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Thursday, 10/10/2013, 04:29 pm

POLL | In The Case Of Rousimar Palhares, Does The Punishment Fit The Crime?

UFC President Dana White came out today and announced that he was releasing Rousimar Palhares from the UFC following his 31-second submission victory over Mike Pierce during last night’s UFC Fight Night 29 event.

Palhares held on tight to an ankle lock, long after his opponent tapped and the referee’s halt of the bout.

If this was the first incident of the kind from Palhares one might be able to overlook this blatant infraction, but after a repeated history of these types of violations one can easily see why something needed to be done.

Before you cast your vote in the BJPENN.COM Poll below, check out the gif of the incident and make an educated determination.

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131 Responses to “POLL | In The Case Of Rousimar Palhares, Does The Punishment Fit The Crime?”

  1. Logan says:

    I truly think that he deserved to be cut, considering this wasn’t even his first time doing this. He’s done it in past MMA bouts as well as in grappling tournaments. Good call by Dana

  2. ksax says:

    This guy does not deserve to fight in the UFC. I personally train and admire BJJ, but hate seeing him pull leglocks every match because it inflicts unnecessary injury on your opponent. And for him to hold it longer than necessary just shows a lack of respect for his opponent and the sport. I don’t think the UFC loses anything special by cutting this guy.

  3. Noir says:

    It’s only appropriate if Dana could be consistent. There have been plenty of fighters who have kept their grapple going after a tapout or referee stoppage. If anything, Dana fired this guy because nobody wants to watch a fight that only lasts half a minute. The UFC is in the entertainment business, after all.

  4. Pan oh says:

    Great call that’s. a good lesson to others. He should have,let go. That’s showing off too much.

  5. dan says:

    well he clearly didnt even let go right away when the ref jumped in either

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