs to have a few basic skills and be bigger than him.
          hell, i’m 6’4″ 212 and a brown belt in bjj, black belt in tkd. i doubt frankie could last more than 2 minutes with me.

        • LOL says:

          bet you love the cock to you arrogant piece of shit

      • TheCrippler says:

        lol “lucky”. God you’re stupid. Butt hurt Edgar smashed BJ??

        • jason says:

          Edgar was hurt against BJ? I didn’t know that.
          And i wouldn’t say he smashed him. He barely won a decision.

      • you're an idiot says:

        Frankie got a lucky KO on maynard? Are you fuckin kidding me? Please be more retarded lol. After frankie got rocked he completely out classed maynard standing you dumbass. He fuckin hit him with that over hand right like 8 times. Maynard could only take it so many times dumb fuck. If you’re hitting someone with the same punch 8 times and setting it up as nicely as he did. It’s not luck dumbass.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE learn just a little something about MMA before you speak upon anything. Thank you and GG. And this is not biased, nate should get the shot

        • jason says:

          actually, it was a really close fight and yeah, it was a bit of a flukey punch that did him in. he never even came close to landing anything like that until that moment.
          maynard was gassed due to his poor conditioning, not because frankie was outclassing him or hurting him.
          he was falling back, counter-punching and just happened to land it. i’m sure frankie was as surprised as anyone it landed like that. that’s the fight game. shit like that happens sometimes. quit trying to make it into something it’s not.

        • not making it into something it not says:

          Rewatch the fight dude. Frankie was landing “bombs” (you could call for frankie) over and over on gray. Frankie’s just not the hardest hitter, and gray has a very good chin. Re-watch the fight. He was hitting him with those hard shots alot towards the end

      • Shake says:

        Powerless Strikes? I believe he knocked out Gray lol

      • Edgar got "lucky" says:

        not with that solid uppercut that rocked Gray, because that was a good punch. Edgar was lucky that Gray has no idea how to finish a fight. In that sense, Edgar got lucky, TWICE. Gray should’ve finished him at UFC 125 by resorting to his wrestling skills instead of trying to knock him out. I remember thinking as Gray continued punching that he was going to tire himself out, which is what happened. Same thing at 136, he had no idea how to finish and did nothing in round 2, allowing Frankie to recover.

        I hope Bendo just finishes Edgar and be done with Edgar. I don’t wanna see a 3rd fight between the two if Edgar happens to get the decision on the rematch.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Amen to that shit!

  2. Hitman says:

    Diaz should get the title shot. Edgar had his chance and lost. Diaz should fight Bendo for the title and maybe they could match up Edgar vs Pettis.

  3. shithead says:

    frankie edgar…..another dude making people from new jersey seem like douche bags

  4. Big Show says:

    Diaz is the man to fight with Bendo, I´m not saying that he is gonna beat him, but who knows the Diaz brothers are the real deal, they always come to fight even that from time to time they can loose…

  5. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    i see diaz being more of a challenge than frankie. i do think that diaz persistence will give benson something to think about.

    id probably enjoy that fight a lot more too

  6. stephen Riddle says:

    Diaz vs edgar in no 1 contender match that would squash all this!

  7. Brooklyn says:

    The diaz brothers are my boys and I will cheer for them and support them as long as they are alive but Frankie is my boy as well so this is a tough one. But Frankie did have to give immediate rematches TWICE back to back and now we are trying to say that he can’t get ONE immediate rematch? That’s not fair.

    As for the fight with Bendo, the main reason that Frankie lost was because of the up kick and the damage he got from it. That definitely helped the judges score in Bendos favour.

    • Mc says:

      Edgar gave rematches twice cuz he got his butt kicked but somehow got the decision. This is different, Edgar lost that last fight it wasn’t close.

    • BRobs says:

      The fact that the fight wasn’t even close was what helped the judges rule in favor of Bendo. Go to (the official statkeeper for the UFC) and look at the stats. It looked a LOT closer than it actually was. Did the upkick help? Of course! EFFECTIVE striking (damage) is part of the judges score card. Bendo didn’t have a mark on him. Frankie only got the rematches because the matches with Maynard were SO damn close. He is very lucky the UFC felt bad for him and gave him the rematch.

      • andy says:

        Luck had nothing to do with it. Everyone knows Frankie and DW love jerkin each other off all the time. Nothing tastes better to Dana than that Edgar dick lol.

    • nate says:

      Frankie gave back to back rematches because he didn’t win unanimously. It was really close.i thought bj won the first fight.i thought gray won the first 2 fights.and i think ben won easy.their for no need for a rematch.pettis vs ben or diaz vs ben

  8. James says:

    Regardless of who deserves it I think Diaz is just a way more intriguing match up.

  9. steeler says:

    diaz vs pettis for title shot even tho’ frankie doesn’t deserve it he’s getting it and both pettis and diaz are ready

  10. steeler says:

    diaz vs pettis for title shot even tho’ frankie doesn’t deserve it he’s getting it and both pettis and diaz are ready.

