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Monday, 10/01/2012, 07:31 am

PHOTO | UFC on FUEL TV’s 5 Kyle Kingsbury Suffers Multiple Facial Fractures | UFC NEWS


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14 Responses to “PHOTO | UFC on FUEL TV’s 5 Kyle Kingsbury Suffers Multiple Facial Fractures | UFC NEWS”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Jimi Manuwa is a beast. Kingsbury can take a hit, he was rocked multiple times and kept on fighting. I had knew some bones were broken, his face was/is a mess.

  2. magoo says:

    The doctors had to do an MRI to know Kingsbury had multiple face fractures.but the great crystal ball reader Xaninho had already known bones were broken!!! Your simply amazing!!! How do you do it???

    • ballsackface says:

      but to be fair, the speed that eye closed up was indicative of a fractured orbital socket so its not that hard to believe

    • Xaninho says:

      If you had any knowledge and/or experience with fighting and the injuries that might occur you would have known that too. Obviously you don’t….

      • magoo says:

        So when Hominick and and Marcus Davis had massive hemotomas we should have assumed the had broken or fractured skull and face bones??you don’t fukcn know your just guessing… So your right when I punch someone in the face I have no idea if I’ve broke something or not… I’ll leave that to the X-ray techs

        • Xaninho says:

          I’m sure when you punch someone in the face it will be your hand that’s broken. Because judging by your knowledge you don’t even know how to make a proper fist.

          Hominicks hematoma was on his forehead, the hardest bonestructure in a human’s body so it was obvious the chances of that being fractured were slim. Davis’ hematoma was caused by Nick Diaz’s volume punching so also a slim chance of it being a fracture.

          You can read in Kingsbury’s tweet that the MRI confirmed it was broken. So obviously they already diagnosed the issue and just needed to make sure by doing the MRI.

  3. Pepper says:

    I’d like to see tehuna vs Jimmy maybe tuff smashes finale?

  4. noah says:

    wow, Frank was at the hospital?

  5. Ian says:

    Fight of the Night, in my opinion. Kingsbury is a real warrior.

  6. bringbacksoccerkicks says:

    If I was hit like that I’d probably be dead by now. This guy is a warrior!

  7. alfie says:

    when jimi manuwa breaks his hand on your face you know your gonna need surgery

  8. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I guess all those years of steroids didn’t help Kingsbury when it came to getting punched in face not to mention all the new “NON” detectable steroids Kingsbury has been pushing for Victoir Conte for the last few years

  9. punchkick says:

    that is one hell of a black-eye, good fight btw

  10. punchkick says:

    Warriors,only reason y I watch.

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