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Saturday, 03/10/2012, 09:33 am

Photo | Jon Tuck Broken Toe From Last Night's Ultimate Fighter (Warning: Gruesome)

So last night the UFC kicked off the latest season of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality series.

During the elimination round the highly touted John Tuck got his foot stepped on and as a result, it appeared broken. The toe turned and was pointing straight towards his head. You could tell it bothered him, but the fighter still forged on, even throwing kicks with the foot in question.

If you can handle the image, head on over to page two, but note: I warned you in advance.

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13 Responses to “Photo | Jon Tuck Broken Toe From Last Night's Ultimate Fighter (Warning: Gruesome)”

  1. BJ says:

    That is one tough hombre finishing that round with his toe like that…I was impressed with his skills up to that point, I’d like to see him get a fight in the finale!

  2. noway! says:

    Dude looked great! And he barely showed any reaction to his deformed toe! Awsome fight! I hope they give dude another chance in the octogon

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Much props to this guy for continuing the fight. Really with we could have seen his full potential.

  4. Dog chapman says:

    Smokin ice will help the pain bruddah

  5. Xaninho says:

    Tough kid! Too bad his toe broke, that other guy was boring.

  6. JUSTINA says:


  7. Vincent Martinez says:

    That’s the Guamanian!!

  8. Xaninho says:

    DW was very impressed by him so maybe he gets signed later on after a few good fights in another promotion.

  9. Guam style says:

    Thats the way we roll on Guam, all heart no bullsht. Put Jon in the house and he’ll smash anyone.

  10. John 'the nigga hater, yet a nigga himself 'Jones says:

    Dam son, that did look bad

  11. V says:

    He should get another chance, to fight w/that injury and not bitch makes him a great fighter.

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