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Wednesday, 11/02/2011, 08:11 am

PHOTO: Penn vs. Diaz Official Scorecard


38 Responses to “PHOTO: Penn vs. Diaz Official Scorecard”

  1. BJ Penn Fan says:

    2 rounds to 1… thats how I saw it. Hats off to Nick, he did great. I hope BJ comes back and puts on a show like I know he can.


  2. MoMMAFan says:

    Once again BJ proves he is the best first round fighter ever!

  3. OakCliffTopdog says:

    BJ will come back and get on fire just like he always does after a big loss. Just like he did when Hughes beat him the second time and GSP the second time. BJ Penn Nation baby!!!

    • MircFSC says:

      you would think after a performance against fitch he would have been on point…WE always have false hope with many times till we realize that his heart just isnt in it. Still my favorite fighter..but I think he should go lw, and if that doesn’t go well definitely retire. Coach his lil bro to become the next champ and continue their Penn legacy :)

  4. McLuvin says:

    I did saw a 10-8 in the second round. Penn got his ass whooped seriously for 3 minutes, non stop

  5. tara says:

    Penn won that first round, Diaz the 2nd, and I thought the 3rd could have gone either way. I don’t
    necessarily agree with the judges. But I’m just a girl, what do I know:)

    • Shawn says:

      Imo, BJ won d 1st rnd, Diaz clearly won d 2nd. The 3rd, as much of an effort n heart BJ put into it, he came up short. It was evident he was gassed. Thats d only reason why he lost. If he had another 1/4 tank, he wud av been able to pour it on, score some strikes before repeating what he did in d 1st when he took Diaz down. That would av won him d fight in my eyes. But again, judging sucks. N they awarded Diaz w d 1st rnd as well.

  6. Isaiah D says:

    F Vegas and there crapy judges

  7. Mike Diaz says:

    I want BJ to fight Maynard! PENN NATION!!!!!

  8. McLuvin says:

    awwww you all Penn lovers blaming the judges. Come on! Diaz beat the crap out of Penn, end of story

  9. Gabe418 says:

    Props to Nick….But I just saw a tweet from Erick Apple that shows a pic of BJ and Nick right after the fight and the title states BJ broke his hand 30 seconds into round 2…don’t take my word for it look it up…great fight, Penn is still the man


    Nick is p4p the best fighter out there behind Anderson.. GSP is gonna look stupid against Nick..

  11. Respectexpected says:

    A 10-8 round in MMA is like the Yeti, some people say it was there some say it wasn’t. Even the judges rarely agree on the round score, a better (not to mention fairer) system needs to happen

  12. Ilaijah_HE>I says:

    IDK.. I see it as BJ winning the 1st 29-28, lost the second and Draw’d the 3rd!!? Watch the fight again…. If you wanna know anything else, go to BJPENNDOTCOM !! lols Oh thats my opinion peeps…

  13. Brodiemans says:

    I want to see BJ at 155 again, good cardio and can make another run at the title there, BJ is the reason I started watching MMA and from what Ive seen, and everyone else, he cant carry the weight of a welterweight anymore, they are just too big in my opinion for him

  14. Hilosupaman says:

    I had 1 round each then 3rd going to Diaz but closer that some made it seem…. But a 10-8 second is just dumb

  15. ac says:

    I’m a huge BJ Penn fan, but it’s time for all of us, including BJ to realize that there are physical limitations at play here that can’t be overcome. We can all talk about how hard BJ Penn trained or didn’t for this fight or the last, or the next. Doesn’t matter, he can train all he wants, he gasses early and Diaz doesn’t. It was a forgone conclusion before anyone even started to train for this fight. BJ was going to get tired, Nick wasn’t, and unless BJ could knock him out in the first round, BJ gets crushed in round 2 and 3. It’s all about VO2 max and BJ’s isn’t enough.

  16. Tom Ryan says:

    I had it 29-28 Diaz. Hell of a fight though.

  17. Tony Weeks says:

    I suck and i really dont know how to score fights. If anyone needs to retire its me for sure.

  18. Gabe418 says:

    @ James Toney big fan of the real Lights Out, but since when does a broken hand not mean anything. I’m not making excuses, just letting people know that BJ got hurt and kept on fighting…I’m also shocked that there was no word of this injury here

    • James Toney says:

      I was kidding. It means a lot. BJ is a warrior no doubt about it. But I do believe his cardio was more of a factor to his loss then his hand was. The body shots didn’t help much either.

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