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Sunday, 02/26/2012, 01:04 am

Photo Gallery | UFC 144: Edgar vs. Henderson

The UFC’s return trip to Japan has come and gone. For the first time ever the UFC put on a four-hour pay-per-view event featuring seven main card fights.

In the main event it was Ben Henderson who proved to be the better man and secured championship gold around his waist. The main event went the distance but it was the former champion, Frankie Edgar who looked severely damaged after his 25-minutes in the cage with the new champion Benson Henderson.

The UFC 144: Edgar vs. Henderson Photo Gallery Starts on page 2.


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7 Responses to “Photo Gallery | UFC 144: Edgar vs. Henderson”

  1. just saying says:

    bendos face says it all. he wanted this more than edgar did. props to both guys.

  2. banks says:

    Ya man sick fight.. i def think frankie deserves a rematch since he offered them to his opponents and id luv to see a second and third fight

  3. SmoothAssNigga says:

    He didnt offer them, he didnt even want to fight BJ the second time he wanted Gray. And the other rematch was a must, ended in a draw.

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    That last photo of Frankie and Bendo is so sad. LOL

  5. dildon says:

    Awesome shots!

  6. Eliazar says:

    Im not a fan of none of these 2 fighters, but i did watch this from the first round, and to me, Edgar won… Even in the pictures you don’t see Henderson giving a clear shot, Edgar catched all of his leg kicks and counter, 1 upkick and 1 good hook do’nt win a fight if they don’t knock down the oponent… Edgar even landed more punches and also had more takedowns… I don’tknow, i mean, is not fair. PS: Sorry for my bad english. Saludos desde Venezuela

  7. Awesome Shot! I agree! what setting is that by the way for canon?

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