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Saturday, 06/09/2012, 10:15 am

Poll Results: Should Condit be waiting for GSP? | UFC NEWS

This week we took to our polls once again. This time it was to get public opinion on the state of the welterweight division.

With champion, Georges St. Pierre, out of action with a knee injury the UFC opted to put up an interim title in his absence.

After a five-round battle earlier this year Carlos Condit was able to secure the interim strap in his victory over Nick Diaz.

In typical circumstances and interim title is put up when the champion is out of action and this keeps the division and its contenders flowing through in the champ’s absence. However Condit has decided to sit on the shelf without a defense of his title and wait for GSP to rehab his injury.

In this week’s poll we wanted to know if you guys thought this was the right decision and after tabulating the results it is clear that the public is in strong favor of keeping Condit active.

This was literally our most lop sided poll ever.

82.6% of voters believe that Condit should not be waiting for GSP while the other 17.4% think he is making the right choice.

Thank you to all who participated, stay tuned to BJPENN.COM for the next weekly poll to be released on Monday!


12 Responses to “Poll Results: Should Condit be waiting for GSP? | UFC NEWS”

  1. Dinglenuts Magee says:

    If he wants to do it then that’s his decision, but I think that if he makes that choice (to say fuck the MMA fan base I’m just gonna do what is safest for Carlos Condit) then we as MMA fans have every right to say

    -FUCK CONDIT, he is clearly ducking fights, he got a fake belt by running away from Diaz and he is screwing over the fans by not defending his fake belt.

    As such, I will root for Condit to get destroyed every time he fights for the rest of his career, and I feel quite justified in doing so. I’m gonna talk shit about him, question his motives and devalue his accomplishments based on the fights he refuses and the challengers he ducks to get the GSP fight.

    I’m also not that impressed with his UFC run.
    Condit is 2-2 vs current top ten welterweights, with a split decision and a 5k run for his victories.

    He lost to Kampmann, who wants to fight, but Carlos won’t fight, and he lost to Shields.

    The UFC interim welterweight paper champ who won’t fight- Carlos the Natural Born Runner Condit

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Excellent post and 100% correct Condit is ducking fights 82% highest ever tells the story. fans are pissed. dana white needs to intervene and say enough of this crap already. Maybe tell Condit winner of Kampann/Hendricks will get next title shot if one of them wins decisively (UNLIKE CONDIT DIAZ track meet) “run away like a pussy today so you can steal a title shot away” Greg Jackson 101

      • Grade-A says:

        dude, Condit vs. GSP is on the same card as Kampmann/Hendricks. Condit isn’t really ducking anybody, if he took another fight he would have to wait longer to unify the strap. I don’t blame him at all.

        • Anti-Hater says:

          We weren’t aware of that before the poll, so the information is void. Even with that information, Condit is still shelved for another 6 months.

          It’s no excuse. I’ll just have to wait 6 months for GSP to remove him from contention so we can see some real contenders.

    • shay says:

      I totally agree! Well put! They shouldn’t even have these fake belts in the first place. Like does condit actually think he’s the welterwright champ right now?? And when he gets whipped by GSP will they call him the former champ?? Jus remove these interm titles completly cause it jus confuses these guys and makes them think they are champions! Remember when GSP won the interm title way back. He gave that belt back to Dana said he didn’t want it! Cause he knew it was fake!! Condit stop being a pussy and fight someone already!

  2. RitualOfBate says:

    My sister used to date John Alessio and always had resentment towards condit for beating him at the time and Same with Diego Sanchez . Respected both of them though I didn’t like them. I knew condit would be a solid force in the UFC but he doesn’t deserve the belt. I think he will secure it from GSP but not for long. Too many killers.

  3. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    did your sister ever help Alessio shoot up ROIDS. he braggs about being a ROIDER alwhile back but calls himself “the natural” I thought Allesio would do better at 155 but not at UFC level

  4. slacker says:

    Condit beat Diaz. He earned his title shot. You guys all have a double standard for Diaz. Give it a break already.

    • Dinglenuts Magee says:

      Carlos outpointed Diaz.

      And I think Diaz is an idiot, but “beat” implies that he beat Diaz. He won against Diaz. He employed an effective game plan, sure, that works. But to say he “beat” Diaz, as in “beat”: to inflict noticeable damage through violence… he didn’t really do that, he ran away and scored points. He earned an interim belt for that, not a title shot. The interim belt is in place so that the title can be defended while the champion recovers. Carlos isn’t defending. If he defends, he validates his interim belt and solidifies his #1 contender status. He won’t do that. That is lame.

  5. Jay G says:

    im liking a lot of these posts! I love not being the only one who thinks Condit is ducking fights. If anything, i think GSP should be stripped off his title. Condit should be forced to fight the #1 contender and should have already done so. GSP hasn’t fought in almost 14months!

  6. Chris says:

    love the feedback I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen everybody agree on a post, and what does that tell you? He won his paper belt back in February. And GSP everybody knew was going to be out till the end of the year. He could easily have fought Ellenberger(his streak was just ended recently)and he gave Carlos a rough fight. Kampmann is his only loss in the UFC and he’s been real active this year so that could have went down. And Hendricks was supposed to be in line as well .It’s all good GSP is going to prove how fake Carlos’ belt really is

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