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Tuesday, 09/24/2013, 12:34 pm

POLL RESULTS: Who Deserved The Win, Jones or Gustafsson?

16,000 MMA Fans took part in BJPENN.COM’s poll this week to give their opinion on Last Saturday’s UFC 165 main event between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson.

It was a record-breaking number of votes cast and the results were considerably one-sided.

With only three options for voters to choose from, 65% of the 15,957 votes cast were in favor of Alexander Gustafsson winning the controversial decision, while just 23% thought the judges made the correct call.

Here’s the full results:


0 Responses to “POLL RESULTS: Who Deserved The Win, Jones or Gustafsson?”

  1. dg says:

    Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg watch fight-metrics as the fight proceeds and Mike Goldberg STATED at the end of the 5th round, “It is gustuffson ahead on the score cards”. This is to all the trollers, there is PROOF mother f’ers.

    • MMA Analyst says:

      Go the website for fight metric.

      It SPECIFICALLY lists Jon Jones ahead on strikes total.

      Stop listening to what other people say, no matter who it is, and look things up yourself. Not being a dick, Just trying to edumacate.

      • Steve Thomas says:

        I’ll educate you a little further , for some reason the fight metric stats were changed right after the fight .I saw a screen shot posted of the stats and Gus had landed 174 Sig Strikes compared to the 110 you see now .If you remember Goldberg said at the halfway point of the 4th round that Gus had landed more than 120 Sig Strikes and at the completion said Gus had landed nearly 200 Sig strikes . Mmmmmm

    • MMA Analyst says:

      not trying to be mean,. but the Fight Metric awards Jones the fight. Stop listening to what other people say, no matter who it is and look it up for yourself.

      • Cptmats says:

        “Stop listening to what other people say, no matter who it is ”

        You should take your own advice ! The majority of what Fight metric considered Significant strikes were leg kicks that were in no way Significant to a seasoned striker like Gus !

        So yes Gus did land way more “significant” strikes, total and in every round !

      • jdog says:


        Don’t believe the hype or the haters look for yourself, Yahoo who was calling the fight LIVE also had it for Jones, 1 for gus, 2 for jones, 3 gus and 4 and 5 jones. Look at fight metric jones also won on their score card, throughout the ENTIRE fight Jones was landing elbows and head kicks and chasing while gus was back peddling even in round 3 gus was on his bike more than committing but he did get round 3. Fact is people hate Jones and if he does not finish a fight EVERYONE of his haters will say he got it gifted. It was a great fight but when the rematch comes I bet money Jones will finish it this time. Gus clearly caught him off guard and props to him he did great but just not enough to take the W

  2. 123 says:

    Jon Jones won but if Alexander Gustaffson can avoid being taken down again he will probably win the rematch.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      yeah that & getting elbowed and kicked in the head. Jones won 2 (by a hair) and 4,5 decisively. He also had Gus rocked twice. Gus peppered the champ, but never had him in any real danger. Great outing by Gustav, but he didn’t win. agreed.

  3. Really says:

    65% in favor of Gus to 23% jones! Don’t you think it’s not the hater it’s the jones groupies that got this wrong! People can’t help what they see even if fight metric lies! The fight was not that close groupies!

  4. zack says:

    I think rounds 4 and 5 is what did it for jones. Those are the championship rounds and jones took both.

  5. Huge jon jones fan says:

    I am probably the biggest jon jones fan in history and i have to admit he lost that fight man. that reminded me of Machida vs Shogun part 1 where they awarded the champion the win because he was the champion

  6. Idiot troller says:

    Lol, sad the people got shyed away from the truth… Gust was ahead it was proof from Goldberg saying it, f the troller trying to make a second opinion making people uneasy on choosing a side, truth is the truth. That’s directed to you MMA Anylyst.

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