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Friday, 03/02/2012, 10:08 am


Poll Results | Should Frankie Edgar get an immediate rematch?

In our latest polling here at BJPENN.COM we wanted you guys to weigh-in on last weekend’s main event between Frankie Edgar and Benson Henderson.

A new champion was crowned, Henderson earned a unanimous decision victory, but in the aftermath many, including UFC President Dana White, thought the fight should have been scored in favor of Edgar.

Edgar is calling for an immediate rematch, but the UFC is non-committal in granting him one probably because they do not want to clog up the lightweight contender line for another year.

But the fans, what do they think?

After almost 8,000 votes and a close polling result, you guys voted in favor of Frankie getting his rematch.

53.1% (4,146 votes) thought Frankie is deserving of a rematch while 46.9% (3,658 votes) said “no, the fight wasn’t close enough to warrant one. Bendo is the champ.”

Thank you to all who participated this week. Stay tuned to BJPENN.COM for our next polling.

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51 Comments to Poll Results | Should Frankie Edgar get an immediate rematch?

  1. Night-Wind says:

    53.1% didn’t know that Bendo is the champ.

    • aaxantonio says:

      i dont get it benson clearly won and the fight wasnt all that exciting, why wouldnt people want to see pettis or diaz or miller or cerrone get their shots?

      • Shawn says:

        Cuz their fan boys. Not MMA/fight fans. There’s a difference between the two. Fan boys pick a favorite fighter based on public popularity/bandwagon mentality, and ride their coat tails. MMA/fight fans, don’t view fights by favoritism, the see fighters as fighters. Their skills and their performance. We can hate the fighter because their douche bags, but we always respect their skills when it’s warranted. The Japanese…they are true MMA/fight fans. They respect all fighters, and the fight itself. Don’t hate. Educate.

        • dana white says:

          boring fighters dont sell…just ask jon fitch

        • Gank Train says:

          ^ AGREED.

        • Ryan M says:

          I’ll educate. “Their” isn’t always the right way. “They’re” might wanna make it into your vocab.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          What are you talking about? The PPV numbers weren’t even high, they were just high for an event outside the USA. The bottom line is Frankie can’t be that popular a fighter with these numbers. It’s not fanboy-ism, it’s about fairness in rematches. All of Frankie’s title fights have resulted in rematches. Why shouldn’t he get one?

          As far as Japanese fans go if they respected all the fighters and were in the fucking Zen when it comes to MMA, how come they booed when Bader was out wrestling Rampage?

          Japanese fans are overrated.

        • Kap says:

          Because Rampage is a legend in Japan. Ever heard of Pride, of course they want to see him win.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:


          But, according to Shawn and Rampage they are the most respectful MMA fans… No, I have never heard of Pride FC….. JK LOL

      • lex walker says:

        i voted he should get a rematch, ben won hands down but its only fair to give him a rematch b/c frankie had to do plenty

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          AMEN BROTHER!

        • dom#1 says:

          i dont think he’s ur brother you fat poser sitting down cellar while ur 87 yr old moms making you breakfast, frankie got smashed not even a close fight… the reason gray and penn got rematched was because penn shoulda won the first gray shoulda won the 2nd… soooo you’re dumb

        • steeler says:

          but both times the challenger deservered a rematch

  2. jonsey says:

    nate diaz should have a shot man,…he has not been finished yet in the ufc …always loses the close decision to top guys…an he loses cuz he dont play it safe he fightins to finish not for pussy points

  3. jonsey says:

    edger is afraid to fight at 145 cuz he knows his punch and run away style wont work there cuz he loses his speed avantage///he was only succesful at 155 cuz he was faster at running away…i would love to see dominick cruz fight edger at 145..i dont know how they would fight when they both trying dance and run

  4. Steve O says:

    Really Nate Diaz deserves a shot???? He couldn’t even beat Guida! This is the UFC not the sphincter of America Stockton CA. Just like every other sport POINTS WIN!!!! Both Diaz Brothers are the most over rated fighters in the UFC in the regards that if they can’t bait you into a street thug boxing match then they’re worthless!

