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Monday, 07/08/2013, 02:27 pm

PHOTO | Jon Jones Stares Down Roy Jones Jr.

Anderson Silva has stated on several occasions that he wants a scrap against boxing legend, Roy Jones Jr. After his loss this past weekend, Dana White said that fight is still possible, but don’t tell that to Jon Jones who was seen at UFC 162 staring down the pugilist.


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  1. Dis Guy says:

    Jones would get KTFO! lol

  2. drew says:

    on the left…a lion who should be sitting in the shade enjoying life/his family/his legacy….but daring to stare down the current top lion of the UFC jon jones….jon jones is giving him the look like “ya were cool dude but my eyes tell u id fuck you up”…roy jones couldn’t handle jones….anyone in 205 besides a heavyweight like a cormier or jds who drops down to fight him will loose….if jones stays at LHW which he wont but if he did i dont see him every getting beaten…in HW that would be pretty fun to watch

    • squid says:

      i agree. jones is untouchable at 205, literally. at 205 he is a man amongst boys. hopefully he would move up to HW to make things interesting because that is the only place i see he has a chance of losing.

  3. Poperazzi says:

    That’s not a stare down, leave it to the media to spin it into one. It’s a father and son reunion Jones Jr. vs Jones III.

  4. Trash says:

    Jones is trash hahaha

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