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Friday, 08/03/2012, 09:34 am

PHOTO | Rashad Evans & Chael Sonnen Staredown | UFC NEWS

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans, took to twitter to send out this photo of himself squaring off with one of the UFC’s top middleweight fighters.

Evans has expressed some interest in dropping down a division, if he does, is this a fight for the fans?


120 Responses to “PHOTO | Rashad Evans & Chael Sonnen Staredown | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jon says:

    This would be a great UFC on Fox Main Event

  2. Zulwali says:

    That would soooo awesome to watch. 😀

  3. Yonkers says:

    Not to hop on anybody’s bandawagon but that would be fucking sick……

  4. Hiiipower716 says:

    Shad by ko

  5. d-squad says:

    why the fuck did they have a staredown lol

  6. Jujitsu Player says:

    With both fighters having good exceptional wrestling skills this would be a stand-up fight in which Rashad would dominate cuz Chael would get tired from running his mouth and failed takedown attempts and attempt a spinning backfist.

  7. mike r says:

    id like to see Rshad go for Silva’s belt

  8. Bob says:

    I would go a week without jacking off I mean having sex if you make this fight happen

  9. Tincat says:

    It’s more likely that Chael is moving up to Light Heavyweight.

  10. BX81 says:

    I would mos def like to see this fight!

  11. mj says:

    You think Rashad could out wrestle Chael? Dude what fucking planet have you been living on? Chael is levels above in both greco and FS.

    • MARV3L0US says:

      Hey buddy chael will not out wrestle rashad if anything it would be stalemate and chael isn’t half as fast as rashad

      • mj says:

        Im not your buddy, bitch….and Rashad couldnt take down a high school wrestler in jones. Chael proved he can touch Silva, when no one could. Rashad has proved that when touched he goes to sleep. Twice as fast my ass, then good luck Rashad getting past Belfort. Unless, you think evans is faster then Vitor too?

        • sidekix says:

          “Im not your buddy,bitch” hahaha classic i like that guy.

          All you keyboard warriors and your predictions are dumb, you have NO IDEA what will happen in a fight, ESPECIALLY when people are fighting at different weights you dont know how there body will perform the same for better or worse. All these wrestling comments dont mean shit either, this is mma it is a different type of wrestling when another guy is trying to remove your teeth at the same time.

          But this would definatly be a good fight to see, id like to see rashad drop down to middle weight and try out.

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          Who has taken jones down then big shot your a fucken idiot MJ don’t know facts just run your mouth deadest moron

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          ” just come from the military I’m training in Brasil (can’t spell brazil) and I’m training to be a fighter” but you read the forums instead of training professionals don’t care what people say about other people they train dickhead keep talkin shit MJ see right thru u idiot spend more time on your bullshit story next time

        • mj says:

          Hey MORON here it´s spelled BRASIL, YOU FUCKING LITTLE SHIT!!!. KIMURA NU in Natal, RN Brasil. Get the fuck down here and you will find the only fucking American you little fat fuck. MJ is my fucking name… Ive trained in BJ´s when it still smelled like crackers you butt fucker. Who do you train with? what gym… no name mma academy in LA with the rest of you gigga boo fucks.

        • 02celica30 says:

          Look at this keyboard warrior ^^

    • Patrick Jenkins says:

      Buddy wrestling pedigree don’t mean shit if you cant take em down only 2 takedown in his last 5 rounds against 2 opponents who have no wrestling pedigree. Rashad has more tools, he is stronger and faster than Chael. According to you chaels fucked anyway cause Chael hasn’t fought anyone with a pedigree like rashad either. If he struggled to take bisping down how is going to put rashad on his back.

