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Wednesday, 01/22/2014, 04:55 pm

PHOTO | Kaitlin Young Suffers Major Laceration During Training

Invicta Fighting Championships’ fighter, Kaitlin Young, suffered a major laceration to her forehead during training; but the bantamweight took the injury with good humor.


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

Kaitlin Young (7-8) suffered a major injury during training, as she posted on Facebook a couple of pictures to Facebook that show a laceration on her forehead before and after getting stitches.

I shot under some punches in practice today,” she captioned the picture, “and my buddy kicked at the same time.  Forhead vs Knee.  Knee 1 – Forehead 0.


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  1. sickman says:

    I heard she had a huge gash…

  2. J.D.C.D. says:

    Damn. That cut is going to require plastic surgery I think. Pretty vicious. Kaitlin has such a pretty face too.

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