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Thursday, 11/10/2011, 07:24 pm


PHOTO: "The Reem" Practicing For Tomorrows Stare Off With Lesnar


9 Comments to PHOTO: "The Reem" Practicing For Tomorrows Stare Off With Lesnar

  1. dedman89 says:

    man… i hope he loses so hard.

  2. casual fan says:

    Biceps that big should be illegal.

  3. joshua says:

    This is gonna be a bombing fight either way it goes but i hope The Reem gets it cause obviously im dutch and we need more dutch REP in the ufc

  4. Enscribe says:

    Brock looks scared already.

  5. Jerome says:

    It all depends on the take down defense and the ability of the Reem to stand back up, if it stays standing I don’t think Brock has a chance, on the ground I give it about 70/30 in favor of Brock

  6. Russ Cronin says:

    Whom ever wins Junior Dos Santos will beat them both!

    • asshole says:

      alistair will win but likely lose to dos santos. sure many people will disagree but heavyweights to me are, although any of those 3 could beat the other any given night

      1. dos santos
      2. reem
      3. cain

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  8. Chartmonster says:

    Damn..thought brock was huge! Overeem is a colosus striking machine. Brock just got dominated by Cain and right back in the saddle with Alistair ..not good!

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