    • Stevo the great says:

      Ceaser Gracie jujitsu is far from street fighting. Although Nick and Nate primarily box…..they got mad ground game….don’t doubt. Look what happened to Evangilista Cyborg……..just saying. Nick Diaz Gogoplatta’d Takonori Gomi when he was considered the best in the world. And Nick got that win turned into a no contest due to marijuana. Just sayin… gogplatta one of the best fighters in the world….in his home country is far from being some street fighter thug. I love how many haters there are on the Diaz bros just because they have attitude. You want everyone to be like GSP the robot and have no emotions and be some tool “Athlete” STFU……get in the ring or shut your mouth, cause I wouldn’t call anyone worthless if you have never even stepped in the ring. Internet warrior.

    • Sweet game plan says:

      EXACTLY !!!!!!!!!

    • MisfitMMA says:

      You obvisly dont know shit about this sport its a FIGHT not fuckin basketball points are not what this sport is supposed to be about Its about whos the better “FIGHTER” not whos the better “PLAYER” thats why they are refered to as MMA FIGHTERS not MMA PLAYERS. So go watch something else. Its people with your mentality that are ruining this sport. Let me guess you think GSP is you favorite athlete? would of said favorit fighter but i cant recall GSP actualy fighting anyone

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I would bet the farm Nate Diaz would destroy “MOP” boy now for sure. Guida’s lay n pray didn’t even look good last time out and thats his whole life. Those flayling punches of Guidas are an embarressment to all MMA PERIOD.. Guida is an OVER HYPED gatekeeper at best. Guida’s big stupid bother has to be the biggest embaressment for Clay and his family. Noone on this planet is abigger douchbag that bigger and even uglier Guida. Damn those Guida boys took a double dip in the ugly pond. i heard there was a standing joke at Greg jackson’s training center that Clay Guida smells like a camels ass and NOONE wants to roll with him. You would think that somoene half as ugly as Guida would at least make an effort to take a shower every so often to try and offset the UGLY which probably scares girls away for blocks. bad enough the dude lives in back of a 1968 camper you would at least think he could grab an outdoor shower at that park he lives in off the interstate. you guys can have your boy “LAY” Guida

  5. bobby grooms says:

    while i agree other fighters are deserving of a shot , when dana says edgar won hell yes he should get a rematch

  6. ryu says:

    Edgar should get the immediate rematch. Case in point: Henderson did not decisively beat Edgar. Alot of people, including myself, thought Edgar won, and i was going for Henderson. Dana himself thought that Edgar won. Give him the rematch. Anyone else would have got it

    • Shawn says:

      “He did not decisively beat Edgar”? Did you not see Frankie’s face at the end of the fight? Did you not see how worn out he was? Was not Henderson fresh and unscathed at the end of 5 rounds? Did not Bendo win the Compubox numbers? lol! Pass that shit your smoking.

    • slacker says:

      Dana and Lorenzo Fertiitta both thought Edgar won. Regardless, it was close enough that he deserves a re – match.

  7. Sean says:

    I thought Frankie won the fight too. Dissappointing when the judges mess up a great fight. I like Ben Henderson too and I’m happy he got a bely but I feel strongly Frankie won the fight so an immediate re match is a YES!

  8. Steve O says:

    @Ryu Please explain too me why you think Edgar won? Ben out landed Edgar on total strikes 100-81, landed more powerful shots added a deep submission. The ONLY advantage Frankie had was 5-2 on takedowns from which he did NO damage, BUT one of frankies takedowns ended with him almost going to sleep! Not to mention Ben ended the fight with a knee to the head a takedown from which he punished Frankie the final 5 sec! Soooo please what fight were you watching??

  9. Alex Lovo says:

    No, it wasn’t a close fight!

  10. omgaghost says:

    The only thing Edgar won was a beatdown and a chance to whine and cry to Dana

  11. pthance says:

    Dear Dana White, please stop giving out instant rematches. Its bad for your fighters’ records, it congests the line up for other contenders, and it causes too much controversy in the sport. If the judges make a bad decision, dats da brakes! Get back in line and fight your way back to #1 Contender to get your belt back. If you were “robbed”, you should have no issues making the climb again. I think as a whole this “fair is fair” mentality about rematches is going to really fuck with the sport. It’s a competition, if fighters don’t want to loose to a bad decision, don’t leave it in the hands of the judges! Finish fights, quit crying, put on a good show!

