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Wednesday, 01/29/2014, 02:08 pm

PHOTO | Vitor Belfort Then And Now, 17 Years Inside The Cage

Vitor Belfort has been at the top of the MMA Game for a very long time.

He won his first UFC strap back in 1997 and he’s going up for the middleweight title against Chris Weidman later this year.

‘The Phenom’ recently took to his instagram to share the following:

“On The Left with 19 years old becoming the youngest ufc champ and on the right still on my prime with 36 years on my way to a championship. I want to thank all my fans for supporting me all this years,but i confess that with out GOD this would never be possible. Thank you very much.”


0 Responses to “PHOTO | Vitor Belfort Then And Now, 17 Years Inside The Cage”

  1. Paul Mc Menamin says:

    It’s fuckin crazy the last couple fight he looked unstoppable, but it’s not really fair god was helping him

  2. Doc says:

    By “God” he means steroids.

  3. Guevon says:

    Without God (TRT)

  4. jesse says:

    Everyone is a hater on here u talk all this crap on Victor while he doesnt give two shits what u think of him he is still making bank so your telling me TRT is the only reason he is winning? Ok lets see u guys take it and get in the cage with him or any UFC fighter

    • badsmel says:

      I don’t think anyone is asking him to give a shit. The point of a comments section is so people can express an opinion and discuss the article. If you’re going to start crying because someone doesn’t share your opinion you are going to have to leave. In fact im pretty sure you’re not adult enough to deal with this so you must leave. That’s it! I’m banning you, I just banned you. Im not being an arsehole, its for your own good. Now go back to wanking over 2002 pictures of VITOR, not VICTOR. Considering your obsession I would have at least thought you would have known his name!

  5. keithmcneill says:

    Just looks a bit older…. More journalistic genius from BJPENN.COM

  6. AntMan says:

    Vitor’s a Beast and his fight with Wiedman is gonna be the fight of the year!

  7. Drakiir84 says:

    Even his nipples are harder now, clearly a side effect of TRT.

  8. Dennys Rodríguez says:

    Frank Mir uses TRT, Chael Sonnen, and many others… TRT doesn´t make you a great fighter, disciple and sacrifice does! but ENVY is a wide spread disease, as we see so many trash talkers who have never fight

  9. Mike Thomas says:

    God, ‘Roids, and TRT!

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