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Monday, 10/22/2012, 10:20 am

POLL | Does Chael Sonnen Deserve Jones Fight Over Other 205 Contenders? | UFC NEWS

We recently learned that multiple time middleweight title challenger, Chael Sonnen, has been given a slot opposite UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and the two will coach the Ultimate Fighter Season 17 as well as fight next April.

But does Sonnen really deserve the booking or should the shot have gone to a Dan Henderson or Lyoto Machida?

Take the poll below and sound off in the comments section:

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61 Responses to “POLL | Does Chael Sonnen Deserve Jones Fight Over Other 205 Contenders? | UFC NEWS”

  1. TheTude says:

    Even Phil davis deserves it more than chael

  2. Barn says:

    I bet all the WWE fans are pumped!

  3. Bob says:

    Hendo shoulda got the coaching job and Chael should at least had to fight lyoto for the #1contender spot or maybe Glover or Phil first to prove he’s a top contender!!

  4. Dopey says:

    Chael shouldn’t fight for the title… He jus had his chance n he blew it.. I say he should 1 or 2 fights in the division before getting a title shot

  5. m says:

    fkit. hendo pulled out. machida turned it down.

    Dana has to make fights when he can. Chael stepped up he gets the next shot.

    • TheBraveReply says:

      This ^ If you step up and rise to the occasion for any employer, you should be rewarded as an employee. Here’s how I see it – If you bust your ass for a company and make that business as much money as Chael does for the UFC, then that employee (Chael) should be rewarded (title shot)

  6. Ninja87 says:

    Chael Sonnen is EASILY the most OVERRATED fighter in the history of combat sports. I swear, Evans, Davis, Glover, Machida, n Gustafsson would beat the living crap out of this punk

  7. Ninja87 says:

    I forgot to throw in Hendo

  8. 123 says:

    Dan Henderson is the only fighter at light heavyweight that would beat Jon Jones in MY opinion.

  9. Mike b says:

    The top contenders at 205 declined the title shot.chael stepped up and accepted.thats it.i really hope chael pounds bones face in the canvas.chael the gangster sonnen baby all day…..

    • Joe Blow says:

      At the end of the day it’s all this^ you can’t turn the fight down then cry that someone else got it. Dana offered Chael the fight on 8 days notice and he was more then up for it. I’m not even a fan of Chael but I think he deserves the shot based on that alone. I do however think he’s gunna get smashed.

  10. Bob'O says:

    Chael sells tickets, period.

    Don’t matter, cause next time Lyoto is gonna KO Bones. He will be put to sleep like Rashad by a true Martial Artist.

    Wait and see, and remember you heard it here first. 😉 ~Bob’O

  11. Nicksta says:

    I think it’s gonna be a good fight, even if Sonnen hasn’t deserved it. But as Machida goes I think him and shogun need to settle the score and if Machida wins he should get the next shot at the title.

  12. Shake says:

    First yall bitched about Jones turning down Chaels offer and now your saying Chael doesn’t diserve a title shot? No one else diserves it but Chael. Lyoto’s pussy ass turned down the fight.

    • howthehell says:

      How the hell has chael earned the title shot? He lost his last fight, he imo didn’t even beat bisping… He has not fought at LHW in seven fucking years… Yeah he sooo deserves it…

    • LOL! says:

      Are you Dana Whites parrot?

    • Dana is Greedy says:

      So this isn’t a lame situation where a fill in is needed so its completely stupid and a publicity stunt by Dana to get Fanboys to believe this is a credible fight..Obviously you are still stuck on UFC 151 and aren’t a fan of good fights maybe you should buy the next WWE ppv I heard Jon Cena stepped it up…

  13. Jbj vs sonnen is BS says:

    Sonnen trash talking is getting old. Is he gonna give us the gangster crap again? After how he got destroyed by silva he looks pathetic when he goes on with this is my belt etc.. Sonnen is way overrated look at his record.. He deserves to fight in bellator undercard based on his fighting skills

  14. Idmapxnxhnfi says:

    Machida was given an opportunity and he turned it down, hendo was injured. Sonnen deserves it

    • Jbj vs sonnen is BS says:

