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Friday, 09/21/2012, 01:33 pm

PHOTO: Jones & Belfort Staredown At Today's Weigh-Ins | UFC NEWS

Today the UFC held the official “UFC 152: Jones vs. Belfort” weigh-ins ceremony. Both main event fighters made weight and engaged in a stare down at the events conclusion.


34 Responses to “PHOTO: Jones & Belfort Staredown At Today's Weigh-Ins | UFC NEWS”

  1. Give him hell vitor! blackzilians all day baby wooohooo!

  2. This better not be a friggin snoozer. I’d be more excited to see Sonnen fight even though Jones would crush him like an elephant sitting on a jelly bean. I bet Jones’ beard smells like pork.

  3. Me says:

    Jesus Christ, The fans were booing the sh** out of Jones. Oh well he deserves it.

  4. magoo says:

    The crowd was booing Jonesy today, after tommorow night he will have there respect!!!!

  5. makaveli says:

    I thought the true fight fans would boo his bitchass. Fuck him up vitor!!!

    • ????? says:

      True fight fans? True fight fans are smart fans who think, not just hate. Haters are looking for recognition, so they hate and do it very loudly.

      Belfort himself is a true fight fan. The dude is so respectful and understands why Jones made the choice he made. AND HE’S RECEIVING NO HATE. How the f*** did that happen?

  6. Superman[M.O.S.] says:

    Vitor, you got this! P.s. Stay away from the green stuff. Sup. :]

  7. Guss says:

    Why is Jones looking down at Vitor’s crotch? Probably to see what a fighter with real balls looks like. lol

  8. Seedy says:

    Jones is the biggest cock smoker in UFC now the tito is gone… Vitor KILL THAT CUNT…

  9. Milkman says:

    Pork beard will be gone tomorrow. He will win the fight but the beard will be gone.

  10. 123 says:

    vitor belfort reminds me of rocky balboa

  11. Drew says:

    Fuck the haters jones add the name vitor Belfort to ur legacy WAR JONES!!!

  12. 123 says:

    jon jones is no1 p4p fighter, he should have respect not hate. but his own countrymen are racist slagss. if he was… british, canadian or mexican he would be a national hero.

  13. 123 says:

    ur the chump, u slag.

  14. DMAC says:

    Let get it fellas!!!!!

  15. Black Jesus says:

    I bet the beard smells of watermelon and a mixture of smegma and semen

  16. stephen riddle says:

    Hes just looking at the hands that are gona finish him tonight. If vitor gets good shot in then its over because there will be 10 to 15 more coming! Oh yeah bisping youre going down you b*tch! I hope little man crew jumps u before youre fight, lmfao 😉

  17. ya herd says:

    belcher, stann, munoz, okami, has been beat by bums C level fighters, you can say bisping hasnt beat a elite fighter yet but neither has belcher, stann, munoz, or okami, but only the elite can beat bisping no bums will ever beat bisping and out of sonnen, evans, silva bisping should of got a win for atleast 1 of those fights!!!!

    • yeh yeahhhhh says:

      UFC MW division is middle heavy. Anderson is by himself in the top tier. Weidman is on his way up, but not there yet. Belfort is on his way down. The middle of the pack are all running together.

  18. dick McGee says:

    even though i only wish Belfort would throw a punch that takes Jones fucking jaw apart, Jones will win with some bullshit. Maybe he will, who knows.

  19. fuck da fake fans JJ is boss says:

    who gives a fuck if they boo you Jon bones. just keep winning. you still got plenty of fans who are backing you.
    dont hurt Vitor too much …

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