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Thursday, 02/16/2012, 02:18 pm

Photo: Jones vs. Evans Staredown From Today's UFC 145 Pre-Fight Press Conference

UFC 145 is set to go down from Atlanta’s Phillips Arena on April 21, in the main event light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones will attempt to defend his UFC title against bitter rival Rashad Evans.


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25 Responses to “Photo: Jones vs. Evans Staredown From Today's UFC 145 Pre-Fight Press Conference”

  1. Logan says:

    As much as I don’t really care for Evans, I’d really like him to beat Jones – dude needs a reality check. Yea he’s good……I just don’t like his arrogance

  2. Koshchek Loves Cock In His Ass says:


  3. Chris says:

    Dana looking mischievous in the background, barely containing his glee.

  4. GreenteaBagger says:

    I actually feel sorry for Evans. There will come a point in the fight where he realizes:

    1) He had the belt
    2) With Jones in the division, there is no way he can get it again
    3) He may be out of job soon

  5. ricardo says:

    Goddam Im getting tired of that stupid staredown Jones does.
    And the monkey crawling in the beginning of the 1st round!

  6. mason says:

    Does JJ think those downward eyes are supposed to scare people? I think it is a sign of submission.

  7. stone cold says:

    jon jones isn’t about the intimidation. he is the real deal and shows it inside the cage.

  8. Russ says:

    I cant wait to see jones go up to heavyweight he will have no bussiness up there and i hope his first fight is stefan struve struves size and skills and negate everything that jone jones is jon jones likes light heavyweight because he can be the biggest lankiest dude in there

    • Russ says:

      *will negate all of jones is style and skills* Junior dos santos would kill jon jons so would velasquez and i dont care for him much but so would reem jon jones is totally arrogant and hes an ass kisser like on the champions round table with jay glazer he said how chuck was one of the reasons for him starting to train.. but then right before he fought shogun he said ” i remember watching shogun and pride and saying how man i want to be like that guy” its just ridiculous i believe he even said something like that about rampage jon jones is a joke

  9. M.DELA says:

    Jones looks fat

  10. cody says:

    jj is a hw frame with teenage a muscle mass hell have to move up sooner r later then hell get his reality check

  11. Pijan says:

    Jones is overrated. He’s a great fighter don’t get me wrong, I just think people buy into him too much. Evans will win this, it’ll be the next Liddell/Couture.

  12. Stonerman says:

    I love nothing more then to see Jones face down on the canvas, knocked out cold.

  13. dr.dr. says:

    theres a big difference between arrogant and confident ….i got jones winning it

  14. B says:

    Rashad will put him back in his hole.

  15. John Champa says:

    I think you could flip a coin and have as much of a chance at guessing correct. Should be Jones but the whole trained together concept changes that drastically. I would probably put my money on Rashad only because I saw Lyoto rock Jones a little before he lost and showed that Jones has a weak spot in his game. I expect Rashad to try to get his hands in his face immediately. If he doesn’t I think he may lose.

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