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Saturday, 09/21/2013, 11:24 pm

POLL: Did Jon Jones Really Do Enough To Beat Gustafsson?

I’ve read the forums, stayed glued to twitter and the consensus amongst everyone seems to be that Jon Jones should have lost his title tonight.

But what do you think?

Sound off in the poll below and let your voice be heard!

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0 Responses to “POLL: Did Jon Jones Really Do Enough To Beat Gustafsson?”

  1. Prime says:

    1 and 3 = gus, 2 and 4 = jone.. 5 either way.. it should be split/draw not unanimous…

  2. 1mm8fan says:

    This is the first fight where successful takedowns doesn’t win a round which is common in ufc and Gustafsson’s take down defense alone was superior. Jon Jones took him down 1 of 10. Come one seriously. Their striking wasn’t that much different. Gustafssons boxing, stick and move was graded as cowardice. I could understand if he wasn’t being aggressive but dude, he banged with the most dangerous erratic unorthodox banger in mma and didn’t allow Jones to take him down and maul him with vicious ground and pound.

  3. drew says:

    tough call gusta and him will fight again because glover has a really good chance of beating jon, however DC would out right destroy jon hands a lot heavier then gusta takedowns will happen and ground and pound will happen, jones doesnt have the power to knockout dc and dc is was raised as a wrestler so even tho he may look a lil chubby he still has great cardio especially from working with cain

  4. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Quit your bellyaching it was Jones’ three rounds to Alexander’s two.

    Jones outstruck him with significant strikes, almost always had forward movement, and almost entirely octagon control.

    In Gus I saw a warrior, not a winner. That’s not a bad thing – it’s just how I saw it.

    Was there live man, amazing energy! 7th Live event!

  5. KIDD433 says:

    Garbage ass decision. Gus won hands down

  6. Ray Nearhood says:

    I voted Jones in the poll.

    I just re-watched the fight and tried to pay better attention – after calming from the excitement and knowing the outcome. I scored it:

    R1 – Gustafsson. Easy round to score. Jones wasn’t on his pace yet. Gusto was light on his feet fast with his hands and scored the take down. As a fan 10-8, because who takes down Jon Jones, right? But, fairly, 10-9. That was a good round for Gusto.

    R2 – Jones. But barely. I had this one mostly even. Gusto had the better boxing and probably did more head and face damage than Jones could have hoped to pull off that round. But, Jones’ ability to press forward combined with the leg and body kicks tipped the scales just barely in his direction. Just barely.

    R3 – Gustafsson. Another close round, but with all the stuffed take down attempts and the fast jabs and uppercuts, I gave that one to Gusto.

    R4 – Jones. Close until the end of the round, and Jones ran away with it.

    R5 – Jones. Gusto had some good strikes in this round, but Jones pretty well had it in the bag. Gusto had almost no more movement and was slipping and running while Jones kept landing strong jabs and weak head kicks.

    Gustafsson did a great job, the best so far anyone has done against Jones. But, the being better against Jones than everyone so far doesn’t mean that he bested Jones in this fight.

    In the end, barely 3 for Jones and 2 for Gustafsson.

  7. pikajew says:

    Gustafsson won either by 48-47 or 49-46. Personally, I had Gustafsson at 48-47.

    Gustafsson controlled majority of the fight by pressing with attacks, defended 10(90%) of all takedowns, then took Jones down. Gustafsson landed nearly the same amount of significant strikes in every single round and had the better overall percentage. Jones could not hold Gustafsson down for more than five seconds. Gustafsson did the most damage by closing both of Jon Jones’ eyes, cutting him over another, and busting his lip, where Gustafsson only had a small cut toward the end of the fight.

    Gustafsson had the better significant strikes, better takedown defense ratio, equal takedown ratio, better striking percentile, had more control, was far more active, and pushed the pace the entire fight.

    Jones… just hung in there and threw kicks and elbows that didn’t do much damage until the middle of the fourth round. It was already too late for Jones by this time the fifth round came along. He was constantly missing the clinch, or Gustafsson would forcefully break the clinch, he became tired before Gustafsson did and didn’t take control… he looked lost half the time in the cage because he was just so dumbfounded on how to attack someone he can’t use reach on like everyone else.

    He doesn’t have the belt, but we clearly have a new champion. Congratulations Gustafsson.

  8. jdog says:

    Get over it haters hate Jones so bad they will say anything. Yes Jones was cut and bleeding like a stuck pig but…… watch the fight again and you will see that Jones DID land more and he won rounds 2, 4 and 5 easily. Quit hating and deal with it. Glover will not do any better, the only one who might is DC but even then who really knows maybe Glover KO’s him maybe not you got to wait and see. After all who looked better against Rampage?? Jones or Glover??? Seriously I am not the biggest Jones fan I thought he was going to loose and I thought he was but when the 4th and 5th came on he stepped up while Alexander was done

  9. peppe says:

    gusto 3-2 for sure HE IS the new LH first European (after bas rutten)champion in the new ufc era.for sure.

