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Saturday, 01/04/2014, 11:24 am

POLL | Is The UFC’s ‘Fight Pass’ A Hit Or Miss?

Last week the UFC launched their on-line subscription based platform, ‘Fight Pass’, and today we got to see it in action with the Fight Night 34 event that aired live through it from Singapore.

Fight Night 34 was the first live event on the platform and by all accounts it doesn’t appear as if many of you tuned in.

Today’s poll has several responses, so pick the appropriate one and help us get a handle on whether or not the early phase of the UFC’s latest project is a success or missing something.

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0 Responses to “POLL | Is The UFC’s ‘Fight Pass’ A Hit Or Miss?”

  1. Mike says:

    I enjoyed it. I’ve used in the past to purchase pay-per-view events and was pleased with it. This time, however, I wasn’t too happy with the result. The stream quality was not consistent. At times it was acceptable, at others it wasn’t very good at all, even though I had nothing else significant going on over the internet at the time. I do like the fact that I could start the event anytime that I wanted to, just as if I had DVR’d the event on TV. I think it was dumb that they had separate streams to choose from for the prelims and the main card. I also think that they have some real work to do as far as features go and design for the site. I play UFC Pick Em’ and that site uses a different log in (Facebook, Google, Twitter) than (Facebook or login). It needs to be fluid for the entire site so that people aren’t required to use different logins for different parts of the UFC site. Overall, I do like the Fight Pass idea and think it will definitely improve sooner rather than later and I don’t have a problem with the $10 price tag

  2. craigminah says:

    I don’t mind the price but I can’t watch it on my TV without buying yet another box…I don’t want to go to watch fights on my computer.

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