  11. Diaz Duuh! says:

    DIAZ BY FAR, fuck edgar. Edgar can take his ass to strikefarse. Diaz has finished niqqas all day edgar needs to just go away

  12. Grade-A says:

    I hate the Diaz bros with a passion, but Edgar doesn’t deserve shit yet!

  13. Punisher says:

    Diaz by land-slide, Edgar clearly lost that fight! Rematches should be for draws and split decisions neither of which occured during the last title fight. Back if the line Jersey Boy.

  14. Adam says:

    How can anyone hate frankie?! guy is the realest dude in the business.. guess there will always be haters though…

  15. mason says:

    One could look at it this way: Edgar did not beat BJ then he did. Edgar did not beat Maynard and then he did. If you ask me he got 2 shots in a row at the title when he fought BJ, then he lost it to Gray and then got an immediate rematch for the title after loosing again. I think we have babied Frankie long enough. He got his ass kicked by Benson. So iron man FE go get in the back of the line and give a real iron man the chance. You have had enough immediate rematches handed to you.

  16. Chris Ruiz says:

    Frankie is a great fighter but he needs to realize his future is at 145. He could do down as one of the greatest but if he keeps getting man handled like hendo did to him and tkaes the beatings gray gave him then he’s going to have a short career. Force him down to 145, give the shot to Nate

    • joshuah says:

      He’s already said 145 is a foregone conclusion … he just wants it to be on his terms & he thinks Aldo is a bad match-up 4 himself.

      Now that diaz is in title talks & they will want Gracie school vs Gracie school FE will hit 145 … but @ 145 the gap is less & he knows it every 145er is fast with good movement & cardio for days, just like him

      • ChaBoyBreezy says:

        I mean lets be honest, name one man out of Aldo’s weight class that can beat him. Aldo’s insane in the cage, if i was frankie i wouldn’t want to fight him either. But the fact is, gray maynard should have(in my mind he did win, fuck that shit) won that fight. Maybe if eadgar wasn’t so good at the “miraculous knockout recovery” then none of these questions would be asked. But in other news, Diaz should get the title shot. And they should quit fuckin with Nick Diaz over him having a FUCKIN MEDICAL CARD

        • Nick says:

          I agree I also think pot should be taken pf that list of peds or what ever its on I mean danm sonnen gets a title shot and he had a trt ratio pf 16:1 and that had nothing to do with this artcle

  17. joshuah says:

    I thought Edgar lost every round of the fight & if he continues to have issues with his busted nose they should give it to diaz!

    Diaz has zero interest in fighting frankie cuz they r both Gracie guys. Frank is clutching to this cuz if nate does get the belt frankie will hit 145

  18. both deserve it but it would be a slap to the face od Edgar to denied him a rematch, when he gave two.

  19. LJ says:

    Okay you idiot. Fuck boy Frankie gets his shot because he was gracious enough to give rematch es for all his title defenses. Learn your role and structure you dumb ass.

  20. Considering everything.... says:

    Frankie had to defend his title four times…and both initial wins resulted in rematches that he again won. It’s only right to give him a rematch after he lost the title. His contenders got as much and he didn’t complain and overcame them against great odds each time. I’d like to see Benson overcome BJ Penn twice in a row as well as Gray Maynard. In fact, I’d like to see anyone try to repeat that performance.

    I think that Benson is amazing, but I think he owes Frankie an immediate shot to totally legitimize the new Bendo reign for as long as it lasts. Discounting Frankie Edgar is almost as good as ducking him so some fans…and if Benson is a sure thing to win the second time then we all deserve to see it. It might prompt Edgar to cut down and try dominating the lower weight classes and that could lead to some amazing matches in itself. Looking ahead, the possibilities are amazing.

    I’m also a big time Diaz fan and have been since the start with his brother. But, just because Diaz has vastly improved doesn’t mean he can’t wait out the winner of the upcoming fight. He’ll be better off for it in the long run I think, but I’ll play Devil’s Advocate here. Worst case scenario for Diaz is that Edgar wins, prompting a third rubber match fight for the title and Diaz gets bumped one more time (which could result in injury or a loss of momentum considering what he does in the meantime). That would suck for Diaz, who has worked hard to improve and get to where he is at. But it does not diminish the fact that Edgar has more heart than Rocky Balboa was written to have and that he deserves to put it all out on the line one more time to see if he can overcome Ben Henderson, or if he should move on to a lower weight division. I think if he loses, Dana will convince him to move down…and then we’ll all win big. Diaz will step up to Bendo, and Edgar can start focusing on tons of possible opponents to prove himself against. :)

    I’m sure I lost a vast majority three sentences in…so I apologize. LOL

    • Considering everything.... says:

      Sorry…he won, and then defended three times. :)

    • joshuah says:

      Frankie lost the 1st BJ fight (in my and many others opinions including Joe Silva & Dana) so BJ got a rematch.

