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Monday, 09/23/2013, 10:15 am

PHOTO | Jon Jones & Alexander Gustafsson Post Fight In Hospital

Following last Saturday’s main event between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson, both fighters were ushered to the local hospital for precautionary reasons.

While we now know that both fighters walked away with no broken bones, the two missed the post-fight press conference, but gave the fans this memorable photo instead.


0 Responses to “PHOTO | Jon Jones & Alexander Gustafsson Post Fight In Hospital”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Camaraderie is the shit!! These two put on one fucking hell of a fight!! Mass respect!!

  2. Birdoggydog says:

    Hell yea! That’s some fucking sportsmanship right there. Everyone else can bitch about the outcome, these two know that what they did was fucking amazing regardless.

  3. Rye Whiskey says:

    Its like the end/begining of Rocky 1/2 between Rocky and Apollo

  4. Ryan kelly says:

    Broken bones jones hahahahaha

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