      Thats the dumbest argument. Think for 2 sec what machida has to lose if he get beaten compared to sonnen. Sonnen knows he will never beat anyone at LHW so of course he’s gonna step in. Morons

  15. Vote Obama says:

    Dana set up a fight between Chael due to 3 reasons. 1) he doesnt pull out of fights (injury rate is way to unpredictable and common with the other guys) 2) he is the only one who stepped up to fight Jones on short notice 3) fighters have too much demands and wants too much preferences where as Chael just goes in to fight, making it a simple contract and less work to promote the fight

  16. BJPennRules says:

    This shows that there is absolutely NO INTEGRITY, in the sport and they (UFC) only cares about money and ratings..there are at least 3 fighters at LWH that are more deserving…of the chance to fight Bones..after BJ Penn retires in several years I will no longer watch the sport!..

    • Mike b says:

      Bro I hear what ur saying…but chael stepped up bro,that’s it.i know it dosent make much sense,but chael accepted it the other top 205ers didn’t.simple as that.

  17. Shane Mead (@Shaneoo88) says:

    After Jones wins, Sonnen can release a DVD on his career for one last pay day. I have the title, “Chael Sonnen: The Man Famous For Losing”

  18. Sugar Ponybear says:

    He stepped up, Bones turned the fight down. Given that the fight date isn’t until April I think any actual contender would step up. No contender is going to step up on 8 days notice, you lose that fight, you go back to the bottom of the line, I don’t blame Lyoto. An April fight date, Davis, Lyoto, or Hendo would of accepted.

  19. Joe says:

    This is the type of shit that happens in WWE are we now going to start fixing fights and creating bullshit moves. Scissor Kicks around the neck and under the legs to a pin.

  20. RichPence07 says:

    Chael stepped up to face Jones when no one else could or would. Machida had a shot to fight for the belt and said he wanted more prep time. Chael was willing to take the fight on 8 days notice. That alone has earned him a chance.

  21. FUCK NO says:

    that bitch doesnt deserve shit, all his does to gain fights is talk smack and loose other fights. Fuck sonnen and his big mouth.

  22. the original steve says:

    of course he doesn’t deserve it. but really the only one who does is hendo. machida showed he doesn’t want the title bad enough when he didn’t accept the jones fight before. and who really cares? a fight is a fight no matter who stepped up we would see 1 of 2 things a good fight or someone else get destroyed by jones

  23. Levi says:

    No, Sonnen didn’t earn it. But just watching JJ demolish others is great to watch.

  24. Shawn says:

    There are other guys more deserving than Sonnen. With the exception of Hendo, those other guys declined to fight Jones when asked. No one else in 205 has the same credentials as Chael. I’m by no means a Sonnen fan, nor am I a Jones fan (not much these days). But the simple fact that logistically, whether or not people don’t think Sonnen deserves a shot, Sonnen is a draw. People want to see him kick ass, or get his ass kicked. And these days, the same would go for Jones as well. Chael will hype this fight so much, it’s going to be entertaining to say the least. Jones will no doubt try and bring it to Sonnen as well. But apart from all of that, no one is stepping up to sign on the dotted line to fight Jones sooner than later. I’d love to see the Hendo Jones fight happen, but Henderson is going to need more time to get back to his fighting form before he got injured, or else he’s going to lose. And I don’t think the UFC is willing to wait that long.

    • NoDoutNOut says:

      Are you fuckin retarded? No one took the fight with Jones because they expected themselves to get the shot soon enough. Machida was next up in line and you expect him to take Jones on short notice??? Getting a title means ALOT! Jones is an AWESOME fighter, you’d have to be stupid to take him on short notice. Only reason Chael accepted that fight was cuz there was NO WAY he would get that title shot otherwise. He woulda gotten whooped by Forrest. LHW is filled with better wrestlers than Chael and MUCH better jiu jitsu guys. Doesn’t matter if he’s a draw, doesn’t mean he deserves the title shot. W.e LHW title is a joke anyway.

  25. Gouldx87 says:

    LOL if all you need to do is step up to fight the champ and get paid for it consider this me officially stepping up. I’ll fight any champ they have in any division anytime for half what theyre gonna pay chael.

