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Wednesday, 10/03/2012, 10:13 am

PHOTO | UFC on FOX 5 Poster Released Featuring Penn-MacDonald, Henderson-Diaz | UFC NEWS

UFc officials have just released the UFC on FOX 5 poster featuring fighters from the main card.

UFC on FOX 5 is the last UFC on FOX event in 2012 and is set to go down on December 8 in Seattle, Washington.


43 Responses to “PHOTO | UFC on FOX 5 Poster Released Featuring Penn-MacDonald, Henderson-Diaz | UFC NEWS”

  1. Dick Diaz says:

    bad @$$ poster for a bad @$$ event! WAR BJ!

  2. some guy says:

    damn cant wait to see nate take that belt from bendo! I hope BJ knocks Rory out, i use to be a fan of Rory, but since this fight was signed he has shown his true colors and i dont like the guy anymore! i think BJ is gonna have his hands full with him tho, you know since he is bigger n all, im also rooting for shogun hopefully he shows up in shape against Alexander because he is gonna need to be for that fight!

    • Rory had a huge gash in his head so shoosh on the true color crap. People just don’t like people that win so they make excuses and lies about the fighters to justify their angry rants. Nate Diaz is taller than all his opponents yet you complain about Rory being bigger. They’re both fighting at the same weight class so shut up.

      • Unarmed spectator says:

        I hate retards that misread someone’s comment and try to start shit. The kid didn’t even mention anything about Rory’s cut or steroids he mentioned true colors. Nothing about weight class, true facts Rory is bigger regardless if they weigh the same come weigh-ins. Diaz although taller is a skinny guy no muscle, Bendo has more mass. “James Migliorato”

    • Oscar says:

      First of all, I believe it was Bj running his mouth after Rory sustained his injury saying that he is ducking him and blah, blah, blah! It was pretty respectful between them at first but then Bj had to run his mouth just like always does. He’s known for that, all you Bj Penn fans, should know that already. Either way he’s going to get his ass kicked by Rory…. He’s only prolonging the inevitable. As for Ben and Nate, I can’t say who will win because they are both great fighters. Close fight for sure. Nate is gonna try to put that pressure on him.

  3. magoo says:

    Bout time we get our monies worth, hope everyone stays healthy !

  4. Just wow... says:

    This is such an amazing card! I haven’t seen a card this stacked in a long time. BJ kick his ass you got this. Hopefully the backne grease doesn’t make it hard for you to rubber guard. Maybe you should cover yourself in clearasil first so that the nastiness wont affect you afterwards. Shogun/Mauler damn… Going for Shogun but Gustafsson vs Jones would be awesome. Diaz 209 will punch up a storm get taken down then submits Bendo in a choke. Benson Houdini Henderson wont escape this time!

  5. will says:

    Roidy Mcpimple is going to get raped by BJ Penn

  6. Ku says:

    I’m glad Rory is talking shit Bj will come in motivated and in shape. Hopefully they still do vada testing so we get to see a clean fight. Go gettum Bj imua.

  7. LAMBO says:

    One of the sickest fight of the year.
    Swick vs Brown is a WAR.
    Legends of MMA Bj Penn and Shogun vs The Future in Rory and Mauler.
    Dont even get me started on main event, I think Diaz will take this, its going to be a storm for both guys, whoever has the will, is going to win.

  8. Xaninho says:

    This card is awesome! All good bouts on paper.

  9. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    War Diaz and Penn…this card looks awesome! Can’t wait to see this show and its free! Win – Win…come on Mr. Penn, wishing you the best of luck. Diaz and Mr. Henderson is a killer matchup and anybody’s to win. Rooting for the central Cali…from the “NO”.

  10. jim says:

    Can’t wait this is gonna be a great card

  11. g Rod says:

    Typical UFC poster.You gonna tell me now that Dana doesn’t want to present a WHITEWASHED image of the UFC to the media? There aint a brother within 50 miles of this poster, and dont say shit about Ben cause we both know he’s sweetened enough for Dana to accept. No one looks like Chieck Kongo, do they? Just last week we got Dana talkin about he’ll take back washed up sick ass stomach disease, disrespectful to everyone Lesnar but where is Bobby Lashley? No he dont get offered sh*t cause he wont tap dance for Dana Whiteboy. Now he’s gotta cean motherf*ckin toilets with Marvin Eastman just to make a living. You tellin me that sh*t is fair??! Jon Jones makes a mistake you got to critisize and publicly disrespect the man right Dana, but if Forrest Griffin does something let’s cover that shit up. That sound fair to you motherf*uckers who are in denial who call me the racist? F*ck Dana and his UFC!

    • King Prodigy Levreau says:

      If all you see is black and white…where is your color? We are all but one people, one planet and breathe the same air! One love from the central Cali’s “NO”.

    • brandon says:

      so ben henderson is black enough, your the most racist person on this sight. you hate white people

    • Cp says:

      You know Penn and Henderson are half asian right? Besides, where the F were you when Jones was fighting Rashad? Typical trollllllll

    • Kender says:

      Wow g Rod
      You really have problems, maybe you need to seek some help.

    • Come at me bro says:

      Damn nigga you always bitching about race I’m black you keep posting all the race shit about Dana this an that shit this is MMA is all and only about fights shit nigga

    • Mike b says:

      U just want attention fag….