    • David says:

      I would have to say Jones won 3-2. He clearly won round 2, He stole round 4 by almost finishing Gustafsson, and he clearly won round 5. Gustafsson did show that it’s gonna take a fighter who is just as big as Jones, with an extremely unique skill set to even get close to beating Jones, and there’s not that many of those types of fighters in the UFC. I do think that Jon Jones debunked a lot of myths tonight though:

      -Jon Jones has no heart
      -Jon Jones has no chin
      -Jon Jones wins only because of his reach.

      Nobody can ever say those things about Jones anymore and be taken seriously in a conversation about MMA. In addition to that, Gustafsson’s stock rose a lot, and I can’t wait to see the rematch. But I don’t think Gustafsson would be able to reproduce his performance in a rematch now that Jones knows what to expect from Gustafsson.

  10. Jujitsu Player says:

    Nobody got robbed, but IMO Gus did just enough to win. He definitely took the first 2 rds, the 3rd was super close but I felt like Gus landed slightly more shots but maybe Jones was the guy pressing forward so it’s a tough call. I think the thing that won it was Jones rocking him with that elbow in the 4th and Gus being so gassed/out on his feet towards the end of the fight. The judge who scored it 49-46 Jones was just retarded…either way Jones aura of invincibility has kind of disappeared.

    Finally the UFC had a fight that lived up to the expectations.

    • jdog says:

      clearly won rounds 1 and 2??? What fight did you watch I did not see any major strikes from Alex in round 2 but I remember a few elbows and head kicks from Jones. Jones cut was a glancing blow watch the replay of it his head barely moved from the contact so it clearly wasn’t a clean shot. The only difference in round 1 was the single take down. I think the judge that called it 49-46 didn’t know what he was doing I agree unless he didn’t count the take for anything. In the second Alex caught a few kicks and dumped him but that isn’t considered a take down BTW

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        So what’s your point?!? IMO Gus won the first 2 rds and overall did enough to win. Anyone who watched that fight and didn’t have Gus winning the fight after those opening rds literally has no business watching MMA. Bottom line is it was a razor tight fight but I’m entitled to my opinion, BTW look at the poll 67% people agree with me.

  11. Takedowndefense says:

    I new some opinions on this. I know jones tying for the take downs is pressing forward which the judges look for, but do any of you think that takedown defense counts for anything? Because I know that if son one tried to take me down ten time and only got one, I think it would look good on my part. Just want to hear some opinions

  12. Drew says:

    DC new LW champ regardless. Jones won last night and showed he has what it taked to step up and get the job done. However glover is great on the ground and will no doubt tag jones and he hits A LOT harder then gusta so im eager to see

  13. T.Daddy says:

    If you think Bones won you don’t know s.hit about mma… Bones rocked Gus late in rd 4 and that’s basically all he did the whole fight… Gus should Be the champ… He surprised me with his takedown defense…. hats off to him

  14. Sasquatch says:

    Gus won 3 to 2 IMO… Jones had a pretty humbling experience, might not be walking around like a peacock anymore seeing how he needed help walking out of the cage.

  15. Night-Wind says:

    Gus won three rounds.

  16. sdf says:

    It’s obvious someone’s paying the judges to f up every decision there is, why else would they do it? If you get to the bottom of that you solve the robbing problems. Anyways, we all now know Jones we “extraordinary” cause of his reach. common sense now he fought someone the same size and lost. To be honest he lost to Vitor too but I’m amazed no saw the he tapped to Vitor hahaha.

  17. Big daddy says:

    Gus just proved that jones isn’t that great just takes advantage of his size.

  18. Jason says:

    Jon Jones lost the first three rounds. He won the last two championship rounds but the first three was all Alex Gustaferson

  19. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Just bought the PPV to rewatch the fight; Jones won for sure. Just because someone does well against an incredible opponent doesn’t mean he won.

    Jones had Octagon control, Forward movement (aggression), and he outstruck Gustaffson. Punching a guy hard but not knocking him out doesn’t mean you automatically win the fight. Look at the fifth round, watch Gustaffson as opposed to Jones. You see who won the fight. Also the few takedowns in the fight were pretty much pointless/useless and Gustafsson was circling like crazy in the fight and looked a lot like Condit vs. Diaz (but unlike Diaz, Jones actually mounted real offence).

  20. capt. ale says:

    dana white tells his fighters before the enter the octagon don’t leave it in the hands of the refs so the decision is what it is . plus every fighter knows when it comes to a championship fight and you’re the challenger in order for you to get the belt you must beat the champ not tie them or leave any question as to the out come bottom line is “to be the man you gotta beat the man” { Rick Flair }

  21. warrior808 says:

    i had bones winning rds 2,4,5. it was close though. i think gus would have won if he didnt get caught by the spinning elbow late in the 4th. up till that point gus was winning the rd but because he was rocked and almost got finished i thought bones stole the round.

  22. How did jones have more strikes... says:

    Did anyone watch the fucking fight.. The whole fight Gus landed more strikes hell Rogann said that multiple times. I honestly think the fight was 50/50… Kind of want to see a rematch..

