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Tuesday, 03/27/2012, 11:54 am

Photo: Mir and Velasquez Staredown From Today's Press Conference

The BIGGEST collection of heavyweight title contenders will be on display this Memorial Day weekend as the Ultimate Fighting Championship presents UFC 146: DOS SANTOS vs. OVEREEM from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 26.

In the night’s main event, newly-crowned UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos defends his title against menacing finisher Alistair Overeem, while in the co-main event, former heavyweight champions Cain Velasquez and Frank Mir collide to determine the division’s number one contender.

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36 Responses to “Photo: Mir and Velasquez Staredown From Today's Press Conference”

  1. jbeamazing says:

    damn this is a sick ass mother flucking card

  2. Jorge Rocha says:

    think Velasques wins!
    Mir got lucky against big nog

    • EdSoares says:

      Which time did Mir get lucky?

      When he knocked him out, or when he made Nog tap?

      • haychdubbya says:

        you know damn well when haha..when he was flopping around like a fish after those shots from nog….i like mir as much as the next guy but get off his nuts haha…it ended up bein a sick tapout but he was in some hot matter what he or u say for that matter…

        • joe says:

          LUCKY? No such thing in MMA. You create your own “luck” – it’s called training and experience. Yes he got wobbled, but because of his experience he knew what to do. He demolished Big Nog 2 times.

        • Mayor of Deviance says:

          Yeah whatever. That win had less to do with Mir and more to do with Big Nog getting cocky about his submissions. But I suppose that’s just because I don’t even think about Mir’s submission skills anymore–just assume it’s gonna be nasty if it goes to the ground.

    • Jorge Rocha says:

      Mir won because of the error of Nod.
      But he was overwhelmed during the whole fight ..
      In the fight against Nelson he fought very badly!

      • James Toth says:

        What are you talking about, he fought great against big country, I don’t know what fight you watched. Some sick throws. You know how hard that is to do against a bjj black belt?

  3. Brian says:

    The Reem is photobombing this shiz

  4. Carlos says:

    WARRR CAIN!!!!

  5. MARV3L0US says:

    Great card, great matchups. Cain is going to punch the shit outta mir.

  6. repairman jack says:

    hope cain takes mir’s head off

  7. magnetic dick says:

    the guy wearing the suit usually loses.

  8. dante040 says:

    Have you ever not seen gsp wear a suit? 1 point for me

  9. Chartmonster says:

    Huge fan of both .. Mir n Cain! May the best man win. I’m in a dilemma here.. One of my favs will have to fight my other fav the HW champ the REEMMONSTER! Great fights but this kinda sux for me!

  10. MMACRAVER says:

    Is it just me or does Dana look a little derpy in this pic?

    Also… sweet matchup.

  11. Danny says:


  12. Magoo says:

    Gotta go with brown pride in this one.

  13. Jb says:

    Fucking idiot. Mir got lucky? More bandwagon mma fans. Mir by sub

    • Mir can absolutely win if he doesn’t come in too big and works on his cardio he has to act like the old school killer and not be 100% technical like he does now. Mir is my favorite hw of all time but he loses if he doesn’t get his cardio right and tries to be too technical. I’m definitely going for Mir but wown’t be shocked if Cain gets the win. Having said that …. WAR MIR!

  14. Jorge Rocha says:

    JDS kills Mir!

  15. Xaninho says:

    I think it’s safe to say no matter which preference we have, we’re ALL going to enjoy this fightcard!

  16. Don Wooton 3 says:

    this I hope will be a great fight I like both of these guy if they both show up to fight who nose who will win

    • K2 says:

      Did you just use ‘nose’ for ‘knows’??? That’s hilarious! Oh yeah, PUNCTUATION!!!! God damn did any of you fucktard go to school?? If you’re gonna sound stupid try not look stupid as well. You know what they say, “Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…” (hint: replace duck with stupid)

  17. Grease St. Pierre says:

    will be a good fight. I see Cain dominating but Mir can break an arm…

  18. I definately think Cain is going to win. Mir will not be able to keep up with him. (assuming Cain is fully healed up).

    He SURE AS HELL can’t stand up with those mexican bombs he throws in the standup.

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