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Tuesday, 05/22/2012, 07:14 am

Police Report Evidences Jon Jones Had Prior Legal Issues | UFC NEWS

By Jonathan Kirschner

Just this past weekend, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol. Shortly after his bail was met by his mother, rumors started to spread that this was not his first run-in with the law. It was later confirmed by the Albuquerque Police Department (to Bloody Elbow) that this, in fact, was not the first time Jones had gotten in trouble behind the wheel as he had another incident on November 24th 2011.

Once again in his black Bentley, Jones first caught the cops attention after speeding around the corner sideways with his tires screeching loudly. After following the speeding Bentley, the cop observed the vehicle had ended up in the parking lot of a full-nude strip club called “Fantasy World”. After the cop talked to the driver who he identified as “Jonathan Jones”, he ran the UFC champion’s driver’s license and confirmed it was suspended. Jones was charged for driving with a suspended license and loss of traction and his car was towed away from the scene. The charges were ultimately dismissed in a March 8th 2011 trial.

From the police report:
On 11/24/11 I observed a black Bentley turn Northbound on Jefferson NE from Westbound McCleod NE. The vehicle came around the corner sideways and tires squealing. The vehicle continued North at a high rate of speed and pulled into the Fantasy World parking lot. I conducted as traffic stop and contacted the driver, identified as Jonathan Jones. I ran Jones drivers license through MVD and it was suspended. I then ran his drivers license through NCIC and they confirmed his it was suspended. Jones was cited for loss of traction and suspended drivers license. Jones vehicle was towed from the scene.

Stay tuned to for more on this story as it develops.

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65 Responses to “Police Report Evidences Jon Jones Had Prior Legal Issues | UFC NEWS”

  1. roberts says:

    hes normal after all

  2. Xaninho says:

    Hahaha mr squeeky clean.

  3. Jason says:

    Who gives one single fuck.fuck this fucking fuck.

  4. James says:

    We got a badass over here.

  5. GreenTeaBagger says:

    So he’s human after all. This to shall pass….

  6. Artstunna says:

    Grow up and act your age bones, this just started and you acting like the bitch you realy are,most people get in some kind of problems at one point on their life,but they don’t claim to be a role model, stick to what you good at and quit pretending you are something you are not,I realty hope Henderson tko your arrogant ass and give you a realty check,FAKE ASS JBJ

  7. Ryan kelly says:

    Wow now i really fucking hate this fake ass kid i new he was a fraud !!!!!!

  8. Devon says:

    Has JBJ lost or gained fans will all that’s going on?

  9. GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

    Don’t worry UFC will take care of all this and have everyone believing it didn’t happen by next week. Rashad tried to tell everyone the kid is fake as hell and not who he says he is. I just wish he would fight at HW so we can see him get Ko’d. He looked 2 weight classes bigger than rashad and all his other opponents.

    • usman says:

      first learn about mma, your always fucking complaining about fighter keyboard warrior, i bet you would never say it to their face. second thats like saying gsp or silva should move one wight class above because arnt they huge for their weight class aswell? what about gustavson or phi davis? there huge aswell. so learn your shyt. even cruz is big in his weight class. shouldnt they move up?

  10. slayeralph says:

    so why were the charges dropped….suspended licsence is ok for the famous

  11. Nick real deal says:

    He is the same age as me if I had a fast ass Bentley that’s what I would do. Sex drugs and rock&roll (speeding drinking and fake boobs). People leave him alone he in a normal 24year old who kicks old pride ass. Much love jbj

    • Sick Brah says:

      Thats not the problem, its that he tells and sells the story that he is ‘humble/sensible/responsible/role model’ which is bullcrap.

      If I had a shitload of money and fame, it’d get to me, but I wouldn’t go around saying I;m a perfect citizen I;d say I;m young, dumb and rich.

      Huge difference…

  12. jpeters says:

    ………………………..BEN ASKREN…………………

  13. Hostile Hunter says:

    OMG EVERYONE ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! Jon Jones got 2 tickets b4!!! omg the humanity!!!!! Leave the guy alone…. Im sure BJ got arrested with pot 5 times in his life…No one is perfect so please just respect the guys privacy.

  14. Hostile Hunter says:

    OMG EVERYONE ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! Jon Jones got 2 tickets b4!!! omg the humanity!!!!! Leave the guy alone…. Im sure BJ got arrested with pot 5 times in his life…No one is perfect so please just respect the guys privacy. …

  15. Ko_King says:

    Everybody has skeletons in there closet EVERYBODY!

  16. Ko_King says:

    Everybody has skeletons in there closet EVERYBODY !

  17. maurice says:

    hahahahahaha. jones is young and just livin life to the fullest. but with that said, u better stop being a dumbass, before it really cost u.

    • Dino says:

      Yeah and he had to get his mommy to pick him up and pay his tab fake ass pussy mommas boy…..who even cares about him or any of you stupid asses you don’t know anything anyways

  18. Sounds like a decent driver.. when he’s sober.

  19. mike says:

    “Rashad, I’m a good Christian and you can’t take that away from me” — Jon Jones

  20. Gould says:

    WHAT …how do you catch Mr. Perfect doing somethin stupid !? it must be lies ..BLASPHEMY he cant do any wrong!