  26. idiots says:

    He asked to fight the first time: everyone called jones a coward…
    now Jones wants the fight and now Sonnen doesn’t deserver it,???

    i hope Sonnen beats Jones in such a style that everyone will start to respect Sonnen. He is a big mouth but at least he doesn’t care all the rediculious comments and stupid behaviour of the so called ufc Fans…..

  27. Nunya says:

    After hearing Dana White say that Machida & other 205ers turned down the opportunity to fight Jones, then yes Chael deserves a shot. Hendo got injured so he shouldn’t speak on the matter. If the next guys in line to fight Jones turned it down, then this fight with Chael makes sense. I don’t pick “Yes, he’s a draw and that’s all that matters” I pick ” Yes, all other 205ers bitched out, and Chael is the only guy that wants to fight him”

  28. alan says:

    i feel like this is a fight that the fans want to see, and that alone makes him a worthy contender.

  29. NoDoubt says:

    Doesn’t matter if Chael is a draw or not, letting him fight for a championship just makes the UFC LHW title a joke. Champions should fight the elite and prove their worth, not sideshow fights that’ll bring draws. WHACKKKKK. You people are not the President of UFC so stop talkin all this “good business” bullshit. If you’re a true fan, you should want to see Champions fight possible Champions, not a two time SELF PROCLAIMED champion like Chael. Lost respect for Jones when he took this fight. I was sayin good job before when he declined Chael but now he accepts and I bet his whole motivation was being able to be a coach on TUF. More fame, more money. Not a real champ. Anderson Silva NUMBER 1!! Numero uno!

    • Nunya says:

      I agree with you on this fight goes against structure. UFC was built on the best contender has to win his way up the ladder to be the Champ & to also be able to fight the champ. It was wrong for Dana to offer Jones to fight Chael when Hendo got injured. People talk shit on Jones turning it down is funny. Now if all the 205 ers refuze to fight Jones who is injured and won’t be able to fight til next year. Then I understand Dana to instigate this situation, because this makes money. Does Chael deserve a title shot, no. Was it wrong for Jones to except this, probably not for his bank account. Was it wrong for Dana to set this up, probably not for his bank account.

  30. Joseph says:

    Why ask for people’s OPINIONS when NONE of them matter?

  31. maurice says:

    Every1 keeps saying chael “stepped” up on 8 days notice? Well im sure page, machida, shogun, hendo, etc. Would have all accepted a tuf gig opposite of jones and 6 long months to prepare. After that stellar run through SF and goin to helll and back with shogun, HENDO should be in chaels position. Now hendo is gettin older and older and may very well neva get an oppurtunity at ufc gold…because of that ass clown phael sonnen. Fuk ufc for this. I dnt watch ufc just to see 6 months of bs trash talk from a C+ fighter who accepting ass whoopings for big money

  32. BJJWhiz says:

    if he’s the only one who has the balls to fight him on 8 days notice than he’s the only one who truly deserves to fight the champ.

  33. Wowzers says:

    Who has the bullshit talker fought at 205? How can anyone argue that Mr. Fail Sonnen has the credentials to fight for the 205 title? He’s going to be even slower then he was at 185… Dudes a joke. But that sad part is.. Is that everyone is going to watch it simply because he’s entertaining.. He’s beat 3 fighters of any recognition.. Brian Stann, Yushin Okami & Nate Marquardt. I don’t count the win against Michael Bisping because he didn’t win that fight. Even if you count that fight as a win.. All of those guys are Welterweights… Can someone please tell me why this fight is happening other then because he, “stepped up…”? I guess it’s for the ratings? Because people will want to watch it? Whatever their reasoning is.. I think it’s the worst match-up in history.

  34. Rich says:

    Dan Henderson was supposed to fight for the title because he was the #1 contender. Hendo got hurt, which happens and is no one’s fault. Hendo is still the #1 contender and should get the next shot at the title.

    I like Chael Sonnen, and most people that know him know his big-mouth persona is just for the hype. He’s a great guy. But, he’s a 185 lb’r, and hasn’t even fought a fight at 205 lbs., that I can recall. Additionally, Chael just got two title shots vs Silva, and now he goes up a weight and gets a third title shot w/o a single fight at that weight. This sets a BAD precedent by the UFC.