  12. Steve O says:

    Please Edgar fans, enlighten me as to how you think Edgar won that fight! Considering how Henderson out struck him 100-81, landed the more powerful shots had more submission attempts. The only advantage Frankie had was 5-2 on takedowns which he did NOTHING with!! Plus one of those takedowns ended with him almost going to sleep! The fight ended with Frankie taking multiple shots to the head including ANOTHER knee, being taken down and beat on for the last 5 sec! FIGHTS AREN’T JUDGES ON HEART!!

  13. Eliazar says:

    If this question even came up, if even Dana saw what i saw in that fight, he clearly deserves a try, but, then again, the judges evaluate the damage on Edgar’s face, they obviously did not gave such importan at all the punches landed, all the counters or even all the takedowns that Edgar gave… Sorry for my bad english. Saludos desde Venezuela. PS: I’m not a fan of any of these guys… Is just my humble opinion

  14. hahahanninen says:

    It was the way they worded the poll, of course Edgar deserves a rematch, but that’s not what the fan’s want to see….also I think it was close enough to warrant a rematch considering Frankie had to do rematches……but I would prefer to see pettis vs. henderson

  15. pthance says:

    Dear Dana White, please stop giving out instant rematches. Its bad for your fighters’ records, it congests the line up for other contenders, and it causes too much controversy in the sport. If the judges make a bad decision, dats da brakes! Get back in line and fight your way back to #1 Contender to get your belt back. If you were “robbed”, you should have no issues making the climb again. I think as a whole this “fair is fair” mentality about rematches is going to really fuck with the sport. It’s a competition, if fighters don’t want to loose to a bad decision, don’t leave it in the hands of the judges! Finish fights, quit crying, put on a good show for the fans!

  16. The Dude says:

    Anybody who says “I was going for Henderson but I think Frankie won” has a bright future as a liberal politician cause you’re flat out lying!!

  17. Jason says:

    53.1% are blind….

  18. The Dude says:

    Frankie sucks

  19. Steve O says:

    @steveo the great….1. Ju Jitsu was designed for street fighting so you lose there! Haha
    2…Nick submitted Gomi 5 years ago! Not to mention gomi’s record is less impressive than Nicks and he’s 2-3 in the UFC
    3. You can show attitude in this SPORT with out looking like a douche bag paper gangsta fighting over someone who smudged your Jordan’s!
    4. For now this is still America and I can say whatever the fuck I want…watch this ” I will kick the shit out of Overeem” who really cares??
    5. I do train and fight at Paradyme in Houston so come on by! Dingle berry

  20. guamy says:

    Steve-o is an IDIOT nate has beat alot of people also a few in WW. after he stomps Jim Mller to the ground he should be in position for the title shot. STEVE-O stop being such a hater just cause Guida layed on him for 3 rounds dont mean shit he did the same to pettis and gave Bendo a very rough time.

  21. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    LOL something strange is happening to BJPENN.COM

    • Jason N says:

      IN MMA too. Apparantly at least one fighter will do, “Something Strange for a little bit of change”

  22. Nick Diaz likes it in the butt says:

    Diaz bro SUCK!

  23. true mma says:

    Winner of miller and Diaz gets the shot.

  24. hightimes99 says:

    Had Edgar winning 3-2, dont think Bendo did enough…he might have beat Edgar up in the damage department with that beautiful up kick, but Edgar IMO scored more points and shouldve got the nod.

  25. jacob says:

    Some people have no idea how to observe and score a fight fairly. Benson clearly won, no questions, four rounds to one. The rematches that edgar gave we due to the fact that he fought to a draw with maynard, and bj at least tied it in his fight with frank. If you cant decisively beat your opponent its a rematch, if not fix your game and keep at it. Winner or diaz and miller gets it

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