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Monday, 11/25/2013, 11:35 am

POLL RESULTS | Did GSP Deserve Win Over Hendricks

In last weeks BJPENN.COM poll, we asked fans who you thought won the UFC 167 main event between GSP and Johny Hendricks.

After over 16,000 votes we have the answer.

While a fair number of people believe that  the judges got it right on fight night, 60% of voters felt Hendricks is the rightful welterweight champion.

Here are our results:

If you are just hearing about the controversy surround the GSP vs. Hendricks fight catch up on the news by starting out here.


179 Responses to “POLL RESULTS | Did GSP Deserve Win Over Hendricks”

  1. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    GSP nut’huggers will never admit their boy got his a’ss kicked. I can’t believe GSP is going to retire with that sh’it stain of a gift on his record

    UFC needs to just hand over the belt to Hendricks

    • GRT 3000 says:

      ahahaha – don’t hate on the champ bud. JH lost and he’ll lose the rematch if the champ deems him worthy. I think he should fight Story and Kos though to prove himself worthy.

      • Greg Bennett says:

        @GRT 3000: What fight were you watching??? St. Pierre got his @$$ whooped… Anyone could look at the two of them after the fight and decide who won that match. Hendricks looked just as good coming out of the Octagon as when he went in and Georges was battered, bruised and cut up. You are out of your mind thinking that GSP is still the rightful champ.

      • EY says:

        to prove himself? bashing GSP’s face in wasn’t proof enough?

      • T.Daddy says:

        Grease man lost… And if he has the balls to rematch Hendricks GSP is getting knocked out.. But he knows that so he is gonna take the going away present the judges gave him and retire… I keep watching the fight and I can’t get over the look of defeat and disappointment on GSP face and his coaches face at the end of the fight… Priceless

        • Armon says:

          Lol T-Daddy believes that any American fighter who can only win 2 of 5 rounds against GSP should deserve the win…

          I had GSP winning by split decision. It was so close I’d have accepted the judges call in either direction.

          If / When George comes back, you can bet these two will have a re-match. I just hope Hendricks doesn’t cry too much about leaving this in the judges hands.

    • Thommo888 says:

      Learn how to score a fight , the UFC is governed by the 10 point must system , when using it , the 1st round which was the decider , GSP had 1 more sig strike and Hendricks had 1 more total strike ( GSP wins there ) they both had a takedown but GSP also had a sub attempt . Absolutely no controversy , everyone who thinks otherwise is stuck in the Pride era where the rules fought under the Pride banner would have awarded Big Rigg the title due to damage .

  2. gladii says:

    Hendrix robbed both Condit and josh koshiek so why is he mad?

  3. Greg Bennett says:

    There is NO WAY possible that GSP won that fight… Let me start by saying that I am absolutely NOT a GSP fan, which may make this comment seem unfair. However, I have watched the fight a few times now and I cannot figure out how GSP could have won rounds 1, 2 or 4… You can make the argument that GSP won 3 and 5. Round 3 was VERY close and as I was watching it live was unsure who to give that round to. I figured that one could probably go to GSP because he was pressing the action and bringing the fight to Johny and round 5 Johny was clearly taking it easy and GSP was doing everything to steal the round so I gave round 5 to GSP. Yet the judges all agree with me there and those are not the rounds in question. Round 1 was the difference maker on the scorecards. Let’s recap round 1 shall we… GSP gets in and gets an early takedown and tries for a guillotine choke but Johny had butterfly guard and popped back up and out the the potential submission in a few seconds. GSP then pushes Johny against the cage trying to get a double leg takedown and proceeds to get SMASHED in the head with repeated elbows from Hendricks. Hendricks then goes for a takedown of his own and is successful. The other parts of the round are not really relevant except for the NASTY knees to the thigh that Johny was throwing over and over again, Hendricks wins round one. So based on that assessment Johny wins 3 rounds to 2. Johny Hendricks is the TRUE Welterweight Champion… PERIOD!!! NUFFSAID

  4. tom says:

    I think hot sauce beat chris the turd hole torres.Turn hole got the lucky win dam mullet.

  5. 757 says:

    Exactly…he is a cocky asshole too! I’m glad he got beat. GSP most dominant welterweight ever……You fucking oakies rednecks

  6. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    GSP knows hew lost all he had to do is look in the mirror, damn that was an ass whoopin bad

    When’s the last time you heard about a ref stepping forward and saying GSP got his a’ss whooped. NOONE has a better view than ref

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