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Sunday, 02/05/2012, 12:12 am

Photo's | UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit Image Gallery

In the main event from The Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas Carlos Condit was able to edge out Nick Diaz to earn a unanimous decision victory. Condit was crowned the new UFC interim welterweight champion and Nick Diaz, upset at the judges’ decision retired in the cage.

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46 Responses to “Photo's | UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit Image Gallery”

  1. JamesGJJ says:

    That’s fuckd up… only puts up carlos hittin nick fuck you ! nick won 1, 2, 5 rounds, octagon control and nicks takedown to the back doesn’t mean anything now?
    Gracie Jiu Jitsu !!

  2. Damien Pilkington says:

    People say that Carlos Condit was running away in his fight but by looking at these photos it looks like Nick Diaz is getting his ass kicked Congrats to Carlos Condit :)

  3. dan says:

    how you gonna claim nick had octagon control when the fight was fought to condit’s gameplan? condit had effective aggression, cage control & landed more shots PERIOD. unless diaz’s plan was to run his face and lead leg into condit’s strikes all night…if that was the case then he clearly won the fight

  4. JamesGJJ says:

    This is fighting not pussy gameplan shit ! if nick had 2 more mins he would of put carlos to sleep..he had to go for the armlock due to the round ending ! This shit is over now

  5. Trey says:

    Fuck carlos condit you don’t run for five rounds and act like you won a great fight I know for a fact he’s gonna lose to gsp unless they make him fight someone else but that was a crock of shit and I dont think nicks going to retire dana need to stop fighters from running during fights or the ufc won’t get as big as it should and bj penn website just put pics of carlos hitting nick on here dominated no diaz vs penn was real domination not running a marathon throwing baby taps I’m glad I wasn’t one of the ppl who paid to watch the fight wudda been pissed and carlos talking bout his gameplan fuck your gameplan, gameplan just means your scared to fight the other guy and they need to make the time in the rounds longer there will be fewer decisions and when it does go to decision there will be a clear winner and no arguing bout who won but I’m not upset about the decision I’m upset about the way the fight went down fighters don’t need gameplans if your the best and wish I would have came up the contracts for fighters it’ll be sure that if you don’t produce action you take pay cuts cause that was just bullshit on the part of condit oh and him and his people need to remember he’s not the champ that belt is fake

    • Ainad Ujot says:

      Load of horse crap buddy. lol this is MMA not backyard brawling. You say having a game plan means you’re scared to fight. With that logic then NFL tams shouldn’t have game plans. Just go out and “fight”. And any team that implements a game plan is obviously a pussy and scared to play. Do you see how your argument is flawed?

    • k says:

      First off, its called puncuation. Secondly, its MMA not a fuckin bar brawl. Running and tactically evading strikes are two very different things. Condit isn’t stupid enough to sit against the cage and let Diaz fire off shots. He circled and countered, while Diaz casually walked towards him. Thats MMA. If you dont like it, go watch Kimbo knock people around on YouTube.

  6. cody says:

    look i know people hate diaz so there happy he lost but condit is a guy who finishes EVERYBODY and i loved him for it but he pussed out plain and simple he fucking ran the whole fight yeah he didnt let diaz do anything but how is running and landing 40% power strikes a impressive gameplan fight i mean what could anyone do if ur going to run away the entire he didnt hurt diaz one time bj didnt more damage in 3min than condit did in 25 condit didnt deserve to win just on the fact he would engage diaz that was such a pussy way to go about that fight im so surprised condit ruined a potintal fight of the year for cheap win

  7. Chartmonster says:

    Man ..those Condit pictures were a work of art! Can u really deny Condit’s DOMINATION? All 5 rounds for the Natural Born Diaz Killer!

    Actually..I’m not a Diaz fan, but I do enjoy his fights bc he is a warrior at heart but you have to be smarter than your opponent to be victorious!

  8. Mike says:

    Sounds like alot of Diazs fans are butt hurt by Nicks bad performance and cry baby bullshit.

  9. Craig says:

    I see maybe 2 comments on here with any logic 1 being dan. How yall figure condit was running? He was supposed to keep his back against the cage and play into diaz combos and his strategy? Nah he stuck to his game plan he stayed moving and landed the more effective strikes. Diaz is the man dont get me wrong the guy can scrap but he got beat tonight. Im a fan of both so i dont wanna hear no shit about not bein a diaz fan or being to big of a carlos condit fan. Anyone with a semi functional brain could/should be able to watch the fight and tell condit did enough to win. That being said due to the feud between diaz and gsp i kinda wanted to see that more than the gsp condit fight. shit happens

  10. Donnybrook says:

    I wonder how Nicks face and legs feel today??… I bet he knows he lost that fight now.

