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Friday, 06/01/2012, 07:36 am

POLL RESULTS | : Can Velasquez put on a better performance in JDS rematch?

In our latest polling here at BJPENN.COM we wanted to get a handle on the next UFC heavyweight title fight and who the fan favorite heading into the proposed matchup is.

After last weekend’s UFC event two men stood out above the rest and as such the UFC has almost guaranteed a future showdown between the two top heavyweights, and it’s a rematch.

Both Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos came away with easy victories last Saturday and as such the UFC has opted to put the two together one more time for a heavyweight title fight.

The two fighters are just one-fight removed from their original showdown where JDS was able to take out Velasquez in the first round to earn the UFC’s heavyweight title and hand the Mexican-American his first and only professional loss.

The bouts aftermath was riddled with rumors of injury and a less than perfect Velasquez and many fans believe that a healthy, 100% Cain would yield a better fight than the one we saw on the first ever UFC on FOX event.

In our poll 64.8% of voters feel that Cain still has what it takes to take his belt back and as such picked him in the rematch. On the other end of the spectrum 35.2% chose JDS to retain his title.

Stay tuned to BJPENN.COM for our next poll which will be released in the coming days.


12 Responses to “POLL RESULTS | : Can Velasquez put on a better performance in JDS rematch?”

  1. Big Show says:

    what people forget is that JDS was also injured… so if Cain can do it better now, JDS too. So we have an equal result JDS retain his title by KO

    • MMA FAN says:

      I think at heavyweight, it is harder to predict who is going to win. Although everyone thought JDS was going to crush Mir like he did, there is always the slim chance that the other guy could throw one good punch to catch him. That’s why the heavy weight ppv was awesome cause so many people were getting knocked out! Velasquez vs. JDS 2 is going to be awesome, because someones getting KTFO!!!!! Go JDS!

      • Dave says:

        i believe this will end in a ground fight and it will be boring but decisive. I think velasquez and mir would be a good fight first. his wrestling against mir’s BJJ. Fight fans got robbed by bigfoots bleeding. doctor should have stopped it cos big foot blatently couldnt see but hes not a pussy

        • andy says:

          No bigfoot isn’t a pussy. But, the outcome wouldn’t have been any different. Bigfoot Silva is a legit HW and I’m glad he’s in the UFC but Cain was gonna maul him like he did anyway. I think Bigfoot was overmatched on this one.

    • Mike Hawk says:

      Yea Cain had a torn ACL. Not to mention he was coming off close to a year off due to rotator cuff surgery.

  2. drew says:

    the fight would be different im pretty sure cain will try to not stand in front of him…cain is a beast and probably has the best cardio in all of MMA right now…and his sick cardio + wrestling could pose a high threat to jds…but i will never say oh this guy or that guy can beat jds…at the end of the day…the reem fight is more exciting…but the cain fight is a lot harder for jds in my opinion

  3. Fortyb4five says:

    Cain vs Jds 2 will look eerily similar to Cain vs Bigfoot.

    • bizzle says:

      Yea but Cain will be the one bleeding like a stuck pig.. I do think Cain will do better though, he most likely will last 67 seconds this time..

    • cocsmith says:

      Jds is going to win by knockout or points. His takedown defense is too good.. Velasquez is going to be so worried about punches it will throw his takedown game off. I do see him getting at least one TD but JDS shooting back up.

  4. Jake says:

    Too soon for Cain vs JDS II. Let them have 1 or 2 other fights before they do part II. Build the fight up.

  5. Elena martin says:

    Come on now! Cain did not prove nada from that fight against big foot. Did everyone forget Bigfoot got beat down by dude off the couch the week before on strikeforce.. Hell to the NO. JDS will embarrass Cain again..

  6. fghj says:

    JDS has a great cardio himself too, and he’s extremely hard to take down…being outside the cage it’s not an excuse in MMA, it’s not like other sports where you are playing every weekend, obviously in that case you’ll net to bet regularly playing…in MMA yo train every day, but your are not fighting every weekend or twice a week, you get prepared for a pre-scheduled event, so definetly that’s not an excuse for Cain…and JDS was the one injured in that fight

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