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Monday, 04/02/2012, 05:36 pm

Photo | Jon Jones Brings Back Muhammad Ali Essence With Latest UFC Mag Cover


57 Responses to “Photo | Jon Jones Brings Back Muhammad Ali Essence With Latest UFC Mag Cover”

  1. dog chapman says:

    god jon jones is actually sexy….i would jump his bones

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    The UFC wants us to love Jones.

    • m says:

      Very True. Without Brock Lesnar anymore, DW is looking to promote Bones as the face of the UFC.

      • Marco says:

        I don’t think Jones will ever be the face of the UFC. With how polar and disrespectful he is he won’t be that face. But that is through my eyes. What the UFC does is what the UFC wants.

        When they look at what the fans think and want. They will get the hint. I was there with some of my friends watching the JonesvEvans commerical we all found it in bad taste they would show footage of him choking out Machida and just dropping him.

        THere are still fighters on that roster that can be that face of the UFC, that show the right attitude and respect to their fans, to the public, and to their opponent.

        • andy says:

          Exactly. Honestly I wouldn’t be nearly as malicious towards him he didn’t put on such a bullshit front. That’s what annoys me the most: he pretends like he’s this humble, respectful guy but he’s just an ego maniacal douche bag. It honestly wouldn’t bother me if he would just be what he is. A disrespectful asshole. I like Chael Sonnen so that should say worlds about how I feel about guys who act like themselves lol.

          Not to mention how much of a hypocrite he is. He bitches about how he hates signing replica belts because he thinks it’s disrespectful because he had to earn it. What about the time he was signing “Jon Jones champ 2011″ before he even fought Shogun? Asshole.

        • Jon Blaze says:

          You liking chael douche sonnen just says worlds at how ignorant and how much of a follower you are. So he signed himself as the champ before he was the champ. Is he the champ now? uhhh, not sure. I think he backed it up. Oh hes defended the belt twice successfully against 2 former champions? Yeah? Having a fake belt like your boy phael sonnen is idiotic and ridiculous, it is disrespectful. If I walked in your house and saw a fake belt all trophied up like you won it, I’d think that you’re a fuckin douche.

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          lol i dont think either of you know what the fuck you are talking about and blindly following uneducated posts from other people about respect.
          in this instance you know sweet fa about the sport and only listen to what you want to hear and what you are being pushed.
          the fact that you are even commenting on an edited video from the UFC that they made suggests that you dont take it at face value that maybe they are trying to villainise him because it creates grater PR.

          Jon Jones is no more disrespectful than any other fighter, Jon jons has made the same mistakes as most fighters in the ufc at some points in their carreers. Jon Jones believes his hype as he has made it
          basically people be hating because hes got there so quick, i dont know how you can think he is more disrespectfull than rashad or chael lol.

          anyway, i want Jon Jones to lose even though i dont think he will. purely so it causes a shakeup in the devision and causes a rematch a year down the line where jones takes the belt back from rashad :)

  3. Black Jew says:

    Once a snitch always a snitch. Fuck Jon Jones Nuff Said

  4. Miguel says:

    Can they put out a cover for us who dislike Jones. How about a nice cover of Arianny, Brittany, and Chandella pillow fighting in their ring girl attire?

  5. danielrchargers says:

    wow. hes not near Ali.

  6. danielrchargers says:

    and theres no essence of Ali. its a fucking picture. aside from that Ali obviously did it first.

    • blah says:

      jon jones is a true student of the game, but he’s not original. everything about his game (which is incredible) is just a bunch of pieces taken from others that have come before him.

  7. James says:

    Jon Jones<GOAT

  8. John says:

    Jon Jones is already billed as the Ali of MMA. He’s got a lot to prove to guarantee that (and he’ll probably never match Ali’s persona) but he has the talent to get there

  9. YEAH RIGHT says:

    Ali looks bad ass in that pic.. Super relaxed. Jones, not so much.

  10. Baki says:

    There is only one Ali and there will only be one Ali.

  11. Donovan says:

    Well he is definitely developing the arrogence of Ali…but wi out the charisma.

  12. Ruben says:

    Sorry Dana we’re not buying into this hype train, go spend ur money elsewhere

  13. Philis says:

    Jon Jones will NEVER be Ali… But he would wreck prime Ali in the cage… Just like Ali would wreck him in the ring.

  14. Nando says:

    The UFC is desperately trying to make him a superstar. The difference between Ali & Jones, & the reason Jones will never be a superstar have the same answer: he’s just not charismatic enough. His personality is so dry; I feel like I’d be bored talking to him after 5 minutes.