      • Dan Jenkins says:

        Bruv chaels should be a non issue now he said hell retire he’s still there still mouthing off if Chael can’t dry fuck you to a decision he’s rat shit he might as well do the joe rogan stand up gig what’s he gonna wait for silva to retire and be the next ezzard Charles only difference Charles beat Louis the politician gangster from west Lynn will NEVER be the champ

        • mj says:

          Dan your husband posted above, I get what youre saying “bruv”. LMAO. To be honest, Now im more interested in how a “favelado” like you an your prison bitch get time to watch PPV from cell block B. You two sweet hearts must be real fans to skip your favorite past time…circle jerks in the shower. Wiki what you dont understand ok, they give you GED time on the net yea

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          Good on ya fuckhead were brothers use your real name you fucken piss ant grow some balls mind your business cause dumb fucks don’t count what’s a favelado u fucken idiot speak English

      • USAvsBrazil says:

        Bisping has great TD def. thanks to years of training with randy and as for anderson silva, yea rashad “blackzilian” evans is really the guy to beat him? That will happen the same day you move out of your moms basement… so never. Oh and Rashad being stronger then Chael, really. You´ve lifted with both ? Chael is the only guy to make Sivla look human, Rashad is nothing but a racist piece of shit who cant make it at LHW and now thinks a drop will help. Great hands doesnt win a belt, if it did then Vitor would be Champ.

        • Patrick Jenkins says:

          Dumb ass I didn’t say he would beat Anderson but styles make fight he may train with randy but rashad was able to keep bisping down something chael couldnt do for more than a minute. And I haven’t lifted with him but rashad has fought at heavyweight and chael just can’t cut it 205 he debut at 205 and could even get past renato sobral. He may made silva look human in the first fight but off the roids in second he made him self look like what he really is a amateur wrestler. Everyone says he is the second best middleweight in the world he can’t even throw a spinning back fist. He got gifted his second shot over bisping. Rashad has been a champion in his own right, the only reason anyone will ever remember chael is Anderson silva.

        • Patrick Jenkins says:

          Tell junior dos santos good hands don’t win a title. There are current more current ufc champions that prefer standing up then there are those who prefer going to the ground. All fights start standing.

      • mj says:

        “Buddy wrestling pedigree don’t mean shit if you cant take em down only 2 takedown in his last 5 rounds against 2 opponents who have no wrestling pedigree.”

        You should really “proof read” before posting. Actually don´t, everyone loves a good laugh. That would be at you, not with you. When you take your routine 8 hour break from World of Warcraft, please reply with some cyber mma move that will knock me off my computer. Tchau tough guy

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          Says the cunt who cant even use his real name did my Chael comment offend u well grab a Kleenex and have a cry stop wasting my time what have u spoken about Mma u know fuck all u think your funny but I see no one laughing you fucken keyboard warrior

        • Patrick Jenkins says:

          Never played Warcraft don’t even know what it is. I pay attention to the real world but you seem to know a lot about it pee wee. Don’t even know why I’m bothering with you, can’t prove me wrong just make jokes. rashad may have been knocked out by machida but the moment the second fight with anderson wasn’t going his way his glass heart shatterd. Typical politician talks shit but can’t deliver.

        • mj says:

          I´m American moron, just been training in Brasil after the military. If you want to fight me and your around 84kg… great man! Make it legal and Im always game. I´m down here in Natal. 55+(84)99911905

        • Patrick Jenkins says:

          My name is Patrick “COCK LOVIN” Jenkins. When Im not eating dick and getting my shit pushed in I love to train mma……on UFC3. Now that my digital gay guy is at 100. I have the confidence, along with my sister Davey to be tough online. You see we are a tough lovin family, we take it without lube and skull fuck eachother so we are BAMFs

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          Your not military idiot American soldiers rely on Aussie anyway all that money and weapons your government wont even spend 300000 dollars to them an American soldier isn’t worth 300000 and you die for these people no disrespect to the REAL soldiers out there laying it on the line how disrespectful that a incoherent moron like you would pretend to be one I have more admiration for my nations military your just a wanker M J pissant still can’t use your re name get a life fuckwit

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          Haven’t just got out the military but Ill still flog you not even as heavy I don’t care your a pissant cunt with no brains 84 kg your American u use the imperial system your a fucken idiot can’t even get your story right can’t lie straight in bed

        • Patrick Jenkins says:

          Any time any place fuckhead I’m around 84 in fact 81 you can have the 3 kilos. What did you go to “brazil” (bullshit) for if to learn bjj good luck submitting me fuckhead I train to cock sucker all fight start standing and I’ve been training my stand up since I was five. I was hitting the pads while you were sucking your mums tit and your hillbilly dad fucked you little sister.

        • Patrick Jenkins says:

          Hahaha that’s funny man using my name to post all your weekend escapades.

