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Friday, 04/20/2012, 01:41 pm

PHOTO | Jones And Evans Butt Heads At Today's Weigh-Ins

The tension climaxed today between tomorrow night’s main event fighters. Jones Jones vs. Rashad Evans is now official.


62 Responses to “PHOTO | Jones And Evans Butt Heads At Today's Weigh-Ins”

  1. Nando says:

    That was a great staredown!!! Soo pumped for this fight!

    • kermit da dogg says:

      da pic does not look like a stare down. The pic looks like theyre gonna fall asleep on each other. PREDICTION_ theyre gonna knock each other out at the same time 2nd round!!

  2. Justen says:

    I just realized today that I hope Evans wins. I really don’t think he’s gunna though.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Same here i have never EVER rooted for rashad before but now that we ALL know how much of an arragant pr’ck Jones is Rashad doesn’t seem quite so bad anymore. Rashad may be a little cocky but compared to Jones he’s the nicest most humble guy in MMA. What would even make it better if rashad upsets Jones is knowng Dana lost $500,000. Yes I know that pocket change to dana but still would be funny. I doubt very much someone just made up that Dana bet against Rashad because if you really think about it no worse than dana/UFC sponsering Jones for his title fight with Rashad. anyway you slice it the deck is stacked against Rashad. Dana and UFC brass have all made it quite obvious they want JOnes to win plain and simple. this all really stinks and shows what kind of BIAS UFC brass are capable of and having no problem rubbing it in everyone face. Lets hope Rashad uses some of Jones own dirty ass tactics kicking the side of all his opponents knees trying to blow out ACL’s. Someone needs to snap Jones’ toothpicks he calls his legs. Palharis would wrap up Jones leg like an angry anaconda and SNAP his ankles and RIP apart his knees. Jones and A. Silva re the only two fighters that always try and smash their opponents knees out and they need to be given back some of their own dirty ass leg stomping tactics. To see Jones TWIG legs get broken in two would be worth all the money in world

      • proteinpimp says:

        I agree! Dana is a Dbag and hoping the tables turn in Evans favor. Jones acts like he is unstoppable. Either way…they all fall ay some point..

      • wow says:

        you sir are an idiot….

      • joshuah says:

        Lmao I love this!! Jones is 24 win or lose this fight kid is going to be one of if not THE biggest star ever in the UFC.

        Its a business decision UFC clothing has ALWAYS BEEN CHEESY its smart to get the possible biggest name under contract ASAP when rejuvenating the brand, fan boys r nuts if u honestly think Dana wants Jones to beat Evans for personal reasons.

        Could u imagine the backlash if they sponsored Jones in his last 2 vs “”washed up”” fighters (as ufc “”fans”” refer to page & machida)

        This will not be an exciting fight, very page vs Rashad Esq tons of build up, not that exciting.

        Makes the fight much better if ur not expecting Don Frye hooks.

        I’m hopin Rashad takes this (bet 400 on Rashad hoping for it to pay for a trip. To Vegas for Franklin vs le), but he loves to get his back put against the fence & it’d off on & thats what jbj is best @.

      • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

        if you really believe dana bet that amount then you have lost any logical reasoning.

        you must be trolling

      • Donnybrook says:

        What is the difference between fucking some ones knee up via kicking it or cranking on with a kneebar?… what makes one more acceptable then the other?. Please explain yourself so you don’t come across as a hypocrite.

      • Gabe says:

        God why do you leave comments of such ignorance?

      • Jep says:

        I know that it’s 4/20 but please stop smoking before commenting because you sound like a complete joke. Do you know anything at all about MMA? How can you say that it’s a dirty trick to throw leg kicks? He doesn’t go just for the knee looking to injure opponents,it’s meant to hurt and slow them down. And what are you watching that gives you the opinion that rashad is more humble than jones??? When rashad says he wants more to beat up his former friend than to win the belt back, than I’d certainly not a humble, respectful fighter. Please do some research before commenting on things

  3. JoshWolf says:

    First!!!! and Evans will take this fight in the 3rd round

  4. rlm says:

    Bones wins by choke 3rd round.

  5. Tom T says:

    So Many People are on the Jon Jones bandwagon but you cant count out the power of Rashad.

  6. Dick Diaz says:

    this is so ON……!!!!!

  7. rlm says:

    @Tom I agree Rashad has gr8 wrestling and has trained with Jon, he might be his toughest opponent.

  8. BobO says:

    I went into this whole circus wanting Jon Jones to win. For some reason now, I am pulling for Rashad. Odds are against him though. ~BobO

  9. Joe says:

    haha oh shit, that was pretty intense. Bones jumping around and screaming like a high pitched girl before weighing in was just retarded… what a fucking tweet off. Evans looks ready…. and the new! WAR RASHAD!!!

  10. mike d says:

    Im a big fan of evans but he better bring his A game or its gonna b a early night

  11. McLovin says:

    Lol, Evans is looking like he’s ready to get put to sleep. Nitey night Rashad.

  12. Joe says:

    Lmao they spelled his name jones jones on the pic caption.

  13. Bart Hook says:

    Jones is going to annihilate Rashad.

