Sunday, 02/19/2012, 09:29 am

Photo Gallery | Ronda Rousey Looking Ripped For Her 135 Debut Against Tate | Training Gallery

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15 Responses to “Photo Gallery | Ronda Rousey Looking Ripped For Her 135 Debut Against Tate | Training Gallery”

  1. Ruben says:

    She looks like a robot in the sparring pics

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    ROIDS! She’s on the roids!

  3. That guy must not be able to fight looks liked she dropped him a few times ha ha ha I would put her away

  4. nic says:

    She talks about Cyborg SHE looks like she on some roids :/ Cyborg will beat her ass when and if they ever do fight

    • krafty11 says:

      “need a clue” nic, Cyborg was on roids. and probably had been for a long,long time. Rousey has some ripped abs in a pic and now that means she is on roids?? maybe the weight cutting might have something to do with that?

  5. one says:

    She aint got SHIT on Cyborg… Cyborg will demolish her… Lucky for her Cyborg wont be fighting for awhile but when she does and if Rousey doenst have some excuse to fight Cyborg Rousey will get fucked up! Cyborg will dominate her

  6. kap says:

    You know it is possible for people to look ripped when they re not on roids. Especially when your cutting weight and dropping excess fat. Shes also eating clean, and you always look better when you eat clean.

  7. spiritsplice says:

    She is in shape (she is normally pretty fat for a fighter) but she isn’t anywhere close to ripped. Her arms are still pretty smooth and have a lot of fat on them. Big fat ass too. And she doesn’t have a 6 pack either, her stomach is flat.

    • jonsey says:

      hahah she has 4 pack or 6 pck,her tummy not flat…all u comments are so so stupid…u talk like she not in shape i bet really u a real fat ass loser far far from in shape

  8. jonsey says:

    i dont tink ronda will make weight really…even if she makes weight she will die if she cant finish it i the 1st….ut she is very big chick and so is her ass and legs which is harder to cut…i dont know how peopkle think she is hot..she is so fat and ugly really..tate way better

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