  15. UFC VIDEOS says:

    underwater pic is pretty sick

  16. Karlito57 says:

    What an insult to Muhammad.

  17. ur an idiot says:

    I dont see why everyone hates on jon jones so much, you all act like you know him when really you dont know shit. He is one of the most talented fighters in the UFC and I see him keeping that 205 belt for quite some time. who cares if hes cocky HE IS A FIGHTER, they should be cocky and arrogant and believe they can beat anyone. same goes for benson henderson, 2 of my favorite fighters for a long time and they are both incredibly talented fighters who believe in what they can do. so quit cryin like little school girls

    • k says:

      so you know him? you little nuthugger

      • ur an idiot says:

        when did I say I knew him… I know hes one of the best p4p fighters out there right now bc I watch him dominate everyone they throw at him. like my name says ur an idiot

        • dbolts says:

          only jon jones can get booed in brazil with a brazilian shirt on

        • J-Rock says:

          I wouldn’t say he is the best P4P fighter since he only fights in one division. P4P means you fight and win in different divisions. Thats how it works in boxing and several other combat sports with weight classes. You Tard!

        • Jon Blaze says:

          no1 really gives a fuck what you say or think. go lose some weight you fat fuck.

        • J-Rock says:

          Cock Blaze I’m lighter than you I’m a trimmed 142lbs what about you 200, 280, 300, 390?

    • chris says:

      see my problem is that jon jones is the fakest person ever , why cant he just say whats on his mind just once? why does he always have to dodge questions and give half ass made up answers ,, as he chokes up because he doesnt believe half the shit he says… dude is a talented fighter… and hes probably not a terrible person… but just be yoursef stop trying to make believe your this pure hearted humble christian just admit your a cocky self centered dude that has a right to be

      • Jon Blaze says:

        ^This guy is Jon Jones sister, how about you shut the fuck up and keep your dumb ass opinions to yourself. All you retards claiming you know Jones is fake haven’t the first clue as to who you are yourself. He might be a little further in that aspect considering he set out to be and now is an undisputed champ, just a tad bit. If this is the first thing that comes out of everyone’s mind including Jones, that fuck am I glad he does things the way he does, because you motherfuckers are RIDICULOUS. Fuckin trolls. I don’t like Jones at all, but I’d never spew the bullshit comin from you idiots.

  18. Chris says:

    awesome they ruined a great photo

  19. Ruben says:

    Jon Blaze eats bowls of dicks for breakfast

  20. dbolts says:

    facts are facts he is the champ
    and his dad use to skull f*** his face when he was a kid

  21. STEVEN SEAGULL says:

    so it is true that black people cant swim

  22. Nate says:

    Jones head looks massively oversized and he resembles a caveman in that pic!

  23. Dano the clown says:

    I met Jones last month at Daytona and he was awesome, down to earth and very positive. I can tell you this my wife hates me watching the ufc but she was imprest with Jon Jones’s attitude and respect for others. He is like a big kid who has to not show that side in order to appear tough.

    • Rocksteady says:

      I like that. made me laugh but its true thats why I tell my woman to stfu and get back in that kitchen and make me so beandip. that is true pussy control.

  24. guamy says:

    this fake ass kid thinks he can walk in Ali’s shoe? what a crock of shit. swagger jackin pompus prick. he stole rashads suit, alis magazine cover, and rashad’s training manager.
    what a piece of shit i hope shad woops his ass.

  25. Dano the clown says:

    My wife is a queen and she is awesome. Jones is awesome as well.

  26. Rashad will be the FOURTH says:

    …former champion that Jones beats IN A ROW! Don’t believe the hype that Rashad is creating, saying that he knows everything about Jones and knows his weaknesses. Jones knows Rashad, but even more so, GREG JACKSON & MIKE WINKLEJOHN know so much about Rashad. And this is Jones’ advantage. The big question now is: what is Rashad gonna do after he loses? Heavyweight? Too small. Middleweight? Too much weight cut. He’ll be waiting ’til Jones leaves the division to get another chance.

    Jones Champion 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,…

  27. Joe Mac says:

    i met Jones in Philly at 101 and he was a punk ass mother fucker. I met Rashad at open workouts for 133 in Philly and he was terrific. I cannot wait for Rashad to take his bitch ass down and teach this young punk a lesson.
    P.S. Ali even looks like a cooler dude in these pictures

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