  14. leo jersey says:

    Okay here is my assessment. For rashad to win he must have constant pressure and mix up the take downs with his striking although Jones has the reach I Believe rashad has the faster more powerful hands, rashad if he can get it to the ground must work the guard pass right away and not stay within Jones guard or half guard I believe Jones can power his way out of both positions , deal damage from a side control position and look for a tko on the other hand jones has to stuff he take down and also get in rashads head by try taking him down stay a like conservative with the flashy moves to avoid a takedown and finish rashad on the ground with his elbows, standing wise I don’t see Jones with the k.o or rashad but I do see them both landing good shots,,, I predict Jones tko unless rashad implements his game plan early then I see rashad via ud or Tlingit

  15. Jim says:

    As much as I want Evans to win, I can’t see it happening. Imo he simply hasn’t shown enough strength or power to convince me that he will win. He’s got a shot sure, but not an even one.

  16. T.Daddy says:

    Bones is gonna Destroy frog legs

  17. D says:

    They look like they want to kiss 😀

  18. wtfguyz says:

    Death for Rashad……

  19. Jeff says:

    Good luck to them both:)

  20. DMAC says:

    Shit that was intense! My hands are sweating like crazy. Lol. Let’s fucking GO SUGA!!

  21. The WatchMan says:

    Suga gonna make Bones feel his pain. I believe it.

  22. slacker says:

    Wow! A lot of emotion. They wanted to fight right there! There is a genuine dislike, I believe now. I think for a young champion like Jones, it will get into his head quite a bit that he got booed so much. To me, Jones comes across like one of those guys that is not content with just being the champ – he wants and needs everyone to love him as well.

  23. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    This is going to be a great fight. Out of all the top lhw fighters Jones has defended against, Evans has the least amount of damage done to his body and is a relatively young fighter still. Evans is going to wrestle the shit out Jones.

  24. chris says:

    comeon rashad you can do it dawg beat that cocky ass jones use what you know best i have faith in you i think if anyone can beathim thats you dawg take his ass down and beathim

  25. Tko21 says:

    Awe man I want rashad to win badly I dnt kbo if I should bet or not lol..

  26. Donnybrook says:

    The only way Rashad stands any chance at beating Bones is by “fitching” him to a boring decision but it isn’t going to happen… Rashad is going to be sent to the hospital after the fight bleeding with his tail between his legs and with NO gold. Funny lots of people saying Jones is cocky and Rashad isn’t??… come on guys Rashad has many more years experience at it then Jon, face it they’re both cocky SOB’s… may the best man win (JBJ).

  27. The King says:

    These guys don’t want to fight each other.

  28. David says:

    Go jones evens is the one doing all the trash talking. Oh and jones is unstoppable

  29. Joe says:

    If you watch the open workout video for Jones he is not standing tall, he is crouched much more than I have ever seen him before. This is for a reason… He will not be fighting as tall as usual come tonight against Shad. He can’t afford to. He has to be weary of Evans’ takedowns every second of the fight, which means he cannot stand there and be tall like he did with machida, shogun, and rampage. He also won’t be kicking as much, because of that very same reason. Why do you think in all those primetime episodes they showed him working on pure boxing? Because he is going to have to box rashad or get him in the clinch. He can’t afford to do kicks or stand straight up or else he knows he will be on his back. This is why I like rashad in this fight… I think he is a purely better boxer, better speed, better power. Not to say that jones won’t or couldn’t have his moments or even win, but c’mon you would have to be a fool to not give rashad a chance in this fight. He is going to force Jon to box him or else get taken down.. He’s going to make him “skip to his lou”.. War Evans!!!

  30. A.James says:

    When the fights over these guys will be best friends. It’s all hype to sell the fight. So corny!

  31. Gabi says:

    Should be a good fight. I can’t wait. I believe Jones will win but Rashad does have a chance. They both know each other from where they left off. Both I’m sure have improved. Also Jones is faster but I think Rashad has the stronger punching power. Wrestling goes to Rashad. This is one fight that has me not sure and that’s rare. I usually call 70-80% of cards right. But this fight is up in the air w a little favor towards Jones just because of how active he’s been and age. Then again age might backfire for Jones. Also Rashad seems to have more motivation to win and shut people up fans, media, and the UFC who have all but basically written him off publicly. Should be a good one. I hope emotions take control and you see a heated fight w no love and tons of blood. Will Jones be able to handle the pressure? He seems very uncomfortable around Rashad (little bro big bro) unlike any other fighter he’s faced. Let’s see if the younge champ can rise to the occation or will be buckle. Idk I can’t wait.

  32. kenji says:

    rashad and jones front leg have a date…take it out and the fight is rashads

  33. Night-Wind says:

    I saw a dream where Jones got knocked down. It was the same style of punch like when Evans put Iceman down.

  34. The natural says:

    Love birds

  35. ernesto hoost says:

    i wonder how dana will feel after the fight…he will lose or win big

  36. Clay says:

    Rashad and rampage always bring good hype to there fights. Everyone has a fighters chance of knocking someone out but jones will absolutely dominate.

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