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Friday, 03/09/2012, 10:19 am

Poll Results | Should the ref have stepped in and stopped Tate vs. Rousey?

In our latest polling here at BJPENN.COM we wanted to reflect on one of the more gruesome fight ending submissions in MMA history.

Last weekend at “Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey” a title switched hands when Ronda Rousey bent Miesha Tate’s arm in half in the very first round.

Man people cringed, some applauded, but a lot of the post-fight chatter surrounding the finish had to do with the referee’s obligation to protect the fighters in the cage.

In the end, Miesha didn’t tap until her arm was almost snapped off, but the referee was there, with the best view of the action and many thought he should have stepped in prior to the tap.

What did the fans think?

We gave you guy’s two options this week in our poll and after more than 2,600 votes it was a landslide victory for the ref.

70.7% (1,852 votes) of voters picked that the ref did the right thing by letting the fight continue. On the other end 29.3% (767 votes) think he should have stepped in prior to Tate tapping out.

Stay tuned next week for our next poll and as always, thank you for participating!

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5 Responses to “Poll Results | Should the ref have stepped in and stopped Tate vs. Rousey?”

  1. michael Rountree II says:

    Nope what if she slipped out the hold like she did earlyer in the fight!!

  2. Mike Vey says:

    The ref did the right thing, all though the arm-bar was in deep, Tate could of possable slipped or rolled out of it, or held on till the bell like Dan Hardy did against St Pierre.

  3. BloodShotRetina says:

    No, there was no escaping that rousey armbar. It was way too deep, too late to escape such a high level technique. It wasn’t possible, especially after her ligaments tore. Too bad most people who voted don’t actually do jiu jitsu. It was hard to watch tate hold on in pain for so long. It was unnecessary. The ref is there to make those kinds of decisions.

    • RCS says:

      Love fighters, BJJ guys, and boxers like you that think fans can’t have opinions. wonder if you hate on BIG NOG too. But what does he know about jiu jitsu. The refs job is to keep rules it’s the fighters job to protect themselves at all times.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      she got what she deserved. maybe if her runt boyfriend brian caraway wouldn’t hav e said he was going to bash Rousy teeth out if she broke Miehas arm she wouldn’t have tried so hard to hurt the bitch

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