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Wednesday, 05/16/2012, 01:59 pm

Video | Poirier Cries During Post-Fight Interview | UFC News

Dustin Poirier couldn’t hold his emotions back when he revealed the disappointment in himself after the UFC on FUEL TV 3 loss opposite the Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung via Darce choke making his 1st main event appearance the fight of the night.

“I had a really long training camp and I put 100% of myself into the training camp … I care so much man, I let myself down. I deserved to win, my wife deserved for us to win.”

When asked about the pressure Dustin responded

“It wasn’t even the pressure.  I felt fine.  I was excited to fight the main event.  It was a huge opportunity for me.  I wasn’t worried about the 5 rounds my strength and conditioning program was incredible.  I felt like I was in the best shape ever.  I just took some bad shots made some mistakes but I’m going to go back in the gym and work on it and come back and get a W.”


17 Responses to “Video | Poirier Cries During Post-Fight Interview | UFC News”

  1. MMAnalyst says:

    He is a great fighter – tough loss, but he still looked good at times defending subs and landing good strikes. That was a great fight, somebody has to lose – no shame.

  2. Devilock says:

    That was a great fight and Poirier should have no shame in his performance.

  3. rlm says:

    No shame in losing at all, he still has other fights to look forward to and can work his way up again.

  4. mike r says:

    Should Keep his head up and work on improving

  5. joshuah says:

    Nothin like watching a mans eyes as it sets in his dream was just beaten out of him.

    This video bummed me out.

    Poirier is a stud.

  6. Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

    Poirier has nothimng to be ashamed of he fought like a true warrior. I became a fan of his last night. I had no favorite but now i am a true fan of both these guys. too bad more UFC fighters don’t actually want to fight like these warriors do. I think Poirier prob didn’t lose any ranking by losing. Still top 10 all day long.

  7. Timbo Slice says:

    I feel bad. Everyone knows how legit he is. Great great fight be ain’t going anywhere. I’m a big fan of him.

  8. monkey juice says:


  9. DMAC says:

    DP will be around forever in the UFC the kids exciting and has a great head on his shoulders. It’s nothing but a speed bump in the road he’ll come back 10x better I’m sure.
    I’m a even bigger fan after that performance!

  10. Balls McGee says:

    Good thing u shitty writers couldn’t say gets emotional just he cries. U make it sound like he’s a puss in title.

  11. Jay says:

    What a fight…no shame, I think it may have easily went the other way.

  12. grandma killer says:

    What a vagina monolog. My grandma didn’t cry this much after I beat her down for eye ballin me.

  13. Justin says:

    Whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Cry me a river, damn!

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