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Thursday, 03/15/2012, 11:24 am

Photo Gallery | Miesha Tate Shows Off Her Arm That Was Nearly Broken

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68 Responses to “Photo Gallery | Miesha Tate Shows Off Her Arm That Was Nearly Broken”

  1. Nick says:

    She’s still pretty fine.

  2. McLovin says:

    Yep, that’s the arm Ronda nearly ripped off. You were beat fair n square. It was not a close fight. Ronda won. You do not deserve a rematch, NEXT!!!

    • lol says:

      Get off Ronda’s dick lol..

        • Yeah we’re not talking about Cyborg here.

          Like how she waited two weeks to take some pics, after the swelling goes down andthe sling comes off lol.

          Say what you want, that joint won’t be 100% for MONTHS, if ever.

        • Shawn says:

          Be that as it may, I’m pretty you and most guys here would have tapped out from the first arm bar attempt, and within 3 seconds. Lol! Tip: don’t criticize anyone if you can’t do yourself what your criticizing them for.

    • R1Ryder says:

      Not neccessarilly so, everyone deserves a re-match if they are real fighters. Miesha has a lot of heart as a fighter and in my opinion is rare in most of the Televised female fighters I’ve seen on TV lately. She didn’t just lay down and submit, she kept trying and if they stayed on the feet the fight could have gone differently, we don’t know but if there is ever a re-match I’m sure she’ll try to keep it that way and it may turn out a really great fight.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Because of Frankie everyone deserves a rematch now

      Frankie lost fair square and he’s getting a rematch so why shouldn’t Tate.

      Same outcome both fights

  3. chris says:

    looks like she was taking mirror pictures of her ass in the first ones…which i dont mind.

  4. the original steve says:

    wait till the swelling goes down from having a dislocated elbow. take pictures and post em on twitter.

  5. Danny says:


    • Ernest Stackhouse says:

      Glad to know you’re feeling ok.As a judo and juijitsu player I know the feeling.Honestly though,I’d be willing to bet the same thing would happen again if they fought.People not in the sport of judo don’t quite understand the techniques and the entries and exit’s of the submissions the way someone who’s been doing it for their whole life.Ronda is very,very,good at what she does.And she’s only getting better.

  6. I really don’t care about the arm, the fight was great, and i would hit that ass all day long…

  7. Who cares about her arm, she is Fine. I’d like to put her in a Rear naked choke 😉 lol

  8. Joe says:

    I love how nobody realized that in the first two pics she’s showing her right arm and the last one shows the left (the one that actually got caught in the armbar)

  9. Kyle Hamlin says:

    I’m with half these guys, I don’t give a fuck bout the arm..bc that ass is sweet. Meisha needs to just go ahead and hop on the pages of Playboy…sooooo fine. Haha.

  10. Misty says:

    Ur still ugly

  11. jon anti-christ jones says:

    She should step in line and get the winner of sarah

  12. Neil says:

    How great is MMA today .. Two very attractive ladies fighting for a belt then posting pics of themselves after.. Much respect ladies…

  13. Miesha Tate's arm says:

    I can’t wait to get better. I miss stroking that little clit down there :(

  14. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    How am I supposed to examine at her arm when it’s next to her ass? I live in a ADD society.

  15. ryan says:

    Glad to c its ok=)

  16. HiImTye says:

    wait.. her arm was in those?

  17. Big D says:

    Damn she’s got a nice body and booty.

  18. usa a ok says:

    I would like to sex her very much

  19. Koshchek Loves Gay Porn says:


  20. Liam says:

    She still shows a sexy body and sweet booty!

  21. HG says:

    Holy Crap she is hot!

  22. Night-Wind says:

    Does she really think that someone is looking her arm at these pictures?

  23. Jay Unidos says:

    What arm? Lol

  24. Steve says:

    lol at the fags that say she is ugly… Theres Nothing wrong with her.. Your probably ugly fu**ers yourself, The type that call people ugly when infact your just a fat c**t at a keyboard that wouldnt even have half a chance with someone like that 😉

    I think she posted them up to show her fine arse off lol

  25. aaron says:

    Not gonna lie, i would tap dat ass!

  26. best opinion on the nets says:

    I want her to sit on my face. Oh that booty…

  27. The Refutor says:

    She isnt fucking hot! she looks like a god damn pitbull, but with a nice ass.. lol

  28. Big J says:

    My junior year of highschool I dislocated my elbow during a football game. After they popped it back into place I couldn’t bend it all the way. It kind of looked like what hers looks like…

  29. David G says:

    Just let Rampage go and be done with it,

  30. Leo says:

    What i’d pay to see meisha and rondy get it on again! But this time in bed, sexually! Droolz

  31. inkdog says:

    I’m sorry…..there was an arm in those pictures……… I can’t see it………

  32. A.James says:

    Sit on my face!

  33. Judge_Dreadz says:

    whoever think Miesha’s ugly is a lame she’ll get it !! imo she seems very girlie like.. unlike Mr.Bulldike Rowsy deep voice “I used to be a man ass.”

  34. Dustin says:

    shes so fucking hot. any1 who says other wise is a virgin

  35. Jay says:

    How can you say she is not smokin hot? She’s got natural beauty written all over it. Your ideal ‘actresses’ wear a fuck-ton of makeup to look good.

  36. Ronda shite says:

    Hey miesha your arm looks fine,
    you wanna go?

  37. Nate says:

    Her elbow is still swollen. Anyways, she needs to prove she can be in the same cage as Rousey ‘cuz whether she likes it or not she was schooled in every aspect except the first 15 seconds when the fight was still standing.

  38. Alex says:

    You still look good, but a rematch is a no. She beat u fare and square. Don’t forget she got u in the first round. Better luck next time

  39. spinerat says:

    She is showing her Right Arm (except for last PIC) when her Left are was submitted makes you go HMMMMM!!!!!

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