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Thursday, 02/06/2014, 06:16 am

PHOTO | Silva Update: Anderson Back On Feet, Rehabbing Leg

Before Anderson Silva can return to action to prove he’s still got it, ‘The Spider’ must first get back to 100% health.

Good to see he’s putting in the work!

(Photo Cred Front Row Brian)


28 Responses to “PHOTO | Silva Update: Anderson Back On Feet, Rehabbing Leg”

  1. MixedMartialArts says:

    Bit too soon id say, but with a rod in there. Anythings possible.. He might be healing quite nicely. Obviously the UFC is giving him enough money or incentive to come back.. I think he wants to have a cpl fights.. If fighting Weidman happens it happens. But after seeing Weidman knock him out twice.. Don’t know how fair he would do against a far superior striker than Weidman in the form of Jon Jones.. GSP bout would seem more likely. If Weidman still has the belt at some point.. maybe a 3rd fight.. Take the belt back and retire.. JUST DONT THROW ANYMORE LEG KICKS AT WEIDMAN!!! LOL

    • WhatChyuTalkingBoutWillis says:

      dont ever call the second fight a knock out, and dont ever say that he has a chance of fighting GSP. You loose all mma creadability when you do lol. GSP is on an indefinate haiatus in which he volunteered to vacate his title, and that second fight was a stoppage due to injury lol

      • W. Mathew Drumm says:

        A fight-ender is precisely that. Whether he went heels-up like the 1st fight or not is irrelevant. If Silva does return tio the UFC I hope he would have the good sense to not attempt the the murder-cut he endures to make 185 anymore. Fight at 205 and you won’t be as brittle as you were in the last fight.

      • MixedMartialArts says:

        Umm, You must be blind as a bat.. Cause weidman knocked him out in a clinch where Silva was holding the back of his head.. His eyes went shut and he went night night dragging weidman to the ground with him. Where he regained consciousness… Lose MMA Credibility.. LMAO @ U… you must of not even watched the fight or are just a “FAN BOY” Stfu.. go watch the fight again and see anderson get knocked out 2 fights in a row…….

  2. Sean says:

    Great champ right hea!!!

  3. KAD says:

    Let’s get something straight here. Silva through the first fight!! No question about it! He didn’t want to be champ anymore. He was not beaten, he gave up. Since he broke his leg in the second fight, we will never really know what his intent in that fight was. I’m sure it wasn’t to break his leg, but we will never really know what it was. So it will be interesting to see what move he makes when he is healthy.

    • Troodie says:

      just wondering what you think about this…
      Silva got flash KOed in the first round of the 2nd fight, IN the thai clinch no less. was that a fluke as well? did he do it on purpose?
      I would consider myself a massive AS fan, and after the first fight i even felt that he wasnt all he could have been, and believed he would surely destroy weidman in the rematch.
      Weidman came into the 2nd fight with the best game plan to beat the spider period. He flash KOed and dominated Silva in the first. Checked every leg kick and then perfectly checked the final kick that did the damage. All respect to Weidman.
      I know you dont wanna let go of that tight grasp on Andersons nutsack, but you must be more tender with the testies.
      Anderson still is GOAT!!

      • KAD says:

        I would not consider myself a massive AS fan, I’m just making an observation. People here are stating that AS was beat twice. Anyone who saw the first fight knows that AS threw it!! Did he lose because of that? Of course! However, we don’t know how the fight would have really gone had he not taken a dive. As for the second fight, I did not state nor imply that he threw the fight or would have won had he not broken his leg. I only observe that due to injury ending the fight, we will not know if AS intended to win or purposely lose in a less obvious fashion than the first fight.

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