  23. KIDD433 says:

    It’s been obvious to real MMA fans for a while. Jones does well against guys half his size. When he doesn’t have that size advantage, you see he’s ordinary. He needs to fight guys his size at HW. that way LHW can function again. And no more mis-matched fights

  24. JL says:

    i had Gus 3, Jones 2, but Gus wasnt robbed, was a crazy close fight, and judges being paid off, fuck me what a stretch, its a hard sport to judge, what do you score higher, punches (Gus), kicks (Jones), control, damage? You’ll always have difference of opinion from judges, other contact sports are far easier to judge, as they’re generally a single discipline.

  25. GRT 3000 says:

    I’m a fan of both and didn’t really care who won, but I had it even going into the 5th. I gave Jones round 2 by a hair, & 4/5 Jones (easy) rocked him and had him backing up & in trouble. While Gustav was faster, worked the angles amazing, and was able to stuff the t/d’s, he never hit Jones with anything that put him in real danger. Either way you see it man, great fight! Much respect to both fighters and I can’t wait for the rematch.

  26. JL says:

    the weight class thing cracks me up as well, like everyone doesn’t cut weight to make the lowest weight class they safely can, Anthony Johnson was a welterweight not to long ago, he fought Arlovski at heavyweight last, but only Jones gets grilled for it, wonder if Kendall Grove would have got a load of shit at middleweight if he had excelled?

    Agreed fucking epic fight, needs to happen again

  27. 123 says:

    Jon Jones edged it, but 49-46 is a joke.

  28. vba says:

    Although I understand your point in some way I have to say you are are wrong also. Actually not everyone does cut weight to fight in the best weight class for them. There are actually quite a few fighters who fight in their natural weight class.

    • JL says:

      Oh for sure some fighter do, if they think the strength they lose from dropping all that water isnt worth losing, thin good for them. But most do, i train and i walk around at LHW, but if i was to fight for my size and build id be a welterweight, now would i rather fight a lhw or a ww, trust me a fucking ww, people who cut to lhw would destroy me. Anderson walks round at lhw… the list goes on

  29. Master says:

    JBJ clearly won. Jones haters are the only ones ACTING like Gus won. Come on, JBJ sent Gus into early Alzheimer’s. He was done. Regaurdless it wasn’t really that close of a fight. -Some of the rounds were close, that’s it. 3/2 jones at worst. Gus was running worse than clay Guida. It was a unanimous decision, clear as day, simple as that. Gus is top 5 LHW, he’s a great fighter. But we saw EVERYTHING he had last night. Jones had a poor fight, and still beat him lol. Quit trolling

  30. Pass me the TRT says:

    It was a bs decision, Gustafsson won for sure rounds 1,2,3 and I need to rewatch 4 because that was iffy. But Jone won 5 for sure. You have to give it, this was almost like watching Rocky, Gustaffson was underdog and well Jones was straight up dogging him for the past 2 years and gets his ass whooped by him. Funny thing is the champ had to get helped out of the octagon and was transported to the hospital via ambulance, while Gustaffson simply walks out and walks into the hospital. I think Winklejohn put on twitter last night that bones f*ck up his foot that he might of shattered a bone in it. But I believe Gustaffson should of been crowned the new champion. Then what jerks me the wrong way is that Jones gets on twitter this morning claiming he had an off night last night that he didnt fight like he usually does. Makin excuses, just admit you got own fool!

  31. slip slap says:

    I didn’t favour either of these guys over the other going into the fight, but from what I saw Jones absolutely did not win. Yet another reason why more and more people are disillusioned with the UFC.

  32. James Wolfe says:

    It was a great fight. I had it 3 – 2 Jones. Jones won it, but can’t wait to see them fight again.

  33. TitoWho? says:

    It appears that Jones should have lost on stats, but may have impressed the judges enough with his finishing skills during the fight even though he didn’t get the job done. Gustafson’s amateur boxing must have been pretty good to turn Jone’s face into dogshit like that.

  34. drew says:

    DC new LHW champ in less then a year.

  35. brian says:

    pound 4 pound Jones is nowhere near Anderson or Aldo

  36. Proof is real says:

    Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg have announced through previous events they “watch” fight metrics as they are watching the fights to see the hit-count. Mike Goldberg said half way through round 4, Gustuffson has more significant strikes so far. At 1:25 of the 5th round Mike Goldberg: “It is Gustuffson ahead on the score cards” There you go you whatever your reason for trolling is stupid trolls, PROOF!

  37. Reply to JL says:

    No judges have no access to fight-metrics and must observe carefully. They’re being paid off to rig fights though.

  38. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    It was close. I doo think Gustafsson did score more, but it was too close to take the belt I guess. That 49-46 judge should never be allowed near a cage again. Bottomline is it was an awesome fight.
    I wouldn’t seeing a rematch if Glover doesn’t beat Jones first.

  39. tupadre says:

    Jones looked so weak, he couldn’t do pretty much anything to someone his own size, he couldn’t even take him down, and now I’m sure he’s NEVER going to HW, I mean, wht would he do against Cain, JDS…? haha

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