    • B-rad says:

      ***********RETARD ALERT************* You wonder why Bobby Lashley never got an offer to fight in the UFC? Because he was just a fucking pin cushion with no skill, just a big pile of muscle. Brock Lesnar was one of the biggest PPV draws in UFC history, yea he was a one trick pony, but guess what? he put asses in the seats and thats what DW wants. Your trying to say there’s not enough black fighters in UFC?? 2 of the champions are black Jones and Bendo ( well bendo is a halfrican, but still) Go cry to Al Sharpton with your “Oh theres no brothers boo hooo waaahhhhhhhh” Maybe he will sue Dana lol

  12. Sasquatch says:

    I hope someone punches the sh!t out of you soon.

  13. makaveli says:

    Can’t wait for this night of great fights! Diaz vs henderson is gonna b a war! I like both these guys so I just wanna see them go at it. Bj is gonna destroy rory. Let’s see what shogun does. And as far as this fucking retard g rod, go find a black panther site and leave the mma sites 2 mma fans!

  14. pound that GreaseSP protege.. says:

    lots of photoshop hours went into smoothing out rory’s craters

    Roidy McBacne

    Bj by Ground and Pounding his pimples, then when BJ tries to lick his gloves, instant sour face! lol

  15. EP says:

    RIP Rory Macdonald … its clear the roids are affecting his brain bc he does not stop talking shit to BJ and just his statements in general are absolutely retarded. The kid is honestly digging himself his own grave. I dont get how people out there, mma fans out there, dont understand how bad this kid is going to destroyed by BJ… it blows my mind away the amount of people who think Rory is taking this fight and easily… dude, he pissed off BJ, called him out of retirement and has been talking non stop sh*t, anyone that doesnt think PENN is going to dismantle this clown is out of their f*cking mind, a BJ hater, or has no clue about MMA. PRODIGY ALL DAY SMASH THIS CLOWN & TEACH HIM A LESSON TO RESPECT LEGENDS , BJ!!!!

    • B-rad says:

      Iv been a Penn fan since his UFC debut. But you thinking that BJ is gonna run right through Rory like he did in the 3rd Hughes fight your wrong, i hope your right but your not. BJ’s worse matchup is a dominate wrestler with a lot of size on him (Hughes, GSP) and Rory isnt too bad with his striking. Yea hes a little Marilyn Manson look a like douche but he is no joke. Just because he “pissed off BJ” doesnt mean shit, if anything it could affect his performance. Look at Cowboy vs Nate Diaz, Cowboy was all mad, and fell right into Diaz’s hands. If BJ comes storming out of the gate, angry and shit he will get dumped on his head for a 3 round dryhumpfest

      • EP says:

        B-rad… i respect that you are a Penn fan and you have your own opinion on this fight bro. First and foremost, if you break down the fight, you will see what i am saying. I am sick and tired of hearing rory is going to destroy penn etc etc … is he a bad match up for BJ… yeah… he is young, hungry, strong and a great wrestler … like you said, wrestlers are horrible match up for Penn. However, look at everything else. Penn is a fkn legend to this sport, he is 2X world champ in 2 diff divisions, has moved up and down in weight classes to fight anyone anytime, fought the whos who of UFC, Experience, bar none goes to Penn, Overall Natural Skills go to Penn, BJJ goes to Penn, Boxing and Striking goes to Penn by a LANDSLIDE … Wrestling goes to Rory, Cardio to Rory… thats it!!!! Rory has never fought a TOP 10 WW in his career and now he is supposed to go in there and beat and dominate a LEGEND to this sport. On top of that, if you look back at Penns most brutal fights and finishes, MOST of them are opponents who were talking shit before the fight … Diego Sanchez – Brutalized, Sean Sherk – Annihilated, Joe Daddy – Bleeding like a faucet then RNC, Hughes 3 Serious KO in 21secs…. Penn does not fuck around when he is angry and has something to prove. This kid called him out of retirement and has been talking no stop shit to him … Im telling you and everyone now, i said it before and ill say it again 10000x over… PENN Is going to DESTROY tjhis fkn kid and there is NO WAY he loses this fight whatsoever. Not happening, he wont let it happen to himself or his legacy. CANT WAIT TIL DEC 8th … I WILL BE THERE LIVE ALL THE WAY FROM NY TO WITNESS THIS!!!!!! WOULDNT MISS IT FOR ANYTHING!!!! PRODIGY ALL DAY!!!!!!!

        • Oscar says:

          Wow, that just shows how delusional you really are lol hahahaa!!! Keep believing what you want. Bj is washed up and done now…he’s gonna get his ass kicked!!

        • EP says:

          blah blah blah blah …. shut up Oscar … maybe youre the one thats delusional … its idiots and piker fans like you that i hope i see on here Dec 9th …. saying Penn is washed up and going to get his ass kicked. youre one of the dumbest people on the planet. literally. BJ will destroy rory and finish him either KO or RNC. Watch… Later piker.

        • brandon says:

          you are wasting your time and money if you are going there expecting bj to win. you are delusional if you think penn is going to beat rory. bj will probably gas out in the 1st rnd and throw in the towel after the 2nd.

  16. CombatRusse says:

    In a perfect world :
    – BJ has a TKO while after bloodying Roidy
    – Shogun breaks Gustafson ribs with middle kicks before knocking him out
    – Nate outboxes Bendo before arm baring him
    – a draw ending a fight of the night between Swick and Brown

  17. Jpeech says:

    Could not disagree more…

    In a PERFECT world:
    Rory Smashing BJ’s face in via GnP
    Gustafson Peppers Shogun till Rua gasses( because he always does) and puts him to sleep.
    Bendo Guillotine chokes Diaz
    Swick KOs the C level fighter Brown

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