  12. stonch says:

    whats wrong with all of you?
    This sounds like just about the shittiest, most boring fight I’ve ever heard of.

  13. Big Show says:

    this is a good fight to watch but i prefer to watch Silva vs Evans!

  14. ChrisHandsome says:

    would much rather see Chael go toe to toe wit Rampage, so we can see who can actually back up all the shit they been saying, but this fight would be koo too,

  15. anonymous says:

    I say they fight at a 190 catchweight then switch weight classes after.

  16. TheAntJimmyShow says:

    I predicted this fight on UFC RUMOR podcast a month ago… they’ve got it all wrong tho, CHAEL is gonna go UP to 205lbs to fight Rashad:

  17. Gouldx87 says:

    anybody else think Rashad looks asleep in this picture?

  18. Ya, good matchup. Would be good to see someone like Evans in the MW div too. He’d pretty much be #1 right off the top wouldn’t he? So if these guys fought and Sonnen won, wouldn’t that put him back for a chance at WW3? Does that make sense?

  19. Lo_Pan says:

    All this picture needs is Uncle Dana standing in between them in a Tapout shirt with a serious look on his face.

  20. What is with this guy, every time i see him he’s shakin his fists at a black man.
    Joe kinnn ah.

  21. Xaninho says:

    This would be a great fight.

  22. michelle vaheed says:

    I will watch any fight that has my man Sonnen in the octagon. Love Him to death!

  23. Saw Sonnen in an interview, was more like severe chill session with Sonnen’s feet up on Rogan’s desk for like 2 hours of random conversation on The Joe Rogan Experience – Podcast. Can see why Tyson likes him, even if Chael don’t reciprocate.

    Have always thought myself as being one who try’s hard to remain fairly open to wherever people are coming from and found of late both Sonnen (with his comments regarding Silva) and Rousey (with her comments on Kardasian), two people i recently had less openness to than usual, that as i get to know both of them more and see them in other contexts i find i like them both a lot more than most people i meet. So it’s funny i find (not in a good way), how hard we can be on people when we first meet and conclude our judgments on them in these forums so openly and harshly. I find my self often regretting my criticisms and wondering if i should just keep my mouth completely shut. If only that were possible.
    I also find that, the older i get, the more i regret.

  24. Michelle says:

    Lets set the record straight as well. Sonnen started the UFC as a light heavywieght. So its not like hes moving to 205 is a new thing. In other words, hes not pulling a Faber!

  25. Jay Waitsman says:

    I would like listen… Your way to close right now, I smell your lunch,

  26. 757 says:

    Good fight I hope they put it together.

  27. Rejean says:

    this fight needs to happen. i saw the caption on facebook and immediatly got pumped haha

  28. Waka Flocka says:

    This would be a sick fight! Becuase Chael wouldnt be able to out wrestle Rashad and Rashad would most definetly rather box with Chael since he has a Huge speed and power advantage

    • mj says:

      When was Evans an alt for the Olympics? Rashad wrestling creds arent eve half of Chaels. Go wiki or fucking watch mma. Chaels game isnt to stand in front, he took down Silva who is faster then Evans and taller the Chael. Wild wannabe tyson punches allow you to lower a lot safer then straight punches down the pipe like what silva and vitor throw. I really dont think Rashad wins this, he isnt great in the clinch and his camp sucks. Chael by being the bigger stronger guy that will put sugar puss on his back and tap him for 3-5 rounds.

  29. Brend0magic says:

    Shad would destroy him, and the so called goat.


    The best thing about this shit show is the pre fight shit talk… the fight would be a boring hug fest.

  31. shawn says:

    Being a huge Rashad Evans fan i dont know if this is the best decision for him. However i would KILL to see this fight happen!!! Two amazing shit talkers with heavy hands and awesome wrestling. Hopefully its not a stalemate if it happens.

  32. B-rad says:

    IDK why people wouldnt be excited to see this fight.. Both guys are exciting to watch. This would be an awsome matchup if Rashad can stop chaels td’s he would take it.