      Frankie did not beat Maynard twice (I scored Maynard winning the second fight 48-46) but its 1-1-1 Guy the second fight was scored a draw not a W

      And frankie has done nothing but whine. About immediately rematching these guys.

      Ben beat him BAD IMO but I’m glad he gets the shot so we don’t have to listen to a bunch of Guido dickheads talk about him being screwed over.

      But if he delays this fight again with nose issues he sustained from the loss he just took he should be pulled from the fight.

  21. zzz says:

    bendos comes across like a total dickhead but man he can fight

    • andy says:

      Benson is actually the nicest guy you’re likely to ever meet. I run into him all the time (I live in Arizona btw) and he is nothing but respectful and courteous. He’ll also be the first to admit he can be a bit cocky but the guy is confident as hell.

  22. marcus says:

    Why does pettis not get any love? He is coming off a brutal ko finish and already proved he could beat Henderson, something Edgar didn’t come close to doing. Diaz has looked impressive though.

  23. Truth says:

    Diaz all the way, as for Pettis again I say make him pay his dues to the UFC like Edgar, Diaz, Guida etc. I say one more fight for Pettis before he even gets a contender shot….So please no more talk of Diaz vs Pettis -__-
    Edgar vs Bendo then Diaz vs Bendo. Pettis can fight Edgar?

  24. 1 says:

    It’s funny that everyone seems to be thinking if Nate and Ben were to fight Ben would be the favorite. I just don’t see any aspect of Ben’s game that’s going to make Diaz vulnerable. Sure he’s a good wrestler but it will just be another submission win for Diaz he’s at his peak now and he wont be stopped until he gets knocked out and that sure as hell wont be by Ben Henderson.

  25. Damnu says:

    This is simply my opinion…Edgar is an always will be garbage! He got schooled by Bendo an fucking couldn’t take it PERIOD! Now we got to watch it again an fucking wait for a real title match, damn Dana do what the fans want not “Frankie” lil bitch

  26. Bjj BB says:

    Edgar did not give any rematches, when he won the belt from bj he said he did not want to rematch, he wanted to get his only lost back from gray, he was forced to fight bj again, then when he fought gray it was a tie so there had to be a rematch, so edgar crying and saying he gave two rematches is bullshit!! Go back and see what he says in the interview after he 1st beat bj. FUCK EDGAR!!

  27. Bd says:

    People should rally for Diaz vs Ben Henderson !!! That would be a great fight .. Will Ben be able to take Diaz’s stand up and ground skills? We all know Diaz can take w/e gets thrown his way

  28. 808 says:

    Sick a quality wrestler at Nate and he’ll fall apart like his older brother; throw the winner of Maynard/Guida at him. If he pulls through with that match up, only then will I be convinced.

  29. Julio melo says:

    Fuk frankie, nate diaz deserves that title shot i believe he is the top #1 contender for the title shot!!!!!!

  30. maurice says:

    edgar only beat maynard cus maynard fought edgar like his lil brother. beat the hell out of him, and fear nothing he can do. if maynard would have taken edgars power seriously, doubt he would of been ko’d. and maynards chin isnt all of that. the man ko’d himself for god sakes.

  31. James Dubya (@DJ_Nameless) says:

    Nate Diaz would destroy Henderson. I think Edgar is more of a challenge to Diaz.

  32. 1 says:

    you people that say Nate has to face a wrestler are fucking retards..What do you want to see, him get laid on top of for 15 minutes and get a decision loss? mma fans are fucking idiots if only they had the yellow card rule in affect for ufc both Diaz bros would be champions, they ain’t bitch made like half these other fighters.

  33. GREGNOIR says:

    I think Diaz Henderson would be an awesome match up. I’d like to see diaz deal with Henderson’s style of striking. Edgar Diaz would just be a Boxing match, and although would be fun to watch, i’d much rather see the Henderson Diaz option…

  34. misfit76 says:

    I Think Nate Diaz is at the top of his game right now. He has run through everyone that the ufc has put in frount of him and his last few fights havent even been a challenge. He just goes in there and whips some serious ass. Jim Miller is a killer and he got choked out and allmost bit his own tounge off. Nate Diaz is the man right now.

  35. Heath says:

    Diaz….I didnt think the Edgar vs Bendo fight was close enough to warrant a rematch. JMO

  36. Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

    My prediction is Edgar will be retired in 2 years or doctors won’t let him fight anymore. he has sustained massive brain trauma in everyone of his fights. My guess is not counting training he has had at least 8-12 full on concussions. NFL quarterbacks who are 6’4″ and 230lbs have to retire after 4 concussions. Edgars days in MMA are numbered and its too bad he seems like a really nice kid other than he’s kind of a baby and whines. Suck it up go to back of line like maynard did after he beat you twice in row and got scewed by judges. 3rd fight should have been stopped also. You don’t hear maynard crying and whining like frankie. Any bets Frankie is injured and fight with Bendo will be postponed for another year

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