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Thursday, 09/01/2011, 02:53 pm

PHOTO: UFC 137 Poster


64 Responses to “PHOTO: UFC 137 Poster”

  1. Q says:

    nick diaz will get KTFO

  2. Chigs says:

    Correction: nate diaz will be laid on top of for 25 minutes

  3. Jeremy says:

    The only area GSP is better than Diaz in is wrestling. Diaz has superior stand up and submissions, AKA ways to actually end the fight. I respect GSP he has a great attitude and is a good face for the sport, however he has been very boring as of late. Diaz has so many fans because he fights to win, not just to “not lose”

  4. Q says:

    Idk about a KO but i deffinitely think GSP will get the finish, daley is the only top 10 guy nick diaz has beat and diaz was taking a beating before he got the KO, not to mention daley has lost a lot of big fights. GSP has only been fighting the most elite in the division and although Im not a big fan of GSP and his play it safe style I still think hes miles ahead of the overrated nick diaz. I think the only fighter in the divison with the tools to beat GSP is BJ

    • Matt Watson says:

      The only fighter who will beat GSP (apologies to The Prodigy) will be Rory McDonald in a few years….but GSP will have retired or moved to 185 before they meet.

      Matt from Canada:)

  5. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. Hopefully we’ll see St Pierre do to Diaz what he did to Koscheck. To be honest, i’m not fussy about finishes. They’re good but I also love 25 mins of bussing up eyes with PHATTASTIC crisp perfect jabs just as match as I love a finish .[-

  6. Dubz says:

    I highly doubt GSP will finish. If he couldn’t finish his last opponents, he def won’t finish Nick.

    As much as i like GSP, i hope Nick takes him out. GSP fights have been snoozefests.

  7. Chris says:

    Honestly dont care who wins. I just wanna see one of these guys submitted.

  8. Drake says:

    Everyone knows what they’re talking about

  9. jaime lopez says:

    DIAZ by KO, just you wait! Jake peppered the hell out of GSP’s face and he can’t box!

  10. Lex w says:

    Tha ufc hoen, y isn’t bj on it

  11. Daniel says:

    How quick MMA fans seem to forget things. Everyone is talking about AS being the lb for lb best fighter in MMA and UFC, how quickly they forget when he was GETTING BOOED for not finishing Maia…when White said he was thinking of NOT having AS on a card again. When everyone was saying AS is BORING…than BOOM knocks out Forest, knocks out Vitor, knocks out Okami than “ZOMG…we are all on his dick again.”

    Now to what this has to do with GSP vs. Diaz, why all the hate for GSP? He never talks crap, and he is fighting in a weight class with twice as much competition as AS. Look as 175 it’s stacked with competition, Koscheck, Fitch, Condit, Macdonald, Shields, Diaz, who has AS really fought that was worth anything? Okami was FED to AS because he needed a fight. GSP goes in and takes everyone out of their gameplan and beats them. He’s the champ, he doesn’t have to beat them, they have to beat him. Kos was jabbed for 5 rounds and couldn’t do anything to stop it. GSP beat Shields with ONE freaking eye.

    Everyone always say the same about GSP, he’s boring, he doesn’t finish, well guess what? none of these guys are finishing GSP either, it’s a two way road. I mean when’s the last time you saw GSP even loose a round? I can tell ya when Anderson lost 4 and 3/4s… why all the GSP hate?

    • Fortyb4five says:

      Not everyone is a mindless zuffa zombie and gave a shit that Anderson clowned at Abu Dhabi…he’s the p4p best don’t forget that.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      u obviously like gsp for his looks cuz u know nothing about anything. why the hate for gsp? hes been alleged by MANY fighters to grease up making it difficult for his opponents to grab him and its even PROVEN on VIDEO during bj gsp 2. oh and the fact that gsp doesnt go for the kill, he rather wait for the judges to give him decisions. and btw genius welterweight is at 170 not 175, that was a pretty obvious sign that ur a noob.