  33. Clay says:

    I would buy the ppv. But rashad would take this without a doubt. He has pretty good hands and stamina. His wrestling is solid and what wins him fights. Cheal better start the TRT now if he wants to have a chamce

  34. Gizmo says:

    I would enjoy watching this fight plus the press conferences and press tour for this will be great. both guys are friends and know how to talk shit so it will be great

  35. diehard ufcer says:

    Rashad if it stays on the feet chael if he can take him down. N people….chael can absolutely take down rashad at will. It’d be a classic either way.

  36. d-squad says:

    make this fight the co-main of jones vs machida II

  37. Pijan says:

    This fight..would actually be interesting.

  38. I P Freeley says:

    After reading post from the “Jenkins brother”(sure it just one kid) I would rather pay to see Rashad or Chael beat down their Mom for bringing those mistakes into this world. Complete douche bags!

    • Dan Jenkins says:

      It’s two different people and why bring my mum into it another faggot who don’t use his real name huh what’s with you did YOUR mum fuck up that bad I know it couldn’t be easy for u growing watching your mum slide up and down that pole

    • Dan Jenkins says:

      How ashamed is your mum that a cocksucker like u came out of her the doctor slapped your mum when you came out don’t bring mums into it why talk about someone’s mother your a fucken cunt

    • Patrick Jenkins says:

      Your a fucking germ you obviously no nothing about mma fuck off. I’m sure your type of person who has no friends and would have to post under 2 names so it looks like someone agrees with you wouldn’t surprise me if you are the MJ cocksucker. Why did I offend you was it Americans are getting out wrestled by by britains and Brazilian or is it that no collegiate wrestlers hold a title in the UFC you shit cunt

      • mj says:

        Its You(re) for “you are” and EG. your moms a fucking cunt for spawning you little rats. The fact that you didnt know that its “Brasil” and not brazil shows how uneducated you really are. How many languages do you speak fuck head…and dont you dare put english because you´ve proved you havent made it to basic level on that one. I loved watching Bisping against Dan btw… USA #1 always will be.

        • Patrick Jenkins says:

          Shows how ignorant you actually are my dad is chinese and done 6 years of german So that’s 3 languages you dumb fuck know your facts. You have a hard on for wiki they spell it brazil. I don’t really care about bisping I’m Aussie dumb cunt I just find it funny that an Olympic alternate struggled to put him on his back. Proves amateur wrestling is world different to mma. America is drowning in its own bullshit you patriot fuck.

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          Your a sick cunt mr yank your doodle hey why would I go out of my way for an American you cunts are too busy shooting each other hey so military man make ur ignorant way down here to Australia and we can do it on the street no cage pissant I live in thomastown give me a oi when u get here otherwise shut your yank mouth dumb redneck stupid yanks always sticking their nose in someone’s else’s business you went from a retard in bush jnr to a fucken Jew lover in Obama smart choices fuckhead

        • mj says:

          Hey stupid, you need to read and not just jump to hit reply. Weight give in KG simply because the fucking scales here are in KG…when in rome. As for your language skills LMAO yea ok and you didnt know that in portuguese, it is not Brazil, its Brasil. Here the USA is EUA, Austr(á)lia and Germany is Alemanha. As for me not being Military ahh ok.. your a twat and can think what you like. But… I must say Jenkins really doesnt sound very Chinese now does it. My guess, youre 15, have 5 names on here and you live in your “mums” basement. You no Aussie(go all blacks), your a butter tooth litte brit who, if not for us would be speaking only german right now. Youre very welcome.

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          And I dare put English shit look out mjs comin to get me

        • mj says:

          Are your hands even big enough to touch all the keys… You really are a mental midget! Put together a complete sentence or even just a word. Btw, when you quote someone, it has to be “Verbatim”.

        • mj says:

          Ok meet me just off Aurthur creek and recreation.. So i can dump you in YY res after.

        • Dan Jenkins says:

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        • Dan Jenkins says:

          And i loved watching Anderson wipe Henderson like a dirty arse

  39. mj says:

    Ive been to Melbourne and I know Thomastown… What did you do just google a random place in AUS. Keep hiding in the UK, with your fake name little pussy.