  11. Isaiah D says:

    Every picture is of Condit hitting Diaz, Come on…

  12. iStone says:

    fuck and all this bias bullshit

  13. Ryan says:

    This site has become the FOX news of MMA with all the revision of statements and only showing their biased side of the story!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Every news network is biased. CNN is probably more balanced than FOX but most of their commentators are Liberal Democrats. If you haven’t watched MSNBC it is the most biased news source on television even more so than FOX unless you are a Liberal but I won’t judge you because I am a conservative leaning moderate.

  14. FunCrusher says:

    Since BJ couldnt beat him up they had to post any and all pics of Diaz getting hit, Carlos won (barely) he had a smart gameplan and executed it well, but I will never refer to him as the natural born killer again, if he were NBK he would have smashed Nick for bitchslapping him and running his mouth the whole fight. Makes whoever runs look bitter, and pretty sad. Carlos won but he didnt win it in NBK fashion… and looks like a bunch of jokers.

  15. Nick says:

    Diaz won rounds 1, 2, adn 5. Dana had Diaz winning 1 and 2. But even Carlos said that Diaz probably won 5.

  16. Xaninho says:

    1 was close but could have went to Diaz, 2, 3 and 4 were Condit, 5 was arguably for Diaz.

    Condit did land a few Ko worthy punches and headkicks, but it’s just virtually impossible to KO Diaz. So stop pretending like Condit never tried to take him out.

    • k says:

      I personally think round 1 was close, but maybe went to diaz. round 2 for diaz mainly cause of those mean body shots against the cage, but 3 and 4 were def Condit. I also gave round 5 to condit. he hit him with way more shots, and the takedown at the end was pretty weak and didnt seem to have condit in much trouble. he even hit diaz with 3 good shots once he got to diaz’ guard.

  17. Just for fun... says:

    I have honestly never seen Nick throw so few punches, combined with his disdain for training and fighting( always being quoted as saying he’d rather “do triathlons if he’d get the same money”); One can make the following case….
    one stkn pot head to another.. I think Diaz bet the farm on conduit (+250) in addition to collecting his million plus pay check from Zuffa ltd. and said good bye.

    ps. Nick is no more a cry baby then bj. fighters spew raw emotion, they have to, the real ones anyway;[we] normal folks cant comprehend.

  18. LMAO says:

    nick diaz is the most boring fighter ever!I can’t stand his boring fights!

  19. wipeout says:

    Pathetic victory…looked like a Diaz was fighting and Carlos was running for his life…but is there will be a rematch – Carlos would take it. Just like BJ and Edgar… First fight I gave to BJ but Frankie got better for the second one. IF scoring will be like this – MMA will become a joke! START DEDUCTING POINTS FOR RUNNING AWAY!

  20. Hype808 says:

    Who ever posted up these pics of only Condit hitting is so bias!!!! I thought the reporters here are unbias people.

  21. stiffler says:

    if u actually look at the pics they are the winners of the fights hitting their opponent, so stop whining about there being no pics of diaz hitting condit. they are not being bias they are letting ppl c the winner in action….. so please stfu and leave this website if u dont like it.

  22. jake hadley says:

    i fell like condit won the fight but he would get killed by gsp where on the other hand i fell like nick diaz could beat

  23. Berserker says:

    Nick Diaz is a great fighter no doubt about it and his gameplan is and always will be to push his opponent into the cage smash them with great boxing to the head and body, take them down if possible and submit them, Condit and his coaches knew this, planned accordingly and the rest is history Condit is the Interim WW Champ, you can whinge and bitch about him “running away” all you want but the fact is Condit was smart enough to see that Diaz’ smack talk was just him trying to goad Condit into a brawl and instead of falling for it he stuck to his own gameplan outstruck his opponent and avoided taking too much damage. Evading and avoiding your opponent isnt running away its being smart, way smarter than just standing there letting Diaz use him as a punching bag and the proof… UFC Gold wrapped around Condits waist. Real talk right there MMA fans!

  24. fuck greg jackson says:

    condit is a bitch for runnin even if he did land more thats all we need is another boring ass machida!

  25. m chita says:

    machida will whoop your ass homie! he reads this stuff!

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