      • Anderson greased in couple fights also.. Saw him rub grease from his face all over his chest against Okami.. did u see that? Hmmm gobble gobble NUTZ!

        • guamy tsunami says:

          anderson is the truth but i did see him rubbing grease from his face to his body also against damian maia

        • Dana Black says:

          The simple difference between the Spider and GSP is that Anderson goes in there to finish opponents and succeeds more often than not. GSP goes in there to win fights and sticks to his game plan. Both good fighters but Anderson has the edge can he can actually finish the fight and not with a unanimous decision.

      • Justa Thought says:

        I think Daniel makes some good points. I’ve said before, if these contenders want the belt… TAKE IT. I never saw petro jel keep anyone from getting knocked out. In defense of GSP a great fighter knows if the KO / Submission isn’t there, don’t force it. You put yourself at risk to be countered and lose because of a stupid mistake. I think him punishing Koss for 5 was way tougher on Josh than a KO and I enjoyed that fight. The A in MMA does stant for art not assault. Diaz will pressure GSP because he’s not impressed with all the GSP hype and I hope it’s a good one. I like both these guys and respect each for who they choose to be. I would be willing to wager however if GSP finishes Diaz in this contest the GSP haters will come out of the wood work as his biggest fans.

    • JOSH C says:

      let me tell you something daniel anderson has never lost around in the ufc. rounds only count when the fight goes to decision. is there an * next to the record of andersons submission win over chael saying “but chaels won four and a half rounds”…. no there isnt so stop thinking what could have been cause it didnt happen. the last time GSP lost a round was the last two he was in round 4 and 5 v sheilds, go check the scorecard. i admit GSP used to be one of my favourite fighters, but now i put him in the same category eith jon fitch, fighters whodont giv a fuck about the fans enterainment. i think the superfight between AS and GSp will never happen because GSP knows what will go down. maybe more people would be on gsp’s dick if he finished a fight. the mentallity a “win is a win” dosent apply to mma its all about how you win

      and to answer your question who has AS fought that was worth anything? “everyone who got in his way”

      • Daniel says:

        SO it doesn’t matter if you win rounds, only if you finish the fight? And your little edgy AS quote? same thing can be said about GSP….

        • jc says:

          what about matt the terror serra, a man not even truely worthy of a title shot knocks gsp out. real champions shouldnt slip up like that

      • Justa Thought says:

        Bro, totally agree with you on everything about Anderson. You know why GSP wont fight Silva. Because it’s his choice not yours. Would you take a fight you know you couldn’t win? I’ll take smart over stupid any time. I’ll bet by the end of the Koss fight Josh knew GSP could have finished him at any point after round 3. Twenty minutes of punches to a broken orbital, he wished GSP would have finished it. How you finish the fight? Ha. You think you know? I was bullied for YEARS as a kid by one person. He hit me in the BACK of the head with a basket ball one day. I turned and dropped him with a 1/2 hook 1/2 overhand right. I could see immediately the fear and shame in his lost eyes as he tried to focus on me from one knee, so I did not “finish him off”. He was afterwards a good friend. That was 25 years ago and I have never struck another unwilling participant since. You don’t have to needlessly damage another human being to gain the admiration of anyone, especially some ticket holder. Damage another person so you can go home and play Undisputed? If you only look at the physical finish you are missing the psychological finish. Koss was “utterly decimated” after that fight. He now knows he IS GSP’s bitch. I’m not defending GSP, he doesn’t need me for that. Hope you learned something. There are plenty of resources out there for the “intangible” side of fighting. If you don’t understand the mental, spiritual and psychological parts of combat (or life) you are only seeing the half of it.

    • joshy says:

      All the hate on here for GSP is because he tooled BJ in their 2nd fight and all the nuthuggers on here cant get over the fact that their boy got his ass whooped. Then they will tell you he greases and all of this other crap. GSP is just a better fighter than BJ get over it.

    • Chris says:

      He lost a round to Shields.


    Nick Diaz by whatever he wants… He is better anywhere and everywhere the fight goes..

