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Friday, 05/18/2012, 07:15 am

POLL RESULTS | Are You Still A Nick Diaz Fan Following Latest No-Show?

In our latest polling here at BJPENN.COM we focused in on last weekend’s BJJ Expo no-show and how that impacted the fan support of popular MMA fighter Nick Diaz.

A lot of work and energy went into last weekend’s Expo in Long Beach, California and it was supposed to cap off with a super-fight main event featuring Nick Diaz. He however, left the viewers at home watching the pay-per-view, the promoters sitting mat side and the fans in the stands empty handed and opted out of the competition without any advanced warning.

Many took to the on-line world to express their disgust for the former Strikeforce champion, but many showed the Stocktonian blind faith and continued support.

In our poll, the fans split pretty much right in the middle.

47% of voters (2,045 votes) said that Nick Diaz had lost them as a fan after last weekend’s debacle; however the other 53% (2,303 votes) selected the “209 for life option” and will continue to support on of MMA’s most polarizing figures.

Thank you for participating in this week’s poll. Stay tuned for the latest and greatest sometime in the next few days!


53 Responses to “POLL RESULTS | Are You Still A Nick Diaz Fan Following Latest No-Show?”

  1. ROstone says:

    Yea cuz he still is a good fighter

  2. E716 says:

    If he shows up…he fights his ass off ….lol

  3. Ryan kelly says:

    Fuck ya i am this kids a fighter

  4. dave says:

    Isn’t that the age-old stigma about pot smokers, they are lazy and pretty much non-contributors to society? He sure fits the mold. We’ll never know if he’s a great fighter because he’s either afraid to fight or too lazy.

    • Khanny says:

      ‘we’ll know never know if he’s a great fighter?’
      You must be really new to mma..

    • cheese50 says:

      buddy your an idiot im a pot smoker and i make over 100 k a year lazy and non-contributers to society lol your a fucking idot buddy learn some facts about pot before you critize ppl about smoking it

      • bullshit says:

        You make over 100K a year and you can’t spell Contributor Mr Cheese? Pizza Delivery must pay more than we thought. Back in realityville, I think your Mom is calling you upstairs for lunch so you should probably drop your cock and grab your socks little mister.

        • Xaninho says:

          To be honest I make more than 100k a year and I do smoke pot every now and then. Other people come home and open up a beer, I rather smoke a bowl it’s less damaging than beer and way more relaxing.

        • Dave says:

          And even more people do neither…so? Does that change the fact that Diaz is a doper?

        • Xaninho says:

          The issue was the stigma weedsmokers get. Lots of people who smoke some weed every now and then are contributing to society. We pay taxes, alot of taxes in my case.

          Anyway, the stigma is very inaccurate.

    • Mark Murphy says:

      is that what weed makes you like? shit! so ALL the studies ever done are wrong? how the fuck can you say Diaz is lazy? he is a fucking PRO MMA FIGHTER! trying to insult ‘lazy pot smokers’ on BJ PENNS website is also fucking retarded. you sir need to smoke a joint and find out what its all about.

      • Dave says:

        I would dispute that he is a Pro MMA fighter, he’s a naturally gifted fighter who occasionally works hard and most of the time jacks off and talks shit. Compared to just about every other professional fighter out there he’s a lazy punk.

        • get a life dude says:

          stop replying to everybody about how much you hate diaz and go do something with your life…

        • Dave says:

          Too bad Diaz doesn’t have my determination huh

        • Shawn says:

          You would dispute that he’s a Pro MMA fighter. I think the fact that he gets paid to fight kind of kills that argument.

        • Nuitari X says:

          ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!? Fanboy or not, this motherfucker runs triathlons when he’s not training for a fight. It’s pretty obvious you don’t know shit about the diaz brothers DAVE. Get your facts straight. They are great fighters and athletes who don’t spend a fucking minute sitting at a keyboard talking shit about someone. So who’s lazy now? Who cares if they no-show or smoke weed. When they do show up, they SHOW UP.

    • Artstunna says:

      Only someone this ignorant,will make such statement, some of the grates people in the world smoke (mariguana)learn about it and make smart comments, not stupid ones, Nick lazy? The Guy is restless never stops working,people like you talk shit cause have nothing better to do, implying Nick is no good, OK lets see we got soonen charge and find guilty of fraud, Shane carwin for steroids, overrim charge with assault, we also have a. Guy from England charge with possession of cocaine and heroine, and the list can go on. and on,so all this shit makes Nick look like a angel, you need to smoke some to open up your Maine and shut @#$%&%$UP

  5. A.James says:

    He’s his own worst enemy.

  6. Kalab says:

    Yup still a Diaz fan, and still a hater of haters. Dave your a homo, what have you contributed to society? Queer.

  7. McLovin says:

    I read the reasons why he no showed. The rules weren’t being followed properly. Nick did the right thing imo. Still a fan.

  8. David says:

    ye He is a good fighter, and not the talker… But as always and for ever BJ rules…

  9. Aaron says:

    Never really liked him before. This didn’t help him in any way in my book.
    All I can say it is very much a bitch move to get your fans all excited about a match and then punk out last minute and not show up.

  10. the merc says:

    I read the reasons for him no showing as well. I think diaz is an animal and based on the info he was given, since the other guy didnt abide by the rules, had every right to walk. It was a bunch of bullshit on the other guys part. Whoever brought pot into it is a retard who obviously never reads half the press releases on here. Then he would know the full story.