    MMA is mostly sport and part entertainment, but you’ve gotta keep it real. If the UFC wants to use Chael to pump up the ratings on TUF, then have him coach against & fight one of the top rated 185
    lb’rs. There are other rational ways.

    Personally I’d love to see the SuperBowl weekend UFC featuring:
    -St. Pierre vs A. Silva and co-headlined by J. Jones vs Hendo!!!!!

  35. huntkev says:

    I have been an mma fan since i can remember. This whole sonnen title shot bs is the most horrific thing to happen to the sport. Not only does it make absolutely no sense and is totally unfair for the real lhw contenders it is also unfair for the fans. chael sonnen is a great fighter i will not deny him of that, but the man has not earned the label of title contender. he uses steroids and trash talk to get to the top, unlike other fighters who get there with hard work honesty and dedication. Please tell me what this man will bring to Jones besides promoting the fight with his trash talk. He will not bring anything to this fight that Jones cant handle. Like i said before the only thing he will bring is his mouth. What will he do that a fighter such as Rashad Evans couldnt do?? If that man couldnt finish Jones there is no way in hell sonnen will. Its not fair that a middleweight contender that lost both of his title fights get an immediate shot at the light heavy weight crown. I love Dana and what hes done for the sport, but I believe his vision is going hazy. He used to care so much about the fans perspective and not the $. i think we as the fans should remind him of that by not purchasing this ppv and not buying tickets for this horrid event. If you can please get back to me and help me to get this message across it would be super appreciated. Thank you for your time it is very appreciated…

  36. AmericanGangster says:

    Chael deserved it… Everyone else had their opportunities and didn’t take them…. I love Hendo… And I love Machida… but Chael is getting this title shot whether you like it or not and that’s the bottom line cause Dana said so.

  37. Kevin says:

    Chael doesn’t deserve the title shot. Yes I do think Jones should have fought him at UFC 151 just because he stepped up and there were a lot of people that already made plans. But now? Hell no! There is no way he deserves a shot. This isn’t a fill in fight, and there are plenty of other deserving fighters. Chael lost his last fight, and imo the one before. Although I do have to admit it should be comical listening to Sonnen on TUF. I wonder if he’s going to teach his team how to talk ****

  38. Archie21 says:

    Not supposed to. But his gutsy move on taking the fight when Hnedo got injures entitles him so then he should, But now Hendo deserves that shot again, Lyoto he had his chance and turned it down Lyoto shouldn’t even be mentioned.

  39. jwhoso says:

    Let me start off by saying, chael was the only one to step up and take the fight! Give him the shot! Hell sell the shit out of it too. Second, everyone isblah blah. Don’t forg3t chael is VERY intelligent. I think he is going to surprise us all. Do I think hell win? No but mark my words hell surprise all of us. With his intelligence he’s going to have a great gameplan . Hell expose Jones more than vitor did, watch and see!

  40. GRT 3000 says:

    fuckin gay ass UFC bullshit call; Hendo should be coaching TUF not this ass clown.

  41. Weird0 says:

    After chael gets fucked up hes gunna pick on gSP n get out classed by him? Dude needs to call up steve austin n grab a beer.

  42. Stone says:

    Chael is a better fighter than both of them that’s why he deserves it. period. Chael would beat hendo, machida, and most light heavys. THEY DON’T WANT ANY PART OF CHAEL, seriously. And to be honest I’m not a huge chael fan he is just a good fighter..

  43. Seedy says:

    Kyle Kingsberry deserves it more than fucken CHAEL FUCKEN SONNEN…, biggest cock snicker in MMA, Dana close behind him. Sad cunt

  44. johnjacob says:

    cheal stepped up? it was the only way he was getting another title shot the guy is shite whats going to happen after jones beats him? drop to 170 and diss the winner of gsp condit

  45. Derek2466 says:

    Chael doesn’t deserve a shot! Anyone ever glance at his record? Not that great. I really like Chael but we all know he has no chance against Jones, but then again who does? Atleast he will bring alot of good hype to the fight.

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