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Tuesday, 03/27/2012, 11:49 am

Photo: JDS and Overeem Staredown From Today's Press Conference

The BIGGEST collection of heavyweight title contenders will be on display this Memorial Day weekend as the Ultimate Fighting Championship presents UFC 146: DOS SANTOS vs. OVEREEM from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 26.

In the night’s main event, newly-crowned UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos defends his title against menacing finisher Alistair Overeem, while in the co-main event, former heavyweight champions Cain Velasquez and Frank Mir collide to determine the division’s number one contender.

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39 Responses to “Photo: JDS and Overeem Staredown From Today's Press Conference”

  1. EdSoares says:

    Overeem has a tiny head and very small jaw structure. Almost like Cro Cop.

  2. jbeamazing says:

    holy sjit i can’t wait

  3. Conrad Young says:

    Reem’s fist is almost as big as Dana’s head. Huge.

  4. G Hines says:

    This fight’s gonna be boss, but I smell a sub from Overeem, ’cause JDS’s (as nice of a guy as he is) ground game is untested.

    • Ronda Rousey's Camel Toe says:

      Im just gonna laugh at what you just said!xD

    • WTF! says:

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! u think reem is gonna sub jds? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! funniest shit i’ve read all day..

      after that ridiculously stupid comment, you need to step back and reflect on your life up till now cause you done lost your fuckin mind!!

    • Jorge Rocha says:

      he fled from the ground the entire fight!
      against werdun, remember?

      • Xaninho says:

        Sorry but you can’t compare Werdum, a 2 time BJJ world champion black belt with JDS and his brown belt.

        As a fighter you have to fight where you have the advantage, for Overeem against Werdum it was standing up. It might be an option for Overeem to take JDS down if he gets hit with too many hard JDS bombs.

        • EdSoares says:

          Cain tried to take Junior down(albeit only once) and failed.

          Carwin tried to take Junior down and failed.

          Overeem will not be taking JDS down, and if he does, he will not hold him there.

        • Jorge Rocha says:

          JDS also trains wrestlingis !
          is very difficult , put in the ground…

  5. Justen says:

    I can’t wait for Reem to be the champ!

    • wandy silva says:

      your gonna have to wait alittle longer justin..i dont see overeem winning his jaw is weak hes been KO’d like how many times? and you cant say JDS hasnt had his jaw tested hes been hit pretty hard from nelson and carwin i dont see overeem winning this one

    • Thomas says:

      Why? I really don’t get it…

      He’s looks like one of those bodybuilders all juiced up. Out of proportions in a way he wasn’t born. He is a cheater. Not at product of talent and hard work.

      That’s not worth rooting for imho!

      • Xaninho says:

        Why do you think you know how hard he works to get to the level he is at? He did add weight by weighttraining but that takes alot of hard work in case you didn’t know there behind your keyboard.

  6. Gouldx87 says:

    i dont think thats as insane as you guys think overeem has decent submissions and a fair amount of wins by sub. I personally think JDS is gonna get the KO but a sub from overeem is a possibility, use his size advantage to take it to the ground

  7. Brandon says:

    Overeem can submit JDS but I think the Reem will get (T)KO’d. Reems best submission isnt on the ground, its a standing guillotine. As long as JDS doesnt get caught in a TD attempt, he should wont get submitted

  8. THOM BJJ says:

    oy chart where you at heres our chance to finally root for the same fighter not named bj penn

  9. wandy silva says:

    i say JDS by KO 3rd round…dont see this guy beating him at all then i say MIR with the win over velaquez by sub

  10. MARV3L0US says:

    I see mir getting punched in his face and getting tkod by cain and junior is going to put the hands on overeem.

  11. Jorge Rocha says:

    he lost to Nogueira, Shogun ..
    Why do you think he will beat the JDS?

    • Xaninho says:

      Cause the 260 lbs. Overeem is a whole different fighter than the 205 lbs. one. 205 hard for him to cut down to and just wasn’t his weightclass, he’s in the best shape he can be nowadays.

  12. Magoo says:

    WAR CIGANO!!!! This is a very intriguing fight!

  13. Jorge Rocha says:

    he fled from the ground the entire fight!
    against werdun, remember?
    in strikeforce..

  14. true mma says:

    Dude can’t hang at 205. JDS will smash this dude.

  15. siez says:

    I see a very similar ending to this as the valasquez fight

  16. A.James says:

    There’s a lot of dumb comments on here? Who spells out their laughter in a blog comment?

    JDS will have to bring the fire in the begging to defeat Reem. Otherwise it won’t be his night.

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