  21. Dewey says:

    Yeah makes me feel beteer to see a normal person holding the belt ,

  22. Gibby says:

    By day He preaches the good life, asks so ritgheous. By night hes getting a suspended liscense, whatever the fuck that is, in britain, you either have a license or you dont! Bet he told his missus he was off to the shops to buy a new bible when he got busted at the strippers haha drifting round corners…….coked to the hilt no doubt 😛 dont get me wrong, i dont mind a guy with a less than stellar background winning the belt! I’m all for it. I just dont like people that act the exact opposite of what they are! Fake ass Nigga.

  23. DayDay says:

    Clearly those strippers…*cough* I mean ladies were holding a bible study and Jones was running late to it. I know Sista Diamond…*cough* I mean I know Sister Dorothy hates for him to be late.

  24. Jon Jones says:

    is actually turning into a legit hero among young people. Why? because this is what kind of behavior people wanted to see out of him. And if his license was suspended on Nov 24, 2011, you know that means he got into trouble involving driving prior to that.

    All that doesn’t matter to me–still a huge Jones fan….for his fighting ability! I don’t care about the private life of any fighter. bring it on, haters, and lets get to the next fight already.

  25. Bjj BB says:

    Fake, fraud, full of shit, bullshit, not real, all these words for a guy who drank and drove and had a suspended lisence.. Its called making mistakes, every1 can bring up his roll model talks that he does but he is when it comes to being a fighter, away from that i think its ok to fuck as as well as every1 on this site does, he’s the lw ufc champ! Not the fucking president of the united states, did u guys really think he was perfect? If u did then the jokes on you and your a fucking idiot!! I only know jones when it comes to mma and thats it, he dont need me judging me when it comes to his persinal life, you fucking hypocrites!!

  26. Lol says:

    Wow ya act like he killed someone. He likes titties and beer. Lol. I wonder if his girlfriend got mad he was at a titty bar. Oh well im starting to like jon jones even more. Becore i was mutual but now im a bigger fan. Bad bones jones!!! Fuck the rest!

  27. DayDay says:

    from the begining on how they said they wouldn’t comment if there was a passenger in the car. i was like “may it was a white girl” then i remember the night he fought rashad he kissed a white girl which was his wife. so what would make this a twisted plot is either he had a black chick with him in the car OR he eddie murphyed it and picked up a tranny hooker.

  28. Brend0magic says:

    fuck everyone

  29. Brend0magic says:

    ^Didn’t mean to post that here.

    What I meant to say is: Jones was hurrying to catch his shift, remember the picture Rashad posted of em?

  30. koolg says:

    jones is a fake glad all this is coming out… fuck him and his fake good guy routine

  31. Mwill says:

    Once you lose your license it is hard to get back just like the LHW belt. Just ask Rashad, Lyoto, Shogun, and Rampage!

  32. John says:

    Not saying everyone doesnt screw up now and again but for someone whos a professed christian he really should be putting God before his wants. Getting arrested for drunk driving after leaving a strip joint? What you want to do with your life is your business maybe (not when youre a superstar when its everyones business) but dont try to but christianity out there as a shield to show you’re a good person

  33. stewbot says:

    Finally this guy shows some human qualities that people can relate to. I think this will garner Jones more fans and hopefully he will stop being that “holier than though, godsend and overall pretentious douchebag” that so many fans view him as and dislike him for it. It will be interesting to actually see how Jones publicly addresses this. I kind of dislike the guy because of how he has acted in the past, no one’s perfect man so stop trying to pretend that you are.

    • stewbot says:

      Holier than thou*

    • Numba1Ghani says:

      I’ve always hated this guy for exactly this reason – he’s fake as fuck.

      Its not about making mistakes fool acts like he’s Gods gift to humanity and he’s super christian and ethical and shit when in reality he’s just a piece of shit. This fakeass nigga Jones is an overly cocky little punkass bitch he should stop cutting down from 245 and actually fight HW like a real man but he’s a scared bitch he knows those toothpick legs would snap and he’d have to go suck his fatass brothers titties to sleep

  34. Eric says:

    So… Shit happens to good people. Give him a break, if people do not realize “famous” people make mistakes too then your living in a dream world. Get over it.

    • Shawn says:

      Its ine thing making mistakes, we all do. But most of us that do, don’t preach like we are all high and mighty, and our shit don’t stink. That’s why more people are hating on this guy. Fame and fortune has changed him. He’s become a hypocrite. And the more he tries to play the good christian card, the more he looks like a douche. Plain and simple. Be honest with yourself first before anyone else.

  35. Fred says:

    Jon & stewbot u guys couldn’t of said it better thank you, I hate Jon Jon’s for being so fake!!! And for walking shit about mike Tyson and other celebs that have made mistakes, look at Jim now,

  36. monkey juice says:

    Jones is the real deal. Props Jon. I mean jonothan. That’s his real name right?

  37. pussies says:


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