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Monday, 03/05/2012, 09:06 am


Photo | "Jacare Souza" Breaks Hand In Round 1 Of Strikeforce Bout

Former Strikeforce middleweight champion, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, apparently fought last Saturday night with a broken hand. Even with the fracture he was able to submit his last minute opponent Bristol Marunde in the third round.

If you missed our play-by-play and results you can check them out HERE.

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8 Comments to Photo | "Jacare Souza" Breaks Hand In Round 1 Of Strikeforce Bout

  1. hahah! says:

    i dont see any break

  2. Zack says:

    Me either. He prolly has a hairline fracture. Just tryin to look like a badass

    • BloodShotRetina says:

      Ever fought a killer with a broken hand? Jacare IS a badass. Spinning back kick to the face, from a judo jiu-jitsu specialist. Fought with a broken hand and still finished his opponent. What a boss. You nub.

  3. russell says:

    The break is at the base of the thumb.

  4. G Bud says:

    Are you mad?! Look at his Thumb’s metacarpal!! smashed to s***!! (Big bone leading to his thumb)

  5. Vagina Monologues says:

    BAd ass

  6. chase says:

    first metacarpal break and technique is horrible on this radiograph, soo grainy lol

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