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Thursday, 02/16/2012, 11:48 am

Photo Gallery | Your MMA Hottie Of The Week | Tee Tremblay

So who is Tee Tremblay?

If you do not already know, Tee is one of MMA’s most popular socialites coming out of Canada and more importantly she has been hand selected to be our featured girl of the week here on BJPENN.COM.

Having trained in Karate, Boxing and Muay Thai since a young age, she has a few boxing and MMA matches to her credit, but sadly has put her competitive drive on the backburner as of late. She now takes to social media and on-line blogging as a way to stay involved in the world’s fastest growing sport. She’s a promo-model, Mixed Martial Arts analyst and sometimes acts as a reporter at local events. To top it off she is gorgeous and a really cool chick.

Now what did you come here for? Oh ya, that’s right… Her pics, well follow on to page two to check them out and don’t forget to check out Tee’s Facebook and Twitter.

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10 Responses to “Photo Gallery | Your MMA Hottie Of The Week | Tee Tremblay”

  1. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

    blates gets reamed by enough mma henchmen telling her shhe can get close to the fighter hahaha.

  2. Jason says:

    Thank you for being born Tee!

  3. lol says:

    she dont even look all that good. she looks like a typical girl.. lol

  4. Condit outplayed+the+playa says:

    paper bagger…nice body, plain Jane face though

  5. Koshchek Loves Cock says:

    God bless your parents girl!

  6. Xaninho says:

    Body is smokin’ hot. Face not so much…

  7. I says:

    Super hot… Love this girl. And to those who say she isnt a fucking gorgeous girl on every level, i doubt she’d give u the time of day anyway. God bless u for sharing these pics :)

    Shes also a pretty good writer too, but inmention that last since i doubt u haters are all that literate.

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