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Tuesday, 05/14/2013, 09:12 am


Photo of Hector Lombard’s Grotesque Cauliflower Ear


In case you were having a good day, here is a picture of UFC middleweight Hector Lombard’s cauliflower ear. I apologize in advance to the squeamish and those who train any sort of MMA-related grappling who don’t care much for the look of cauliflower ear.



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0 Comments to Photo of Hector Lombard’s Grotesque Cauliflower Ear

  1. trentanium says:

    Ive had mine drained several times. After one fight I saw an old school doc who decided hed cut it open, peel back the skin and scrape it with a scalpel then stitch me back up. FUCK THAT, needles only from here out cuz that didnt even solve the issue haha.

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