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Thursday, 05/03/2012, 11:50 am

PHOTO | Nate Diaz And Jim Miller Staredown At Today's Press Conference

UFC on FOX 3 headliners Nate Diaz and Jim Miller stare down at today’s pre-fight press conference.


8 Responses to “PHOTO | Nate Diaz And Jim Miller Staredown At Today's Press Conference”

  1. E716 says:

    Should be great fight. Diaz brothers always go hard and jim miller is no joke…

  2. MikeyT says:

    wow…for once diaz didn’t make that “I just smelled something really bad” face and get needlessly close to the other fighter. How adorable…he must be growing up.

  3. Jb says:

    ^^^ your thinking of nick more so than Nate

  4. WAR DIAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rampage1986 says:

    WAR DIAZ !!!!!!!!!!!!! #teamdiaz miller scared homie?

  6. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I got Diaz in this one. I think Cerrone would take Miller and Diaz made Cerrone look like and amatuer. i know matchups make fights if Miller can get inside he may be able control Diaz. Not sure Miller is as good as he says he is after Bendo kicked his ass real bad. But Bendo also kicked Edgars ass real bad too so that statement just tells the story Bendo is a few levels above Frankie and Jim miller. I think Miller has improved alot since he lost to Frankie and Frankie has taken countless horrific beatings-concussions since theri last fight. I think Miller will be around 5-10 years longer than edgar. Very sad and i hope I’m wrong but i predict in the very near future Frankie gets bad news from a doctor (if he ever gets a brain MRI and the results get out) I have been around 50 years and seen alot of friends and athletes who have taken alot less damage than Frankie as wella s being twice the size as Frankie and they all had to retire because of bad Brain MRI’s from accumlitive damage and I know for a fact seen it with my own eyes that Frankie has received at least a dozen concussions and worse concusions are the ones that happen one right after the other. Thats why IMO boxing is alot safer than MMA because in bxing gthe standing 8 count gives guys a minute to gets their wits back about them. Just in the maynard fights i think counted 9 concussions and ref IMO is responsible for half of those because the fight should have been stopped which would have saved Frankie from at least 6 of those concussions. Bad in 1970’s we use toi take shots and get our bells rang is what we called it all the time in football cause back then helmet to helmet was legal and we use gets brains scrambled all the time and maybe sit out a play or two and get back in there. well i have countless buddies that are pretty messed up these days. hell we use to have to box in P.E. in high school with 8 oz gloves and we never had any head gear and I remember countless Ko’s. So anyway as I said i have been around and seen massive head truama in my time and read hundreds of pages research of what constitutes brain trauma-concusions. I swear Frankie is in big trouble. Is he alone oh hell no but he has taken a huge shots that would have Ko’d men twice his size. maynards punches at 170lbs weight on that show fight science registered at 1500PSI which was harder punch than any of the NFL 300lb linemen they tested so don’t tell me for a minute that Frankie isn;t in big big trouble. Forrest is another one who ahs had massive brain trauma but he;s a big ass dude where as Frankie is justa little guy and his body was not built to take constant brain trauma every 3-5 months. Frankie takes a beating in almost everyone of his fights and someday he is going to regret all that heart.

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