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Monday, 09/24/2012, 03:49 pm

PHOTO | This Ronda Rousey Image Denied For Cover Photo, "Image Is Too Sexy" | MMA NEWS

Popular MMA champion, Ronda Rousey, took to social media to announce that the image pictured in this article was deemed “too sexy” for popular female editorial “Oxygen Magazine”

Here is what the champ said:

@RondaRousey: Picture shot by @paulbuceta deemed “too sexy” to use for the cover of @oxygenmagazine


24 Responses to “PHOTO | This Ronda Rousey Image Denied For Cover Photo, "Image Is Too Sexy" | MMA NEWS”

  1. Insult to injury says:

    She for sure is looking good in my book. To bad for her they couldn’t put it on the cover.

  2. korean jesus says:

    id slam her from the back.

  3. stevo the great says:


  4. B-rad says:

    I might not give 2 fucks about womens MMA, or boxing or kickboxing. But DAMN thats whats up! As long as she doesnt gain any more muscle she will still be hot. Those muscular chicks cause me to hurl a bit in my mouth.

  5. nonyabus says:

    Photoshopped like a motha!

  6. Clay says:

    Too sexy? Lol virgins

  7. stephen riddle says:

    Shes probly a freak in the sheets! I want her and gina now!

  8. snoop froggy dogg says:

    Me likey! I wanna smash!

  9. Black Jesus says:


  10. Bob'O says:

    That doesn’t look like Rousey. I call fake bs. Her arms and shoulders are much bigger than in this photo.

    Not that Rousey is not hot, because she is. Only her body is much more athletic.

    If you fell for this, then you can jump onto the stupid wagon with the rest of the $heople. Use your brains, it’s not that hard to do. ~Bob’O

  11. Yep Yep says:

    Yes lots of photoshop look at the image you can tell…and is not even good photoshop….lol…anyway nice try….

  12. BJC says:

    Airbrush a little back hair in and problem solved

  13. james says:

    wow she looks gorgeous in this photo. How is this too sexy? Didnt she take photos nude for espn sports?

  14. Buceta is Pucy on Portuguese says:

    And i’m Brazilian…
    Look what we have here:
    on portuguese of course

  15. bahaha says:

    Man, she sure looks good once they edit that wart off her face.

  16. Xaninho says:

    That one was taken from exactly the right angle, she has no hips but a nice ass.

  17. Gabi says:

    That ass. My god imagain looking at it while your slamming her out doggy style. Having he arch her back. My god. I’d nut all over that. I bet she is a freak and a good crazy fuck. Most althetic chicks are. Photo shop worlds wonders. Made her look a million times better. I bet DE is enjoying slamming her out.

  18. Hook says:

    Great pic. At that angle you don’t see her balls haha

  19. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    MMA and Hot chick, what more can a man ask for. Thank you God for creating Ronda Rousey.

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