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Thursday, 05/31/2012, 02:09 pm

PHOTO | Jon Jones Mugshot Released | UFC NEWS

TMZ uncovered this mug shot from the Jon Jones arrest that happened just a short time ago for a DWI in the State of New York.


35 Responses to “PHOTO | Jon Jones Mugshot Released | UFC NEWS”

  1. Lance Alexander says:


  2. BJC says:

    Treat him like all the other drunk drivers.Make him do community service to promote against drinking and driving.He is in a position to help the cause,The criminal justice system should take advantage of this situation. And if Jones was smart which I rather doubt it his people could and should put a positive spin on this by promoting as such.

  3. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Man that blows I hope he comes back stronger and better.

  4. setb says:

    he looks stoned to me

  5. ARR says:

    he’s even cocky in his mugshot!! arrogant so arrogant!!

    i keed i keed

    • Brother says:

      breathe…..breathe… with the good air….out with the bad air… with the good air….out with the bad air….there……..better?

  6. Nando says:

    I know that look all too well. He’s fuuuuuckkeeedd upp lol

  7. Xaninho says:

    I bet he asked the cops if they wanted that photo autographed..

  8. Balls McGee says:

    Is it me or does his profile pic not look like him

  9. Big boss huhhh says:

    Hahaha what a clown!!!

  10. DMAC says:

    JJ riding dirty with 2 bad bitches in his 2012 Bentley, I’m starting to like this guy I think…. Lmao

  11. koolg says:

    its a shame he didnt die in the accident.

  12. Roscoe10 says:

    Too bad it wasnt a snitch who got him caught that would pf been Ironic!!!

  13. mike says:

    give em the chair

  14. Joe Mac says:

    fucking fraud probably practiced his mug shot face in the mirror

  15. DIOGO BRANDAO says:

    you can watch the brazilian most popular MMA show Sensei Noção with the FIRST and the ONLY ONE takedown so far suffered by JON JONES, against the bantan weight journalist Mario Filho. The double leg throw and the car crash, two blows in a short period of time. Here’s the link with the brazilian’s show full version. Also u can see DANA WHITE DISLIKING Bones Jones inside the octagon at that insane challenge. Enjoy it!

  16. BonesJones says:

    ” Officer!! I was totally hitting it up with two fine ladies, zen-ing-it when this troll jumped in front of the car, so I swerved. hit a tree…. is the troll ok??”

  17. Guamy says:

    what a douche. I bet he thinks the Santan had something to with it lol.

  18. 94block says:

    Almost everyone in the world drove drunk after a night out. Luckily no one got hurt.. Bones is the MAN!

  19. Khaos says:

    God crashed his car cos Jon jones arrogance was even pissing him off.

  20. vincejai says:

    LOL…. phoney fuck. so much for being the person he says he is. O_O

  21. Haterade Drinker says:

    Wow I am sure that God led him to this path and that he shall soon get a biblical tattoo that he can defile and be even more of a hypocrite with. This dude is a punk, a fake dude in general. A great fighter no doubt, but one without Honor. He is a terrible role model and now we have even more solid proof. Jones sucks, cant wait to watch you lose. When it happens lol.

  22. Everybody is human you cant blame a young man who is rich and famous for wanting to celebrate. But you have to be on the down low and not be driving drunk. He has the money for a limo might as well have transportation service.

  23. Mach00man says:

    Wow, it’s almost like half of these clowns on here were angels and have never driven home drunk before. Hell some of you were probably drunk or high while you were typing this shit.

    Chris leben and his DUI(s)
    Sonnen and his fraud case
    Rampage was arrested during his high speed chase
    BJ punched a cop in a bar fight, but only got probation.

    There is a laundry list of other fighters who have criminal records too and we are still fans. Stop hatin on Jones.

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