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Friday, 04/06/2012, 03:04 pm

Poll Results | Should Dana White have fired "King Mo"?

This week in our weekly poll we wanted to know who agreed with the termination of former Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion, Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal.

“King Mo” recently had to answer to charges of a failed drug test in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

After attending the hearing and receiving his punishment, Mo lashed out at one of the commissioners and called her a racist and a bitch.

His punishment was a release from Strikeforce.

After five days of voting 61.9% of you think that Dana White was wrong for letting him go and the other 38.1% thought he deserved it.

Thank you to all who participated. Tune in on Monday for our next polling.


14 Responses to “Poll Results | Should Dana White have fired "King Mo"?”

  1. jbeamazing says:

    I guess his fans stick by him I wonder if they will when he goes too wwe like he is trying to do

  2. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

    lol how the fk can he not know he was taking pure superbol, he would have had to cycle it with a PCT lol


  3. A.James says:

    There is just way too much PED usage in this sport.

  4. overeem the roider says:

    my homie king mo is innocent and it is all racism there at the commisioners office. I hope he comes with me to my hearing so we can show the racism being shown there

  5. Pastor William Reddick says:

    It is only clear that they should put on the next UFC magazine on the cover a pic of King Mo and Overeem together injecting each other in the arm with roids, also with Arianny and Brittany Palmer in the background dressed up as a nurse

  6. Isaiah D says:

    The 38% were clearly bitches and racist. This obviously mean Overeem is next, Right?

    • jonesy says:

      yes reeem should be next cuz he totally fuct the entire ufc main event…and the girl at the court shit asks everyone the sme questions white or black…..u must be a fukin spoook really if u crying racist ike him,,,,i love how always when a black gets busted and punished it alwaays racist…,,your black or with a name like isahia a jew or muslim

      • shawn lattimore says:

        why it gotta be racist all tha damn time go fuck off, if u fuck up u fuck up it dont matter ur fuckin color, sometimes i wish i had the chance 2 fight some of u over grown dumbasses, cause word I WILL FUCKN FOLD YA ASS

  7. Roger says:

    You’re just a racist and a Ho, Mo. You’re certainly no “King”.

    This racism crap is claimed so often and yet so seldom proven that it’s starting to fall on deaf ears. Mo is a cheat and a racist, pure and simple.

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