  13. jason N says:

    why isnt BJ on it. BS

  14. Mike Diaz says:

    Im fired up for the BJ vs Condit scrap, does anyone know if the rumors that this fight has #1 contender implications are true? PENN NATION!!!!!!!!!

  15. Sean says:

    They should have put baby Jay on the poster. Diaz is gonna work GSP.

  16. rcs says:

    Does a strick force belt carry more/ less weight then a pride belt did?

  17. WarProdigy says:

    Team Hawaii gonna be in the bldg on 10/29!

  18. Daniel says:

    SO Silva can grease up and it makes him the best lb for lb fighter? Just wanna make sure I have my facts straight…

    and yes I see I got the weight wrong, but you can dispute the actual facts I said. And a “Zuffa zombie”….really? Why is it when you are the best at something, people always wanna hate on you for it…Zuffa…GSP…keep hating…you still watch…and that’s what matters.

    • Justa Thought says:

      Finally. I’m sure we’ll have some opposing views, but you have some intelligent posts Bro. Hope to see you again…

    • Dana Black says:

      GSP 22 – 2 – 0 (Win – Loss – Draw)
      Wins 8 (T)KOs ( 36.36 %)
      5 Submissions ( 22.73 %)
      9 Decisions ( 40.91 %)
      Losses 1 (T)KOs ( 50 %)
      1 Submissions ( 50 %

      ANDERSON 31 – 4 – 0 (Win – Loss – Draw)
      Wins 18 (T)KOs ( 58.06 %)
      6 Submissions ( 19.35 %)
      7 Decisions ( 22.58 %)
      Losses 2 Submissions ( 50 %)
      1 Decisions ( 25 %)
      1 Other ( 25 %) Facts are facts.

    • Fortyb4five says:

      I never watch Gsp’s boring ass fights.

  19. blackmartial says:

    i don’t see nick winning this fight..all GSP gonna do is jab jab jab jab,superman punch then spinning back kick and superman punch again, take down and take down again and again LnP and still the welterweight champion of the world..winning by unanimous decision or maybe by stoppage

  20. Raja says:

    As much as I respect GSP for the kind of person he is, he’s not a very exciting fighter and is almost hurting his legacy by not taking any risks to finish fights…now this fight will most likely go to the ground where Nick will be on his back and I hope he grabs one of GSP’s limbs and rips it off…if it stays standing GsP will just jab and maybe throw a 1 2 combo and stay out of harms either way i think GSP will get a decision but i hope Diaz kicks his ass…I hope Nick surprises me once again and wins this and I will realize I was underestimating him once again but regardless I’ll always be a bigger fan of Nick’s than GSP’s cuz GSP straight up is too fkn boring….

    And by the way …why does everyone think it’s ok for Anderson Silva to go fight at Light Heavyweight against bigger guys (which by the way he has done and won) and yet whenever the idea of a fight between GSP and Silva is brought up all the GSP nuthuggers have to start crying that Silva’s too big…Well guess what the only reason GSP beat BJ is becuase he’s bigger and stronger but we all know that BJ is the more talented and better fighter…so GSP and his fans need to grow some balls and GsP needs to fight Silva but he won’t cuz Silva’s a more talented figher that would kick GSP ass if they were exactly the same size too…GSP doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the great POUND for POUND list because to me that implies fighting guys bigger than you and GaySP is too scared to do that…and by the way I’m Canadian…so stop hating on Canadians cuz were not all on GSP’s nutz…

  21. peter ham says:

    Diaz &nPenn will both be winners that night. true scrappers

  22. Curtis says:

    yooo truth is diaz’s conditioning is gonna be a problem everyone says hes in such good shape…….naaaaaaaaaaaw the kid tires all the time he was gassed against noons, cyborg and daley clipped him, lets be real here by the end of the 3rd diaz will be soooo tired im sure george will finish him via GnP in round 4 or 5, thats if the towel isnt thrown in.

  23. T-Wise says:

    Curtis your an idiot, Diaz has some of the best conditioning in the sport and he’ll be happy to go to the champ rounds against GSP!!

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