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Tuesday, 07/09/2013, 11:42 am

PHOTO | Jones vs. Gustafsson Staredown From Today’s Press Conference In Toronto

UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones and his UFC 165 opponent Alexander Gustafsson took part in a press conference this morning in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to promote their main event fight set for September 21st.


21 Responses to “PHOTO | Jones vs. Gustafsson Staredown From Today’s Press Conference In Toronto”

  1. magoo says:

    After JBJ methodically beats down the swede I hope he makes the move to HW, he needs some serious competition!

    • squid says:

      yeah i agree on him moving up for competition. at 205, jones cannot be touched. although, this is the first time jones is fighting somebody that doesn’t look like a weight class below him. alexander is taller by an inch, but i still think jones has more ways to win. his well-rounded skill set, speed, reach, unpredictability, and wrestling will be the keys to this victory

  2. dfrmtr says:

    I want to see that… this fight won’t be easy for Jones… Gus hits hard as hell, probably harder than machida and we all know Machida stunned Jones before getting choked out.

  3. dfrmtr says:

    He’s slower than jones for sure, but he’s fast enough to catch him, if he pushes the fight with jones and controls the speed of the fight, he will beat jones

  4. okj says:

    Alexander’s tall but has short-arms. He didn’t do that good against shogun, idk. This fight is non-sense to me but since Jones really want it I guess it’s good.

  5. Dddddddd says:

    I’m not gonna turn into an Anderson fan about John but this fight is about silencing his critics. I think Johnny will absolutely dominate Gustafson and a lot of people will find a reason to bitch about it. This is all about size.

  6. Blah says:

    “I think Johnny will absolutely dominate” haha. Dddddildo talk like a fucking man. Plus you already know you’re a jones bitch.

  7. Beavis says:

    Why are his arms so short, after this fight he’ll be well known as .. the big dude with a tiny nose picker.

  8. stan871 says:

    From what i seen the sweed fucked up Shogun pretty bad. We must have been watching 2 different fights.

  9. Big Daddy says:

    He’s not slower than jones if anything they’re the same except jones has the wrestling. Jbj definitely takes advantage of his reach.

  10. Mmaknowitall says:

    I like dick…….dick dick dick dickdick dick dick!

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