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Friday, 05/25/2012, 04:31 pm

PHOTO | JDS & Frank Mir Staredown At Today's Weigh-Ins

Today the UFC held their official UFC 146 Weigh-Ins from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

All fighters hit the scales and made weight including the main event between Junior Dos Santos And Frank Mir.


46 Responses to “PHOTO | JDS & Frank Mir Staredown At Today's Weigh-Ins”

  1. wank says:

    JDS was winking at Frank Mir’s Old Man…
    A conspiracy???


  2. Greg says:

    Pull your left arm back in JDS. You look silly.

    • danielrchargers says:

      So cheesy when fighters do that .
      have you been watching TUF brasil? the biggest douche on that show (aside from Fake Vitor) is that Cesar guy WHO ALWAYS DOES THAT and he says his reason is – i put one arm up high to let my opponent know when you get too close there will be a jab coming right to you’re face… and he said it in an incredibly douche bag way.

  3. rlm says:

    Mir FTW by submission

    • jones says:

      @RLM,,hahaha have u ever seen mirr take a clean punch frm a hard puncher? i would rather see mirr a mir fan..but im not going lie myself and all people about my thining

      • sure, Big Nog twice, Kongo nailed Mir several times clean

        • jones says:

          mike miller u a fukin idiot,,,watch the kongo fight again,,,kongo threw 1 punch …hit mirr 1 time,,,that was a min long fight,,,several times…first time nog was sick,,,second time he killed mirr had mirr ko badly but he got stupid…i love mirr reallt,,,,but he has no chin for the top 5 hw hitters.,,people are so stupid to think he has any chance

        • jonespenis says:

          I am far too small, but the real reason I came here was to point out that you used a lot of commas and the idiot tribe you came from wants all the commas you stole back, moron.

      • Don't be ashamed says:

        It’s ok dude, a lot of men go bald nowadays. No need to lie to yourself

      • Blah says:

        Dos santos goes crazy with his GnP when he knocks someone down. I think Mir can grab a limb and submit him that way. Only way i see him winning.

      • Fortyb4five says:

        i have no clue what you even just tried to say right there.

  4. Unbelievable tekkers says:

    Cigano wins in the first by uppercut. He couldn’t take it of Carwin and he won’t take it off Dos Santos.

  5. Blackmon says:

    I would love to see JDS remain champ bt Mir is gonna snap his arm off to.

  6. Ste says:

    Mir was almost ko’d by big nog, JDS will KO him. i still want Reem v JDS!!!!!

  7. Clay says:

    Funniest pic ever

  8. bdizz says:

    Shiieeet I’m wanting a Cain/Junior rematch I think the outcome will be way different this time.

  9. Mike Diaz says:

    Try stretching that left arm out to one of the Diaz Bros! Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN !!!

  10. Jorge Rocha says:

    Mir got lucky in the fight against Minotauro!

  11. David Schreiner says:

    JDS is about to beat MIR’s bitch ass!!!!

  12. Chris says:

    Good main event… But fuck you overeem!! Would of been 100x better than this. JDS via k.o

  13. norcal santa cruz says:

    cain stared down bigfoot.
    yeah, only the diaz brothers can act hood.
    well, maybe jds can too, but he didn’t before.
    now that he’s champ, it’s gone to his head like jbj.

    • jones says:

      wtf is jbj man>????

    • yeah right says:

      NORCAL SANTA CRUZ how is junior acting hood you fucking goof? How about you go to salvador where he’s from and see if you come out alive after a week of living there, you would probably cry like the little bitch you are. Junior is amped for this fight plus he had his little friend right beside him as he was staring frank down what did you expect? faggot ass kid go slit your wrists and choke on jon jones cock faggot.

  14. maurice says:

    o god. if jds continues to be a role model u fans will trn on him and call him fake.

  15. Brend0magic says:

    Mir ftw!!!!

  16. rondo says:

    Man couldn’t Frank at least avoid JRs left hook at the wegh ins at least? HA

  17. Dream Match says:

    Mir is taking that arm home.

  18. rondo says:

    Man couldn’t Frank at least avoid JRs left hook at the weigh ins at least? HA

  19. Mike cannon jr says:

    If overeem..and jr…ever fight….will be great….overeem…is a betr striker…but chuck exposed his chin…that was japan….205…i dont think his chin can take a jds….punch…am i not being fair?

  20. Night-Wind says:


  21. monkey juice says:

    Meer is loser. Cannon is idiot. WWE is king of fighting sports. War wwe.

  22. Jim says:

    Mir looks out of shape. It’s not everything I know. But it’s not ideal.

  23. Paul says:

    MIr always looks like that he’s an heavy weight you fucking moron , pisses me off when people haven’t got a fuckin clue go watch netball ya chav , jds by ko r3

  24. Ryan kelly says:

    Jds ko first connection with out a doubt

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