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Wednesday, 01/23/2013, 11:29 am

PHOTO: GSP & Nick Diaz Staredown From Today’s Press Conference | UFC NEWS

Today the UFC held the UFC 158 ticket launch press conference and at the culmination of the event the two main event fighters squared off for the first time.


8 Responses to “PHOTO: GSP & Nick Diaz Staredown From Today’s Press Conference | UFC NEWS”


    Diaz got his hands up high so he doesn’t have to look at his future destroyer in the face.

    • Oat says:

      Future destroyer??? or did you mean future 5 round humping king, cause the ONLY way Diaz is gonna lose this fight is by being taking down and dry humped for 5 rounds, GSP dares NOT go toe to toe with this head banger cause Diaz will jab him to a pulp! Hell with his BJJ I don’t know if GSP wants to be on the ground with this monster name Diaz!

      • Sparta says:

        First, Diaz doesn’t punch or jab, he slaps… On this end I feel that after overcoming a direct kick to the head from Condit, GSP can take a slap or two from Mr Bong.

        Second, did you ever take a minute to review any of GSPs opponents faces after your so called ‘5 round dry humping’? If battered and bruised is what you call a ‘dry humping’ I best believe you would be hiding your face such as Diaz at this conference.

  2. T.DADDY says:

    Gsp wins easy decision

  3. snoop froggy dogg says:

    Diaz gon make him tap.

  4. Drack says:

    The Diaz brothers are top 5 fighters but there no champs in the UFC.

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