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Friday, 05/04/2012, 09:22 am

Poll Results | Should “UFC on FOX 3: Diaz vs. Miller” Winner Get A Title Shot?

Another week gone and another BJPENN.COM poll is now down.

This week we touched on the UFC on FOX 3 main event and the implication for tomorrow night’s winner in regards to the UFC’s lightweight title picture.

UFC president Dana White has stated that with a win, Nate Diaz is all but assured a title shot should he so choose to wait out the winner of Bendo vs. Edgar II. However the UFC boss stopped short of offering the same kind of incentives to Jim Miller during this week’s lead up to fight night.

We took to our polls this week to find out what our loyal following here on BJPENN.COM thinks of the situation.

On one hand you have Jim Miller who started his UFC career with a seven-fight win streak. To date his only defeats have come at the hands on current champion Benson Henderson, former champ Frankie Edgar and division stand out Gray Maynard.

On the other hand you have Nate Diaz. A fan favorite who has looked masterful since returning to the UFC’s lightweight division, but who holds an unimpressive 3-3 record out of his last 6 lightweight appearances.

On paper it would seem as if Miller is more deserving, but Nate is a man who hasn’t fought either of the two men getting ready to clash this summer for the title.

At the end of the day, it’s the UFC’s decision, but as far as the poll is concerned the results were really one-sided.

80.3% of you believe that the winner of tomorrow night’s main event deserves a crack against the Bendo vs. Edgar II winner and the other 19.7% didn’t think so.

Thank you for participating and stay tuned next week for the latest polling here on BJPENN.COM.


12 Responses to “Poll Results | Should “UFC on FOX 3: Diaz vs. Miller” Winner Get A Title Shot?”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    ID say so. These two in my opinion are the most well rounded fighters behind Henderson and Edgar.
    1. Henderson
    2. Frankie
    3. Nate
    4. Jim
    5. Pettis
    By UFC standards you know? Pettis has only won 2-1 with one of the 2 being a lackluster fight with an irrelevant fighter. He kind of lost his freebie shot along time ago.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Funny Maynard has beaten 3 of 5 fighters on your list. Pettis wouldn’t stand a chance now against Bendo. I think Pettis would be a mad matchup for Frankie.

  2. pat says:

    Nate is the only one who has a chance against bendo

  3. slacker says:

    I think Miller is the only one who “deserves” a title shot if he wins. I don’t think Nate is completely undeserving, but he could definitely win one more fight to earn that shot.

  4. steeler says:

    yall are crazy if anyone deserves it it’s pettis (not that he does but he us the best option). he beat bendo he was the wec champ and the fight with jeremy stephens he won decisively it might not have been spectacular but he was showing he had worked on his wrestling since guida the judges have him the split but everyone knows it should have been unanimous and the guida fight, guida won but he was defending the whole time and pettis did more damage guida just won bc wrestling. further more nate beat gomi who’s been out of his prime forever and cowboy had a terrible game plan nate is much better tho’ but both guys fighting for the title are great wrestlers and him has lost to the last 3 guys who fought for the title very decisively either guy who wins he already lost to and got beat bad by bendo so pettis is all u got left

    • steeler says:

      *jim has lost to the last 3 guys

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Also go back and watch JiM miller vs Bocek. Bocek controlled Miller and was the aggressor almost the entire fight and had Millers back at least 3 times but since Miller was born without a neck he can’t be choked out.

        Bocek got screwed in that decision.

        • steeler says:

          i actually havent seen that fight but i think jim is a little overrated he is top ten but he hasnt fought anyone melvin i think is the best hes fought and i think diaz vs pettis for the title shot

      • Jimbo says:

        actually he didnt stupid. he won his last match vs guillard, and only recently lost to bendo. his last loss was in 09 to gray maynard and before that only to frankie edgar which wasnt since way back in 06. remember your talking about jim miller not dan or mayhem lol.

        • steeler says:

          dude all the millers suck and did i say it was recent dumb ass dude u just misread it. i said he lost to them not recently or consecutively but he lost. stop being a nuthugger jim wouldn’t stand a chance against any title contenders and diaz proved that tonight

        • steeler says:

          i was corecting what my autocorrect did on my phone by the way it wrote him not jim i just wrote half of the next sentence so people could see where it needed corrected thats why i put the * in there

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