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Friday, 02/07/2014, 08:00 am

PHOTO | The Man Who Drove Thiago Silva Over The Edge & Had Alleged Affair With Wife

Thiago Silva is currently in custody, facing multiple violent charges for an armed tirade inside a jiu jitsu academy.

The Brazilian slugger, who was scheduled to fight at UFC 171, was apparently living with a two-timing wife.

The man responsible for Mrs. Silva’s infidelities, is reportedly, Pablo Popovitch (pictured), owner of an American Top Team facility in south Florida.

Popovitch is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, mixed martial artist and a 4th degree black belt under Jorge Popovitch. He was inducted to the Grappling Hall Of Fame, February 13, 2010, by the North American Grappling Association. Also In 2010 he was awarded the “BJJ Fighter of the Year Award” by Gracie Mag – A magazine specialized in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Want more on Thiago Silva’s legal issues, including what sent him over the edge? Click Here.


0 Responses to “PHOTO | The Man Who Drove Thiago Silva Over The Edge & Had Alleged Affair With Wife”

  1. magoo says:

    Thiago threw away his life in a crime of passion, no bitch is worth that!

    • HIM says:

      you sir have not been in love….

      • magoo says:

        Happily married 17 years, if I ever found out my wife was cheating id pack her bags and kick her ass to the curb! And she’d do the same to me! That simple no more no less.

      • BrainSmasher says:

        What you mean is he hasn’t been desperate and insecure. IF you are a mental midget who needs someone beside you at all times. Or you don’t feel like you cant get anyone else or as good as what you had. So you flip out like a weak minded woman. You can learn to love anyone you are with. There Is no reason to be a nutcase and act like that over any woman. It will be rough getting over someone. But it just takes time. Most move on without issues unlike they are an obsessive lunatic!

      • GRT 3000 says:

        I’d have to agree with @magoo – kick that bitch to the curb and go enjoy some of that single life tail.

      • William Kramer says:

        I sir have and have walked away from the same situation. Why? Because it’s not worth my life. I’ve survived on my own before. Other than a little emotional healing needed, it’s all the same.

        • William Kramer says:

          Don’t let it fool you. If I had the chance I woulda smacked the guy around, but nothing serious like this to ruin my life.

  2. M says:

    So, let me get this straight: Popovich “drove Silva over the edge” and Silva was “apparently living with a two-timing wife”?
    Bury the lead much? Slant the focus much?
    Add this to the insane way this site covered the recent rape allegations in the BJJ community, and one is forced to ask, wtf is up with the victim-blaming agenda on here?
    Nice editorial focus. Really top-notch stuff.

  3. Peter Ruiz says:

    he should have just shot him in the head two or three times in front of everyone in the gym and then had lunch????????????

  4. Corey Thatcher says:

    There is a law that states that they have to go to trial for a probibal cause. Honestly he had a right to go smash some mother fuckers face in. Infidelity is wrong and if they divorce she won’t get shit from him. He also never harmed or killed anyone. He might get terroristic threatening charge get that dropped and maybe get probation and fines, and maybe a restoring order.

  5. john says:

    i can see why he needed to go in with a gun hahah

  6. ATT says:

    Pablo and his school are NOT affiliated with American Top Team in any way whatsoever.

  7. kjkljljlkjlkjlkjlkjlk says:

    lol if a any girl, especially my WIFE ever cheated on me I’d just be like “Okkk well this relationship is over” and move on…

    There is no revenge, you obviously married a slut…

  8. dumbyaischimp says:

    This is an extremely misleading article. I love this website, but its reporters need to do their research before putting something out like this. Silva and his wife had been separated for a couple of years; in fact, Thiago has a girlfriend and his wife had been dating as well. There are also reports that Thiago has a history of domestic abuse, and just recently, his wife filed a restraining order after he had stuck a gun in her mouth threatening to kill her. GET YOUR CRAP STRAIGHT, FELLAS!

  9. GRT 3000 says:

    Kind of looks part Overeem part Rico Suave.

  10. Jim Hartung says:

    There are a lot of true marshal
    artists that won’t fight in the wwe I mean UFC… It is about character, pride etc…

  11. Magee says:

    This is a smokescreen, the real story is that he is gay.

  12. timdnml says:

    Mrs. Silva is responsible for her own infidelities.

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