    • Dan Jenkins says:

      Well come on down big shot if you know it then you have no trouble gettin to the train station there I’m waiting piss ant

    • mj says:

      Youre a fucking pussy Dan… or whatever your name is. Read above moron, I have told you my name and my phone number here. Markus Johnson, oh you want my middle name… everette. Now come meet me, I told you where… unless you cant swim

      • Dan Jenkins says:

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      • mj says:

        maybe your right… maybe your wrong and would be in over your head. i go with the second, because im not bragging and i know little girls like you love to talk but have never done anything. you bark loud, but i know your a fake.

        • Patrick Jenkins says:

          If you reckon dick head. I may have said a lot of shit but at least I’m being honest bout myself not talking about being a soilder that lives in brazil. I know I can back everything I said up can you. You know we’re I live if you want to find out as I said put up or shut up.

        • mj says:

          and as I said, email… not your fucking bank acct bud. You want to know who I am, I send you might remember.

  40. mj says:

    Flinders street, what platform. Lets not make it too far, I want blue and yellow paint the last thing you see.

  41. mj says:

    Little Danny living in Yorkshire… typing away from the saftey of his key board.

    • Dan Jenkins says:

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  42. mj says:

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  43. mj says:

    you dont have cousins in the sas, thats the UK fag…. AUS is SASR. Many you look more and more like bispig everytime you post.

  44. mj says:

    Whats your email tough guy, you got my number… unless your scared to give that out. I cant put military pics up on here, but I can show you how stupid you are. So?

  45. mj says:

    no? you quit… thats why the All blacks own your pussy little asses. You guys talk talk talk, but its just talk. Fuck you and your mum, Im a lot closer then you think Danny boy

    • Dan Jenkins says:

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  46. mj says:

    Craigieburn and Chinkens is a fitting name for a little Chinese bastard cum twat

    • Dan Jenkins says:

      Everything u say is bullshit first your a American ex soldier training in brazil now you live in craigieburn make up your mind I’m not a fake person like you MJ everything I’ve said isnt bullshit told you where I live my brothers given u an address and a phone number not the made up phone number of 55 (84)99911905 how do you think we know your full of shit fake lying little fucken dole bludger gettin welfare off my tax dollars saw right thru your lies idiot and no one knows a markus Johnson in craigieburn so what’s your real name poser cos u dont know how far my reach is either stupid boy

  47. Dan Jenkins says:

    Sweet cunt why say u in brazil fucken shit talker come down to the station if America so good how come u here

    • mj says:

      You think I found you on here by mistake? I dont need you number, I have it and where you live…who you live with. Next time dont put that on the net man, other people can do some crazy shit with it. I will see you tomorrow, glad to know I can still get you worked up. Scratch your head and look at the initials, you´ll get it soon. When ya do, call me

      • Dan Jenkins says:

        I’m waiting see if you back it up

      • Patrick Jenkins says:

        Whatever you reckon dick to quote you boyfriend cheal sonnen send anyone You want but not anyone you want back. I feel pretty safe though cause a weak cunt like has no friends anyway. You know where I am I repeat myself 1 more time put up or shut up

        • THANKS DAN FOR THE GAME says:

          Its 0300 our time, number isnt fake its a local here, just not any of ours… you are one funny guy, thanks for the laughs. We are in brasil, brazil for us too. Also thanks for the Psyops game. The information about your location, is all available and the more you spoke the more info we got. Not that it means anything, other than you are not good at keeping your cool. As for the US military and your political views, we have them too, everyone does. We work with your soldiers and have geat respect for all our brothers. Try not to lose too much sleep.

        • Patrick Jenkins says:

          We’re not scared. We are waiting let them come

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          I feel I’ve been had anyway you don’t know my political views just my opinion on two men whom I hardly know just what my country’s media shows me and based on those things have formed and opinion as for the military I’ve had ancestors that have died for my freedoms and never take this for granted any man who gives his life for his family and for his people is a hero to me. As for me keeping yeah is a weak point I lose so much in translation if you want to know my views ask me I think the world has become an awful place where people care more of the dollar sign than us as people it’s contradictory to what I’ve been saying but there it is if you want to know what I think don’t start an argument because that’s when peoples defences come up I’m not going to tell someone who calls my mum a cunt my true thought think about it

  48. dogfart says:

    this will be fking epic
    make it happen ufc

  49. Brett says:

    would be a great fight just so i can see fael lose again.

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