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Monday, 02/10/2014, 04:56 am

PHOTO’s | Ronda’s Sexy New Photo Shoot With Famed Photographer

Ronda Rousey is a busy girl.

When she’s not fighting in the cage, defending her UFC title, she’s off filming movies and doing hot photo-shoots.

Check her latest:


0 Responses to “PHOTO’s | Ronda’s Sexy New Photo Shoot With Famed Photographer”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Who was that faggot that thought Rousey looked like a boy??? She is the HOTTEST woman in MMA. Period!…, She has the best finish rate, undefeated, best personality, best looks…What else??

    • TUrugby17 says:

      Best personality? She’s a fucking psycho. Literally the worst person i’ve ever seen on TUF and that’s saying a lot

      • Michael Johnston says:

        Jesus Gargoyle, people like who they like. If your thing is pushy, masculine bitches with dull personalities and rock hard square chins, then that’s your thing. Just because everybody else doesn’t dig tough her, doesn’t mean they don’t have taste. Some people like more feminine women with soft features and more warmth.

    • The Guesterizer says:

      Hottest in MMA really? Take your beer goggles off man, UFC is not the only mma promotion that has female fights. Try Rachael Cummins,michelle waterson, felice herrig even, Rachel Wray? Surely You MUST BE TROLLING my dear sir.

    • SlipSlap says:

      Dude (?) – you are officially this site’s #1 troll. Some of the time.

    • Jae Centorino says:

      i just think looks aren’t everything..remember these chicks are getting punched..kicked and elbowed int the face. So she’s not a 10 but really come on she’s in hella shape. & def not a TRAINED model she’s a fighter.

  2. magoo says:

    Kinda like putting perfume on a pig

  3. mike custer says:

    Tate would look damn sexy in all these settings..Ronda is average. Her face just ruins everything. She looks like a shy guy from the mario series.

  4. allmightysandman says:

    ew. if you think she’s sexy, you’re standards are pretty low. ahem…garfreak.

  5. mike jones says:

    Nothing sexy about that! Only a cute smile and that’s about it!

  6. Danny Valentine says:

    She’s gorgeous. Some of guys put the “fag” in “anonymous”

  7. Fred Baden Agvald says:

    For all the people dissing Ronda solely because of what you see on TUF and the media, you’re not intelligent enough to have opinions. That’s all just show biz. Also, I love how people bitch about reality TV being fake and then when someone comes along and keeps it real, we demonize them. Not hypocritical at all. I’ve met both Ronda and Miesha relatively recently and Miesha was so rude…not just to me, but most all her other fans. Just signs the picture and basically tells us to fuck off. Only smiled when the cameras came on and don’t even get me started on her basically calling upon her fans to harass a poor gas station attendant for doing her job. Ronda actually struck up a pleasant conversation with me and most of her other fans even though she had hundreds of people in line. Don’t believe everything you see on TV.

    • Das fuchs says:

      You make it sound like the footage shown never happened.

      They can only work with whats presented, so uh guess what you have to believe it to a point & despite that fairly pretty face she has a mouth like a sailor….& you are saying others are too stupid to have an opinion.

      Sit on a bucket of ice kid & think critically for one minute.

      • Fred Baden Agvald says:

        sailor mouths are awesome…I grew up with a former Recon Marine and ex-UDT Frogman…I was tossing “fuck” around when I was 7, bro. That doesn’t bother me and really shouldn’t bother anyone else because it’s not like you never use those words. Reality TV is reality TV…it doesn’t matter where it’s from it’s still a multi-million dollar game and if you’re ignorant enough to believe that everything on there is true, then I don’t know who really needs the ice. Also, Ronda Rousey is the only reason women are fighting in the UFC. She has basically, by herself, taken WMMA to a whole new level. This history books will put her down as the pioneer for women in this sport and I coach females specifically so indirectly, she’s responsible for me having a great job lol

    • seminalcacti says:

      UFC ain’t the WWE.. it’s not all “show biz” it’s about sportsmanship which she clearly doesn’t have.

      • Fred Baden Agvald says:

        exactly what is sportsmanship? Telling Rousey she’s unworthy of a title shot because she only had 4 pro fights? even though she’s a Olympian and ended those fights in the most brutal manner possible? Threatening someone over Twitter by saying you’ll knock their teeth out? Trying to start a bar fight off camera? If you answer “no” to those, then we need to have little talk with Caraway-Tate

        • seminalcacti says:

          sportsmanship is leaving the fight in the cage then shaking the hand of the opponent after the match which she didn’t do. WTF are you going on about with the behind the scenes soaps.

        • Fred Baden Agvald says:

          It’s a matter of principal and pride and apparently you don’t have any of those since you would let some get away with trying to ruin your career from day 1

  8. The Guesterizer says:

    I won’t lie, i wouldn’t go as far as sexy. 6.5 out of 10 She does not rank up there with a megan foxes, adriana limas, eva mendeses, bar rafaelis, stacey kieblers of the world. Blammy said it. Stop being crazy guys. Beer goggles alert.

    • Michael Johnston says:

      Dude, the guys who think she is hot are probably kind of attracted to some of guys in MMA too. Rousey is pretty rough and thuggy, and that face doesn’t exactly ooze sexuality and warmth.

  9. timdnml says:

    She’d look better on a motorcycle.

  10. StaalOntwerp says:

    I think RR can actually be very charming and she has a smile that can light up a room. Have you seen her on shows like Kimmel? I doubt Tate would do as well, being put in the same situation.

    And I want these pics in hi-res!

  11. seminalcacti says:

    gross. fuck this classless bitch

  12. SlipSlap says:

    very average.

  13. John MacDonald says:

    Yeah a lot of make up on her

  14. Mr. Magik says:

    okay guys be nice. She’s clearly not a model, which the UFC is trying to make her be, I highly doubt she realizes the faces she making, doesn’t work for her. You can’t pull off the Piss offed barbie look… if you’re an American Girl Doll.

  15. Costin Dumitru says:

    She’s hot and nasty and not very lovable… by fans.

  16. ponch says:

    Didn’t she hate on other female fighters for doing the same thing? She doesn’t do it for me but then again I’m sure I don’t do it for her LOL:)).

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