  11. Dave says:

    A great fighter always answers the bell unless he’s been knocked the fuck out and that’s the bottom line. This guy is 100% punk.

  12. the merc says:

    Dude, the guy he was fighting showed up 10lbs overweight. You talk about potheads being lazy? It wasnt even close. As far as being a punk, diaz was donating his entire purse to charity. He was fighting for free. What incentive does he have going in prepared, with a guy who obviously didnt take it half as serious as he did. Know your facts before you call the dude out. Is he a punk? Yeah. Probably. But you cznt question him as a fighter. A PROFESSIONAL fighter. If the other guy wanted to just put on a grappling show, he shoulda looked up kimbo

  13. Dave says:

    I have to laugh at the Diaz-defenders, his brother has all the balls in the family and that’s the truth. Nick is in his prime physically and he’s wasting it ducking big fights because he’s either afraid to lose or just unwilling to commit to something that requires full time commitment and leaving the bong on the shelf for a couple months. When this guy retires or gets too old to even pretend he’s a fighter anymore like he does now, you idiots will be throwing out excuse after excuse about why he couldn’t fight, this rule that rule blah blah blah. I respect fighter in the vein of Oscar DLH, he always took the fight even when he knew he was gonna get his ass kicked, because he’s a dedicated professional fighter. Nick Diaz is a fucking herpes sore on the ass of MMA right now. Only he can prove me wrong by getting off the drugs and back in the ring.

    • Dan the Lobster says:

      Man ur fuckin crazy, nick does triathlons, has swam from alcatraz TWICE! And box’s with Andre ward how the fuck do u get to that level of cardio and skill set without being a dedicated professional??!! Dumb twat!!

      • Dave says:

        If you are disputing his laziness, which I believe is his primary obstacle to being one of the greats someday, then you must support the theory that he is afraid to take fights he might lose. I don’t know which is worse in the fighting world.

        • Dan the Lobster says:

          He was doin this thing for free and one of nicks stipulations for takin it was that his opponent wasn’t trying to launch a mma career off his name which it turns out he was plus the guy was 10lbs over, I don’t blame him from walkin if the other dude isn’t even playing fair

        • Dave says:

          You realize what a pussy you are making Diaz sound like when you worry that a lesser fighter was 10 lbs over?

    • Ryan says:

      BrO please tell me what fights he has ducked?? Your retarted

  14. Lol says:

    Omg bj needs to fire some of these writers

  15. Dan the Lobster says:

    @Dave. 10lbs over at weigh-in (which is very important) is a massive deal when ur talkin about one of the worlds best bjj guys so he’s practicing bjj everyday when nick has to work on boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and bjj! Yeah I think 10lbs at weigh-In is a big deal and if u knew anything Ud know that. Now that Iv owned u in every area I’m goin but thanks for that.

    • Dave says:

      Wow, I think Nick Diaz would be a little ashamed of himself if he came in and read some of the comments his supporters are making, he can’t fight because a lesser fighter is 10 tiny pounds heavier than him. He can’t fight because this guy practices BJJ more than he does. I don’t know who is a bigger pussy Nick or his collective of supporters.

  16. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    I hope Nick Diaz fights John Fitch and fitch lays on him for all the rounds and Nick Diaz loses and cries like a baby.

  17. Dave does not get it says:

    Dave, you dont get it. If you dont support Diaz because he smokes pot and is a flake, thats your opinion. Alot of people dont give a shit and would rather see him fight. The is no question he could be a better citizen. Do we know whats going on in his life? No. So shut the fuck up. We got it that you dont like him. Now go away.

    • Sean says:

      Lol this Dave kid is just trOlling. He does t believe anything he says. No normal person can think Diaz would fight a cheater and a trickster and everyone knows he donated money out of pocket to the charity of they actually read this website.

  18. Chad N says:

    Nobody is pointing out the fact that not only was Diaz fighting for free, but after he decided to leave when his opponent could not make weight, he paid what would have been his purse ro the charity out of his own pocket!

    Making weight in BJJ is every bit as important as it is in MMA. For the guy to not make weight by the deadline was the last straw. Cry about Diaz smoking pot all you want, he works harder year round than a lot of other pros.

  19. Pancho says:

    nick did the right thing IMO. Idc what he does outside of the ring anyway, he’s a hell of a fighter, I respect him no matter what.

  20. Damnu says:

    Yea fuck you DAVE. “Where you at DAVE”?Trolling bitch get the fuck outta here! Who gives a shit what nick does umm let me guess his haters! I almost shot myself reading your shitty irrelevant bitchiness you sir are a bitch…a whiny bitch

  21. pepito de la O says:

    Fuck Nick Diaz, he has a fkn little Dick jss like all of his fans, condit face fucked em

  22. pepito de la O says:

    Nick Diaz and all u fans and mma fans have fkn little dicks, is all about smoking weed

  23. Dave1180 says:

    If he didn’t want to take the fight the least he should have done was to let people know.. He showed no class and no respect for anyone by just leaving.
    I like Diaz as a fighter, he is awesome but… His attitude is ruining him.

  24. Dave says:

    I wonder if Ronda Rousey would donate a testicle to Nicky?

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