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Tuesday, 07/24/2012, 06:10 am

PHOTO | UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar Poster | UFC NEWS

UFC officials have just released the UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar Poster.

The two lightweight fighters are scheduled to face off for the UFC’s lightweight world title on Saturday, August 11 on pay-per-view.


2 Responses to “PHOTO | UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar Poster | UFC NEWS”

  1. johnyfz450 says:

    i got herderson all day on this not only is he a more well rounded martial artist he is way more of an exciting fighter for the fans to watch he takes alot of risks in the cage but they normally go his way needless to say i wanna see him retain the belt but also get another fight with anthony pettis which i think everyone wants to see that cause the first fight was so good they will put on an awesome show again for sure

  2. MMAcgyver says:

    they look like cartoons

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